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Give Me Love


“Yes, because you think you are so great!” Whitney screamed at her boyfriend of just over a little of a year. “You aren’t nor will you ever be Geno or Sidney so give it up!”

“You’re my girlfriend, you’re supposed to believe in me!” James Neal shouted at his girlfriend as they stood a few inches from each other. James towered over his girlfriend, after all he was a foot taller than her.

“I do believe in you, when you aren’t letting this fame get to your head!” Whitney shouted shoving him.

“Well you’re a self-conceded bitch who can’t care about anyone besides herself!” James spat back at his girlfriend as they continued to scream, probably getting on their friends last nerve as they tried to sleep since their son was with Matt’s parents.

“I used to give two fucks about you!” Whitney said taking a swing at him.

James wrapped his hands around her tiny wrists as he pushed her against the wall kissing her roughly. “You’re annoying the fuck out of me.” James growled biting her neck making her hands tug his hair as she moaned his name.

“You ain’t any better babe.” Whitney said undoing his shorts before sliding them down his legs as she slid to her knees as her mouth went around his penis, teasing the tip of the dick before she licked down the length of him making his hand tangle in her hair. Whitney grazed her teeth on James’ balls making him shudder in pleasure. Whitney bobbed her head the length of his penis before James grabbed her shoulder bringing her to his lips as her skirt found it’s way to the floor beside his pants.

“James, don’t fucking tease me.” Whitney moaned as he placed her on the chair in their room before tracing the outline of her. “Oh baby.” Whitney moaned as he toyed with her placing one finger in her moving slowly as his teeth graced her nipple biting them as his thumb rubbed circles.

“Fuck.” James smirked as Whitney’s hand found it’s way around his dick as he teased her. “Fuck this.” James said picking Whitney up and pinning her against the wall as he slammed his full length in her. Whitney moaned throwing her head back and clung to her boyfriend as he fucked her hard against the wall.

“James.” Whitney moaned her nails drilling deeper as he went faster. James’s lips found their way on her neck as she moved her head to one side, her face twisted in pleasure.

James gripped her tighter feeling her tightening around him as his knee shook as he got closer. Whitney let out a high pitched scream as she came her head falling on his shoulder as he thrusted in her getting his release minutes later.

James and Whitney we’re on a rough time, it was fighting one minute then angry sex the next. Whitney slipped on her clothes as she left, slamming the door making it clear she was pissed at him still and would be for quite some time.

James found his way downstairs to the fridge full of beer and started down them setting each bottle on the table throwing the caps in the sink making wooshing sounds as he got them in, fifteen beers later he was stumbling to the couch laughing as he laid on his back.

“Hmmm, James baby.” Whitney moaned as she crawled on his lap three hours later, kissing down his neck, her hands trailing up his shirt dragging her nails down.

“I’m mad at you.” James said pouting.

“I’m sorry.” Whitney said kissing his neck pressing her hips into hers. “Forgive me?”

“Get naked.” James said as he stripped her of her shirt.

Whitney pulled James’s shirt over his head as she pulled her skirt up and James ripped her skimpy underwear earning a whine from his girlfriend. “Babe, they’re new!”

“I’ll buy you new ones.” James said sucking her neck as his fingers teased her making her moan.

“No teasing.” Whitney said pumping him through his pants before tugging them down. “Make-up sex time?”

“Fuck.” James moaned as she slid down on his dick.

“Oh James.” Whitney moaned as she moved up and down. Sex between the young lovers was always a thrill, it was a combination between making love and fucking. The perfect combination for the couple.

“Faster baby.” James said as he pinched her nipple as she rode him.

“I like this pace.” Whitney said smirking biting her boyfriends ear.

James growled and thrusted his hips into Whitney making her snap her eyes shut as she let out a low moan as he pinched her clit. “You like that?” James said smirking as he did it again making her do the same expression a louder moan escaping her lips as she gripped James’s arms tight.

“James.” Whitney moaned as her legs shook. Whitney’s hands placed on his chest as he gripped her hips as she moved faster, both of them letting out moans of each other’s names as they panted laying on the couch smiling after they got their release. “I love when we fight.”

James smirked. “I love you.” He said kissing her head.

Whitney kissed his chest. “I love you more.”


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