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Shooting Stars

Thank You, Kind Sir

As the Mosier family got ready for bed, Ole Saint Nick visited them to deliver their Christmas morning gifts. When they awoke at nine o’clock, there was plenty of snow outside their big bay window to stare at while opening their gifts. All in all, the Mosier family got what they asked for and packed it all back under their tree so they could get ready for their brunch at Uncle Stan’s and Aunt Laura’s. The family of four split into two cars as to let the children be able to come home the next day after the game of their life, and they drove just over an hour to the home in the Chicago suburbs. Everyone arrived at the same time and helped to unload the cars of gifts and food and brought it inside. They set it down on the serving tables and got straight to eating after saying quick hello’s to everyone in attendance. Brunch was pretty quiet, gift opening was loud, and than everyone except the Mosier children and Uncle Stan’s family were gone. And so the six got ready for the hockey game.

“May I check your bag, Miss?” the United Center security officer requested. I opened the small camera bag and purse for him to look through and was waved through the line. I made it to the other side of check in, waited for my little brother and cousins, and when they all found me, my aunt and uncle were signing up for a giveaway.
“You four go on, we will meet you upstairs!” Uncle Stan said to us. I was certainly confused once we started walking seeing as this was only the second time that I had been in the UC.
We made it to the escalator but stopped before getting on to take funny pictures with the cardboard Stanley Cup that the Blackhawks had won the prior season. By this time, my aunt and uncle had caught up with us and we all went upstairs. We stopped on the third level and made signs, courtesy of Sharpie, and of course mine had to have the most popular players on it like Toews, Hossa, Kane, Sharp, and the goalie. When all four of us had made signs, we continued to our nosebleed seats that are technically not that bad. But once again, I was stopped by an amazing sight. It was a half white and half red Tony Esposito jersey. It was one of the coolest things I had ever seen and I made that known to my little cousin who had stopped to stare with me. She ran ahead when her parents called for us but I just started walking towards them.
I was stopped once again but by a stranger this time. “You look like just the girl.”
“Excuse me?”
“I have six meet the team passes that I can’t use. You look like you would want them. I really don’t need to meet the team a fifth time, so here you go! Enjoy!” and the stranger was gone before I could even thank him.
I walked as fast as I could to our seats and found everyone there. I sat down, read the tickets he gave me, and smiled.
“What are those, Soph?” Uncle Stan questioned.
“Meet the team passes,” I replied in disbelief.
“Where’d you get those? Are they real?” Aunt Laura was next.
“Some guy stopped me on the concourse and just gave them to me.
“Are you sure they’re real, Soph?” my brother snickered. I fake laughed.
“Ha-ha, they’re real. I know because they are too expensive to be fake!”
“Whatever, if they aren’t real, you have to take the blame. It’s only fair!” he argued but I tuned him out as the announcer’s called for everyone to stand for the National Anthem. The starting line for the Blackhawks lined up on one blue line while the Columbus Blue Jackets line was on the opposite one. Jim Cornelison waited for his name to be announced and started the great song. After it was over, he and the military honorees left the ice and the starting lines circled the ice in last second warm up before the first face off was taken.
Captain Toews won the draw and the Hawks took it back into their defensive zone to set up a play. Alternate Captain, Duncan Keith, passed the puck from behind their own blue line to Jonathan Toews on the opposing blue line. He crossed just seconds after the puck and headed behind the net containing the Blue Jackets goalie. He shoved it behind him for a quick pass to teammate Marian Hossa and went back around to the front of the net to try and be there for a shot rebound. But he was a second too late as the puck had already hit the Jackets goalie pad and was headed for the blue line.
The game moved along fairly quickly with little stoppage of play. There was a slight pause for a fight with Jake Dowell and some loser on the other team that actually beat Dowell. It was disappointing, but I was glad I got to see it in person versus on the TV at home where it isn’t half as exciting. The play resumed and the Hawks found themselves in the lead two to one. And that was how the game ended. We were up and out of our seats before the Stars of the Game were announced in order to beat some of the crowds. Checking the tickets once more, I led my family to the section that was designated as the meeting place for the meet and greet. We arrived and there was only a security guard who led us down a long hallway after searching our bags. He opened the last door at the end of the hall and we were in a small waiting room.
“A coach will be down as soon as the guys are decent and you can visit with them in the locker room. Be prepared for the sweat smell,” the security guard named Bill made sure to inform us before leaving us to ourselves. Another group of people entered a few minutes later, led by Bill once again, and than Mike Kitchen, assistant coach, led us to the locker room.
“Welcome to the Blackhawks locker room,” he said as he showed us in. We looked around and saw all the team gathered around their lockers. I just stared on in awe before one of the players came up to all of us.


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Hey all, the story is much more up to date on Mibba, look for me with the same username and the story is still titled the same.

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