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Won't Give Up Easy



Callie had never been so scared in her entire life. Nothing could have prepared her for the feelings that were coursing through her. No doubt in her mind, she loved Jon to death. After everything that happened between them, she could never ever imagine being with anyone else. Even with that, she was still nervous. A part of her wondered if being married would change anything.

Jenna sniffled from her spot in a chair. “You are so freaking beautiful, Callie.” Callie made the notions to turn to the mirror for the first time since earlier that morning. Her maid-of-honor and best friend had been adamant in allowing her until she was completely ready. “No, not yet.” She pulled something from behind a couch cushion. Jenna set her down on the long couch, with her back to the mirror.

A long white envelope fell into her hands. It was Jon’s note. They had decided to be saps and write each other notes. It had been painful, not being allowed to see him, but this would ease the ache.

She shut out the sounds of everything going on around her as she opened the envelope and her hands shook as she took in the child’s writing that belonged to Jon.

I told you I would make you fall in love with me. I didn’t know you’d take me along for the fall.

Her heart raced a million miles an hour. She felt a tear prick her eyes. Jenna ushered for her to stand and turn. Callie lost her own breath. There she was, a huge white gown. Her shoulders covered with her veil. Everyone saw the soft tears that were falling down her face. Jon was perfect for her and she never loved anyone more.


You were right. I hate you. Why did I ever want to be friends with you? I love you so much.

Jon heard Patrick’s laugh from behind him. “That girl has spunk.” His friend told him.

“Yeah, I get to live with it for the next seventy plus years.” He faked a sound of disgust.

“Man, you have no idea how lucky you are.”

“Trust me, Pat. I know exactly how lucky I am. If I spend forever showing her I will.”

The words that left his mouth had been truer than anything he’d ever said. He love Callie more than anything more than his goal for the cup, more than his city, more than hockey itself. Without her, he wasn’t sure he could function right and nothing was going to stop him for keeping her forever. After everything that had happened to them a few months ago, he wasn’t sure anything could keep them apart.

Jon chuckled to himself. She hadn’t been easy to obtain. The things they went through, he wouldn’t wish on anyone else but in the end, with her as the ultimate prize, it was all worth it. And as for the rest of their lives, the best way to sum it up would be that he won’t give up easy, not on her.


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