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Shooting Stars

Planning the Night on the Town

[b] That evening, Sophie dreamed of hanging out with the Blackhawks once again. She had always known that they would be a bunch of good guys, but she never figured them to be that perfect. Or that she would be in that much control of her emotions. She always figured that her fan-side would kick in the minute she saw a celebrity, but it had surprised her when she was cool and composed in front of the team. Especially as she had joked with Captain Serious, as some call Jonathan, and made fun of John Scott’s ugly sweater, the entire team had loved her and she was about to find out just how much. [/b]

I awoke this morning when my cell phone rang, indicating a text message. I saw on the bedside clock that it was ten in the morning and Jonathan had texted me.
[i]Hey, you and a friend should drive down to the city tonight. The guys and I are grabbing dinner and going to the Pier. We’ll even put you in a hotel for the night :)[/i]
[b]You’re up earlier than I thought, Captain Serious. I’ll have to give my bestie a call, let you know in an hour or two :)[/b]
[i]Sounds great![/i]
I got up and started picking up my different pieces of clothes that I had left on the floor as I had practically crashed right when we go back. Once my shit was packed, I woke my brother up from the couch downstairs. He got dressed and ready while I had some breakfast with my cousins. We finished up as Aunt Laura and Uncle Stan came down.
“Good morning,” they said in unison. The girls and I giggled as they went and poured themselves coffee. Once Joe was ready to go, I kissed my aunt and uncle on their cheeks, took a coffee, and we left. Once in the car, I dialed up my cousin Jackie over the Bluetooth.
“What?” she answered, clearly she had still been sleeping.
“I’m picking your ass up in two hours, we are going out tonight.”
“Where the hell are we going?”
“I have a group of guys, some your age and some older, that want to take us out for a night on Chicago. Dinner and the pier seem to be the consensus of what we’d be doing.”
“But it’s cold outside!” she whined.
“So you wear a sweatshirt and your North Face with a scarf and gloves, no big deal!”
“With a group of potentially hot guys?” she questioned her potential choice of clothing.
“They are hot, but they won’t care that we are all bundled up. They will be too you know!”
“How’d you meet these guys?”
“Don’t worry about it, they are good guys and you’ll love them. Be ready, two hours.”
“Fine!” she huffed and hung up. I texted Jon at a stoplight real quick saying my best friend and I were headed down in a few hours. I than called my dad on the Bluetooth.
“What’s going on, kids?” he asked.
“Just heading home, listen, Daddy, Jackie and I are going to have a girl’s night in the city. Than I’m crashing at her place and I’ll be back tomorrow sometime.”
“Okay, do you have some money left over?”
“Yep, I’ll be good!”
“Just be safe, behave tonight, Joe. Your mother and I are going out to dinner eventually.”
“Okay, bye, Dad!” we hung up and I pulled us into the driveway at home. I hopped right in the shower and did my makeup. I packed a small overnight bag with my swimsuit in case we wanted to swim at the hotel and was on my way to get my cousin/best friend. An hour later, I let myself into her apartment and found her in her room, trying to decide what to wear.
“The black one, red scarf, jeans,” I told her. She looked to me and than the clothes I had just pinpointed.
“Why are you so good with clothes?” I looked down to my outfit. I wore black boots, jeans, white v-neck, and a black scarf with my North Face jacket.
“This is one of the easiest outfits to put together!”
“Why, because it’s a v-neck? I can’t even decide between colors let alone the type of top I want to wear.”
“And that’s why you have me. Oh, wear your Christmas boots you got too. It’ll just finish the look.”
“I’ll be twenty minutes,” I shrugged, knowing it would take longer.
I just decided to text Jon and find out where we were meeting him and the guys.
[b]Hey, where should we meet you?[/b]
[i]Chicago Marriot, they were the only place with an open room. Who you bringing with?[/i]
[b]My bestie/cousin Jackie.[/b]
[i]How old is she?[/i]
[b]Your age, little younger[/b]
[i]Awesome, I got some of the younger guys to come too[/i]
[b]Gee thanks![/b]
[i]:) see you soon.[/i]


Hey all, the story is much more up to date on Mibba, look for me with the same username and the story is still titled the same.

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