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Ocean Soul

Chapter 1

Katia watched as her daughter Veteema closed her suitcase and zippered it, carefully placing the heavy box on the floor and pulling out the handle. "May the gods bless you and keep you from harm", she murmured.

"I hope so too, Mmom. But what if this guy doesn't want to be helped and we get stuck?", she asked.

Katia put a hand on her daughter's shoulder and gave her a reassuring smile. "You try your best, us Sol Duga aren't quitters. And he needs to be helped, there are great plans for him", she said.

"A lot of people these days don't want to be helped, they'd rather stay that way", replied Veteema.

"Never say never, Veteema", said Katia as both women took the luggage downstairs.

"It sucks Dad and Marco are on the road with the team, but I suppose Melbourne is too far away", said Veteema with a little laugh.

"And it's the start of the season, the Heat can't be without their coaches", replied Katia.

A car horn honked outside as Katia embraced her daughter, helping her carry the bags outside to the waiting cab. The women placed the bags insdie the trunk as Veteema got in the backseat of the cab. "Perth Airport, ma'am?", he asked.

"Yes, sir", she replied politely as he nodded and drove away from the house.

Veteema was quiet as the cab made its way to the airport, deep in thought. I have to complete this and stop some guy from screwing up more. And this Patrick Kane guy sounds like a real piece of work, she thought in distaste.

She frowned when she recalled the stuff Katia had shown her, photos of Patrick Kane clearly drunk or surrounded by bimbos and groupies, behavior that was sure to ruin his stellar hockey career. If this idiot doesn't want to be helped, I won't be able to become a full member of Sol Duga. And at least I won't have to drag him to Iceland or Siberia, she thought grimly.

The cab arrived at the airport and Veteema paid the driver before getting the bags out of the trunk. She placed the bags on a trolley and wheeled it towards the check-in counter of United Airlines. It was reasonably quiet this morning as the line moved quickly, the bags being weighted and then placed on a conveyor belt as the machine printed out her tickets. Veteema placed them in her purse and felt her passport as she got in another line for security. She remained calm as she placed the contents of her purse in the plastic bin and took off her showes before placing them in the box as it moved on the conveyor belt, walking through the metal detector with no problem.

Veteema put her shoes back on and placed everything back into her purse as she followed the signs to her gate. She couldn't help but feel a bit of anticipation as she saw the plane outside the window being loaded with luggage. If it doesn't work out, at least I got a trip to Chicago out of it, she thought dryly.

Her flight began boarding as she was quickly ushered to first class, placing her purse under the chair and putting on her seat belt. The plane gradually filled with passengers as the flight attendants greeted everyone. Veteema read the in-flight magazine but kept an eye out on the passengers, idly wondering if any of them was on some wanted list.

The passengers finished boarding as the plane's doors shut closed and everyone turned to face the flight attendant. "Hello and welcome aboard United Airways Flight #211 to Sydney. Our flight is approximately five hours and five minutes, so sit back and enjoy your flight", said the pilot over the intercom.

I ought to be in Chicago sometime tomorrow, or yesterday because of the International Date Line, she mused as the plane taxied onto the runway.


I love this start, I'm wondering are you planning on continuing? I mean i only know a few details and I'm intrigued but I'm just assuming I'll like this based off of the title. if you want any help or ideas feel free to get in touch with somehow, Idk how this site works but reply so we can figure something out of you want.