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The light of my life


"Belle, what's your name now?", Patrick asked her when she had calm down a bit. It still looked like she was going to break down crying any second tho.
"It's Isabelle, Isabelle Williamson. You can call me Annabelle or Isabelle, I don't really care", she replied. She was really tired, so she yawned.
"I'll go by Isabelle, it's your name now. Are you tired?", Patrick looked at her, and took away a bit hair from her face.
She nodded, and yawned again.
"You can sleep here, it's late now" Patrick added, "I can sleep in Jonathan's room. He won't mind"
She nodded, and thanked him.
Patrick looked at her with a smile. "Good night, Belle"
Just when he was going to leave the room, Isabelle(A/N: I'll go by the name Isabelle now) sat up. "Patrick?", she asked quietly.
He turned around. "Yeah?"
"Can you please sleep next to me?", Isabelle wondered. "You don't have to, of cours-"
Patrick cut her off with a smile. "Or course I'll sleep next to you. With clothes, if you want"
Isabelle couldn't help but smile. "Thank you, Kaner"
He layed down next to her, with a bigger smile than before, having her calling him 'Kaner' was an amazing feeling. Patrick really couldn't believe his Isabelle was laying next to him. It felt like a dream. "Hey, it's nothing to thank for."
Isabelle turned her head to him.
"God, you're cold as fuck, Belle!", Patrick touched her and said. He sounded worried.
"I'm okay. I had fever earlier, don't worry"
He held his warm arm around her.
"Thanks", she whispered.
"Anything for you, love", was the last thing she heard Patrick say before falling asleep.


This is my favorite story can you please keep writing it

Devils emma Devils emma