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The light of my life


After the win last night against Boston Bruins last night, the Chicago Blackhawks had one day off. The team could either stay in Boston or head back to Chicago, every player could choose.
Patrick decided to stay in Boston. He loved to be in Boston, it was one beautiful city. It was not as beautiful as Chicago, but he always enjoyed walking around in Boston. He found new places every time he visited Boston, and that was always nice.
Walking around in Boston was great for Patrick. He could just walk there for hours, and just rest his head. Letting all thoughts out for a while, you know.

Patrick saw a brunette walking by him, and he thought of his sisters. He loved his sisters. He hadn’t been the best brother to them, but he surely wanted to change that. He wanted to show his sisters how much they really meant to him
Just in that moment, his phone started to ring. He couldn’t help but smile when he saw it was his mother calling.
“Hi mom”, Patrick said with a smile. His mother and he were close to each other. Patrick told his mother everything.
“Hello. How is my son doing?” Donna Kane asked with her always polite tone. Donna Kane was always nice to the people she met, no matter what they looked like or how they acted. She didn’t judge anyone, she always gave people chances. She was way too nice too often.
“I’m great, mom. Just walking around Boston”, Patrick replied.
“Alone?” his mother asked, with a worried tone.
Patrick sighed. “Yes, mom. I’m alone, but you know I’m a hockey player, right? I can fight for myself; you have nothing to worry about”
“I know… I just care about you, son. I don’t want to lose you”, Donna told her son.
“Yeah, I know. I love you”, Patrick said. He missed his mother a lot. Many people thought Patrick was “daddy’s boy”, but he was not. He was “mother’s boy”, and he would be it for a very long time.
“I love you too, Patrick.” Patrick could hear his mother was smiling.
Then an awesome idea, in Patrick’s head, hit him. “How about you all coming to Chicago and watch me play? I’ll pay for everything. You can either stay in my apartment, or I’ll fix a hotel for you”
“Oh, I don’t know, Patrick…” his mother mumbled. He heard her talk to someone he would guess was his father.
“Why not, mom?”
“Oh god, of course we’ll come and watch you play. We will talk to your sister’s school, when do you want us to come?” the excited Donna Kane asked. Donna loved to watch her son play. Donna was so proud to have Patrick as her son, she was really proud of how far he had come.
“I don’t know… How about next week? We have two home games”, Patrick said after had been thinking for a while.
He looked to the left, and walked over the street. He was now in the part of Boston where it was less traffic than in the middle of Boston.
His mother started to answer him, but he heard a scream that made him not listen.
“Mom, I’ll call you back, okay? I love you”, Patrick said stressfully.
He ran to the place he had heard the scream from.
He saw a man, who was much bigger than Patrick himself, who was standing in front of a girl. Patrick knew what was going to happen.
“Don’t you dare to touch her”, Patrick said with a voice that made he surprised. He sounded twice as big as he was.
The man didn’t listen.
Patrick walked to the man, and whispered in his ear, “You better run before you’ll regret you even got born”
The man looked at Patrick, in case Patrick was joking. But Patrick meant every word he said, which made the man look like a little rat. He looked so scared, and basically ran away.
“Patrick?” the voice made Patrick jump back in shock. No way could it be her, Patrick thought.


This is my favorite story can you please keep writing it

Devils emma Devils emma