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Won't Give Up Easy

A Decision


The day had gone by in a blur. From the silent breakfast and ride to the arena, sitting through the morning skate. The entire time she felt Jon’s eyes on her, waiting for her to make her decision. When he left the arena for a pre-game nap, she felt as if she could breathe again. Her mind raced over the events yesterday. The man made her feel so many emotions in a matter of hours, it should have sickened her that she let a man do that to her but she just couldn’t think anything ill of him. He was just too amazing for her. Callie had made up her mind.


Callie had taken one look at Jon when he reentered the arena and decided to tell him after the game. Her heart pounded a million miles an hour and she could feel her pulse at her neck. She felt a hand touch her arm, causing her to jump out of her own skin.

Jeremy chuckled. “We’re gotta go get our seats unless you want to watch for the box?” He rose a brow at her. She made a face that showed her distaste of sitting high up in the box instead of against the boards. “Atta girl.” He smiled and lead her through the stadium.

When they took their seats, the players were skating around for warm up. Immediately, her eyes flew to Jon, he glided gracefully on the ice, zoning out the world like she had seen him do on television. As if he could feel her eyes on him, he looked up and focused on her. Slowly, he came around the rink to skate past where she and Jeremy sat.

Jon kissed the finger of his glove and tapped the glass in front of her, skating past without even so much as a glance back. Anyone would just think that he touched the glass for a second, but Callie knew better. Even though she knew he couldn’t see, she touched the glass where he tapped it and pulled her hand close to her.

Jeremy noticed the exchange. “Nothing’s going on, huh?” The old man just smiled.

Callie stayed quiet. At that moment, she changed her mind. A part of her had become so attached to Jon that she hadn’t even noticed. So quickly, he was a staple in her life. Nothing in her wanted to let him go, if he was willing to give it all for her, she could for him. “Nothing yet.” She murmured. If she hadn’t known any better, she’d think the old man was smiling at her.

A horn rung. Callie watched as Jon took the faceoff against the Red Wing. He was so intense, so focused, this was the man that everyone saw. She saw him so differently, she’d seen the man who held her under the stars, the one who made her laugh during scary movies, the man who could stub his toe into something and hop around and groan like a little kid. He was so much more to her.

The first two periods were horrible, the Blackhawks trailed by two. Jon had a 2-on-1 breakaway chance before the Detroit defensemen tripped him and it was left uncalled by the refs. She could see the anger and frustration on his face as the closing seconds before intermission. There was commotion in front of the visitor net, Patrick passed Jon the puck, he took a slap shot towards the net. For a moment, Callie thought it hit the back of the net, only to realize that it was safely nestled within the goalie glove as the horn for intermission rang.

Callie couldn’t take any more of this. “I’ll be back.” She told Jeremy as she raced up the stairs to the entrance of the staff only part of the stadium that led to the locker rooms. She saw the team filling into the locker room, Jon at the end. He saw her, eyes wide. His mouth opened as if he were going to say something. She didn’t give him the chance.

Her hands gripped the front of his jersey and pulled him down to her and kissed him. He immediately gave into her. His arms pulling her closer to him. The world around them faded, the smell of his manly sweat, the water from his hair beading down her face, the sounds of his teammate hooting at them inside the locker room. All of it disappeared except for the pressure of his lips on hers, the sweet taste of Gatorade, and the soft feel of his tongue on hers. When she pulled away to breathe, he rested his forehead on hers.

“I’m sorry it took me so long to give in.” She whispered. Jon just smiled at her. His deep brown eyes soft and happy. His slightly crooked teeth adding to make him look like a little boy. Callie never felt so happy as she did right then but he needed a little pushing. “Win this for me.” She whispered against his lips.

“Anything.” He kissed her softly one more time and pulled her close one last time before letting go and walking into the locker room, where they boys had grown silent. As she walked away, from the corner of her eyes, she saw Patrick beaming at her. She couldn’t hear what Jon said as she walked back through the arena but she heard the loud manly shouts that followed.

Jeremy said nothing to her as she sat back at her seat but she knew he saw her smile. During the second period, the Blackhawks managed to score two grimy goals, tying up the game and sending it to a scoreless third period and overtime. The entire arena was on its toes as the first red wing scored on the goalie. Boos roared.

Patrick was first up to take the shootout, Callie was nervous for her friend. She watched as he glided on the ice, deked, a shot the puck into the back of the net. Excitement flooded through her veins as the Detroit captain couldn’t return the favor. One of the younger guys she had met during on the morning skates, shot the puck behind the Detroit goalie with ease. A d-man for Detroit sent the puck flying past the home team goalie.

She watched as Jon took the ice. His shot would determine if the game ended in a win or went to another round. He skated around a bit to get reacquainted with the ice. He turned and saw her. Callie’s breath caught as he pointed his stick at her and turned his attention back to the goalie. While Callie could feel the eyes of everyone in the arena on her, it didn’t matter, she was there for Jon.

The ref blew the whistle indicating for him to go. Jon flew over the ice, his stick handled the puck before he was a few feet in front of the goalie. He used his tape to pick up the puck and toss it in the air. On its way down, Jon smacked it like a baseball with his stick into the back of the net.

The entire arena rose to their feet. Callie jumped up so fast she nearly fell over. She pounded the glass until her palms hurt. It didn’t matter as she watched Jon and his teammates gather on the ice and celebrate the first win of the season. Pride ran through her, he’d won the game for her.


Excitement still ran through his veins after he finished his post game interviews. When the media had been kicked out, his eyes searched for Callie. She stood, leaning against a wall looking at him. For a moment, he took her in. So small and girly, in a room filled with big sweaty men. She seemed to drown in the Blackhawks jersey she must have changed into before the game. He hadn’t noticed it when she kissed him, he had been too elated.

Deciding he couldn’t be away from her any longer when all the reporters left, he raced to her side, picked her up, and twirled her around her before kissing her, he could hear the entire locker room blow up with cheers and whistles. It didn’t bother him. He suddenly became aware of his own stench. He pulled away.

“I’m sorry, babe. I stink.” He wrinkled his own nose.

She smiled. “You smell like a man, don’t worry about it. I’ll wait outside while you shower.” Callie was about to turn but he stopped her.

“No, I want you here when I get out.” He led her to his stall and sat her down. Jon kissed her head before running into the shower to try and get clean and quickly as possible. When he ran out, suit sticking to his still partially wet skin, she was there. She was surrounded by his teammates but he paid them no mind.

Callie’s long hair flowed around her, long and dark. She smiled all the way to her eyes. But what made his heart stop was the “C” on her jersey. She was wearing his jersey. A sense of pride filled him. That was his girl. The world could know now.

Pushing his teammates out of the way, he pulled her to him and kissed her hard. He would never get over the feeling of her body pressed against his. Jon felt a few slaps on the back as his teammates left them alone. Callie’s tiny hands reached up to run her fingers through his hair. It felt so good.
When they pulled away, they were breathless, her eyes were gazed over and her lips were swollen and red with the pressure of their kiss. “Thank you for giving in.” They both laughed. Beside them, Patrick coughed.

“We’re loading onto the bus to the airport.” Their curly hair blonde friend smiled. Man, did Jon ever owe Patrick one. Hand in hand they walked to the bus. To his surprise, Callie slipped into a seat next to one of the rookie, Ryan, who looked a bit down about having been put in the penalty box during the time of the first Detroit goal. As he went to go sit with other teammates further back, he could hear her soft comforting words for the boy who was even younger than her brother.

“Why aren’t you sitting with your girl?” Duncan Keith, a defensemen, teased. It was all in good fun.

“That kid needs her a little more than I do right now.” He paused. “Hey, kid. Make sure you keep your paws off.” The rookie blushed and took the ribbing as acceptance. The entire bus burst into laughter at them. Callie just rolled her eyes and winked at the Ryan.

“You’d best be nice to him,” Callie turned and yell back. Everyone watched the couple. “Because in a few years, he’ll be handing you your ass on a platter, Old man.” There was a moment of stillness before the laughter became so loud in the bus that Coach had to calm them down through his own tears.

“Wow, she’s showing you who’s boss, huh, Captain?” The question came from somewhere in the back of the bus.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Jon answered softly. Callie just smiled at him and turned back to his young teammate.


Patrick watched his two friends huddle together under the blanket in the jet owned by the Blackhawks. Feeling a sense of accomplishment, he tried not letting his jealousy ruin the moment. It wasn’t that he envied Jon for Callie, sure she was great and he loved her like a friend, he envied the happiness and the obvious love that radiated between the couple. The hollow feeling seemed to have been growing stronger as the days went on. Despite him being so young, not even twenty five, he wondered if he’d ever get his own Callie.


The moment she opened her eyes, discontent filled her. The bed next to her lay empty. While she internally, she had wanted Jon to stay in her room, she knew it wouldn’t be a good idea and told him to stay roommates with Patrick. Plus, their friend was looking awfully lonely these days.

After getting up and splashing water over her face, she realized what was on her agenda today. She was going home. After spending the day around the Verizon Center following Jeremy around on her first away game, she kept the thoughts out of her head and enjoyed the game. Callie smiled for herself a bit, she felt bad for not cheering for her home team but she couldn’t have left Jon out to dry, she was glad that the Blackhawks won but she wouldn’t tell any of the team that.

When she finished going through her usual morning routine, there was a loud insistent pounding on her door. On the other side was her boyfriend and Patrick. Both dressed casually in hoodies and jeans. The way that Jon filled out his clothes with his muscle made her shiver.

“Hey, babe. Ready for today?” Jon kissed her head and walked past her before plopping down on her bed and smelling the pillow she slept on.

Patrick raised a brow. “You guys have plans? I didn’t know. I’ll just hang out with the other guys then.” As he started to turn, Callie grabbed his arm, feeling sympathy.

“No, come with us. We’re going to visit my brother and my high school.” Patrick smiled at her, relieved he wouldn’t have to go out with his rowdy teammates. They both rolled their eyes when Jon groaned. “I rented a car for today, so we should get going, they’re expecting us for brunch.”

Making sure she had everything packed up so that she could just leave for their late night flight, Callie walked with the two men to her rental car. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” Jon made a face of discontent at the tiny hybrid. “Are we even going to fit in that?” he asked. Callie ignored his question and got behind the wheel.

The entire ride to her small town, her nerves were getting the best of her. Jon and Patrick made idle chit chat, occasionally asking her a question about the region. It wasn’t long before they pulled up in front of the medium sized home in a suburban neighborhood. “We’re here.”

When they reached the front door and rang the bell, Callie felt Jon reach for her hand and intertwine their fingers. It calmed her nerves a bit. Suddenly, the door opened. On the other side stood a small petite blonde. Callie looked to check the street again, suddenly unsure if it was her childhood home.

Almost immediately, her brother popped up behind the blonde, gently moving her out of the way to hug his sister. “Cal.” He buried his face in her hair, not having seen his sister for years. “I missed you.” Callie’s arms went around Jason and laughed.

“You too, baby brother, you too.” When they let go, Jason’s eyes went to the two men. Then down to where Callie and Jon’s hands were still intertwined. If looks could kill, Jason would have murdered her boyfriend. “Jason, this is Jon and Patrick. They’re Blackhawks, and Patrick’s a good friend of mine.”

As her younger brother pulled them into the house, he laughed. “And what’s this guy? Mince meat?”

“I’m her boyfriend.” Jon spoke up. His voice boomed in the foyer of the house. The three men exchanged handshakes. Callie’s eyes narrowed at the blonde from earlier, who was hiding behind Jason. Walking past the men, she stood in front of the women who seemed to cower under her gaze.

Callie smiled. “I’m Callie or Cal.” She put out her hand. The small woman shook it, giving her a small smile.

“I’m Maggie. Jason’s girlfriend.” Callie’s eyes immediately traveled to her brother. She could feel her own jaw drop. Quickly giving the poor girl a smile, she turned to her brother and gave him a good punch in the arm. It never hurt him but it caught his attention.

“Hey, asshole. Don’t you think this could have been relevant for, you know, a conversation.” She growled. Her brother just smiled, grabbed his girlfriend’s, and brushed past them to the kitchen area. The whole group followed. He would have hell to pay for not telling her sooner.

“Look, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. It’s just you were busy with school and then with your job. I didn’t want to be a bother.” Callie’s heart melted. Her brother was precious.

“You’re never a bother and it’s good to meet you, Maggie.” The couple beamed at each other.

“Thanks, Callie. I’ve really been wanting to meet you. Believe it or not, you’re brother always talks about his great older sister. I was so nervous.” An infectious laugh rose from the tiny person. “And I didn’t know what you’d want to eat, so I made lots.”

For the first time, Patrick, Jon, and Callie noticed the spread of food on the table behind them. A large quantity of breakfast food littered the all the available space. “You’re really shouldn’t have.” Her heart already warming to the other women in her younger brother’s life. “But it’s probably a good thing since I brought these two goons.”

The entire group laughed at Jon and Patrick’s expense. Her brother was a large guy but he had nothing on the bulk and height of the hockey players. Feeling more at home in the house that she ever did actually living there, they dug in. With Jon’s hand in hers and Patrick at her side, she finally let herself relax.


Callie’s brother and fiancée were obviously a young couple in love. You could see it in the way their eyes connect the entire time. He hoped that Callie looked at him that way when he wasn’t looking. His heart swelled again as she leaned into him on the couch.

The group had finished brunch and settled into the family room, chatting about the funny stories of Callie and Jason’s past. Each coming up with a more hilarious story about the other to embarrass themselves. He spied Patrick, who sat on the other side of the Callie, laughing along with the stories, being nice and friendly, but his eyes held empty.

He worried about his friend. The thought disappeared as they heard the front door slam. In his arms, Callie stiffened and he watched as her brother had a similar reaction. An older couple walked through the entry way to the kitchen, taking in the site of the group.

“What is she doing here? Who are they?” The older man’s voice was filled with venom. The way he said she made Jon dislike the man for addressing Callie with such obvious hate. The entire group was standing now. “What are they doing in my house?”

“Dad, you left it to me.” Jason snapped. Everyone stood. Maggie cowered into his side. Callie clutched harder at his own side. He noticed Patrick came to stand by her side.

“I didn’t leave it to you so you could bring that bitch here.” Jon would have jumped had Pat not grabbed onto the back of his shirt.

The elderly woman, who had been looking on, eyes ran over himself. A shiver ran through him. He was disgusted. “Callie, I always knew you were a whore. But both? You bring two men into my house.” The woman’s voice was more venomous than her husband.

“You left the house to your son, I came to visit my brother.” Callie snapped. Anger rising in her voice.

“What’re they doing here then? Need a man to pay your way. Couldn’t find a job that lets you go and talk to men who play sports?” The woman paused and laughed. “That’s what it is. You find dumb men who want nothing but sex from you.”

The entire room was silent. “I don’t know what you did to deserve your daughter.” Jon’s voice shook.

“I haven’t been in your presence for five minutes and you people are vile.” The elderly couple looked as if they were going to say something but Callie moved and started to head out, saying a quiet goodbye to her brother and Maggie.

As they made their way past the couple, Jon heard them call her a no good whore. He would have turned and addressed the issue but Patrick’s hand on his shoulder kept him moving forward. When they passed and reached the door. Callie raced out of the house and ducked into the rental car. Jon and Patrick were quick to follow. “We’ll you meet my lovely parents.” Callie sighed. Her voice shaking.

The car was quiet. Jon was trying to process the information and her words to make the whole situation make sense, but how a family could hate each other so much, just didn’t make any sense to him. Not two minutes later, they were pulling into a lot of an impressive high school. “My real home.” Callie murmured.

The three of them walked into the front office and got signed in. The ladies working in the front gave Patrick and him looks. It flattered him that such ladies were checking them out. When they started walking through the building, it became obvious what their mascot was. Statues of the bird were built everywhere.

You could tell Callie had a sense of pride and she walked through the halls. She showed them the patio where student could have lunch outside during nice weather, places where she had classes and some memories. They all had a laugh as she showed them her lockers throughout the year. All in the same hallway.

Jon felt a sense of longing, he never had this. His life had always been devoted to hockey and he never got a chance to be a normal high school student. After a set of stairs, they walked down a long H-shaped hallways, stopping at one of the rooms.

Callie turned to them and smile. “There’s someone on the other side of this door that means the world to me. “ Her eyes lit up. Every ounce of unease and worry vanished as the smile reappeared on her face. He heard Patrick relax at his side.

Callie opened the door. The classroom was filled with maybe fifteen girls and a total of three guys. Soft teenage giggles filled the room. At a desk in the back, a woman stood, beaming at Callie. His girlfriend ran to the woman and was enveloped in a hug. The class, as well as Patrick and Jon looked on quizzically. What was going on?


Callie never had more of a motherly figure that in Shanna Wilkes. The woman had encouraged her that she could do anything and had been there in her time of need. Being back in the only place that felt like home in her adolescent life and with one of her favorite people in the world, the day’s events vanished from her mind.

Shanna pulled away. “Class, this is Callie. You know, the only I talk about all the time. The cryer.” Callie laughed through the tears in her eyes.

“Shut up, you know you love me.” Shanna laughed with her before looking over her shoulder at Jon and Patrick. Turning, Callie saw that they both looked uncomfortable under the gazes of these adolescent girls. Peaking a glance at the boys, she noticed only one looked at them with an awestruck expression. “Hey guys, this man here.” She laid a hand on Patrick’s shoulder.

“His name is Patrick Kane.” She then gestured towards Jon. “And he is-“

The boy who was awestruck interrupted her. “That’s Jon Toews, Captain of the Chicago Blackhawks.” Callie, Shanna, Patrick and Jon laughed. The kid blushed red.

A small girl with dark hair who sat in the corner suddenly fidgeted. “Ms. Wilkes, who are the Chicago Blackhawks?”

“Professional hockey players.” The confused expressions on the students faces left, the boy who had known had a disgusted look on his face. He came forward.

“Can I get your autograph?” the class laughed.


“You guys better put this in the book.” Callie told her former teacher.

“I don’t think Malcolm would ever forgive me if I didn’t. So you work with these guys?” Shanna inquired. They watched on as Jon and Pat answered questions that the kids had, every so often causing them to laugh.

“It’s been really good.” Jon looked up and winked at her. Shanna didn’t miss the blush that crept up Callie’s cheeks.

“Is there anything more between you and Jon?” Shanna was using the tone she had when Callie was back in high school.

“Yeah, we’ve been dating.” The thought brought a smile back to Callie’s face. He was hers. Then she thought of the explosion that had happened earlier. “But I don’t know for how much longer.”

“You’re going to break up with him?” Callie didn’t answer. “Why? He’s a looker and from what I can tell a nice guy.”

“We had a run in with my parents today.” Immediately, she felt Shanna’s arms around her. “It was bad. Really bad. I just have a feeling like it was too much for him.”

“You don’t know that.”


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