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What We Don't Know, Will Hurt Us

Chapter 1: 7 years ago

A boy of 18 waits in his car impatiently outside a humble home. Emotions swirling in his head and as cheesy as it sounds, butterflies are fluttering in his stomach. A few hours ago he just found out he's up to be drafted by the big leagues - Meaning he has the chance to play pro hockey in the NHL. Not only can he do what he is really passionate about, he gets paid for it. It's a rare opportunity but he deserves it, after all the hard work and determination he's put into the sport.

A phone call later and he's driving excitedly, almost too fast and recklessly to a girl of 17's house. He couldn't find anyone else better, apart from his family, to share the exciting news with. The boy was nervous, but he felt that he shouldn't be. A heavy feeling loomed over him, but this is good news, or so he thought - he just brushed it off.

Finally, a young girl with a slight smile and kind eyes walks out of the house's front door. She braces her arms as the cool wind blew. She takes one step in front of another slowly, different from the other times he's come to meet her or pick her up. She was keeping something, she had a news of her own.

"Hey baby," he says with a giddy smile as she opens the door and sits at the front seat.
"Hi" she immediately replies, followed by a short but willful kiss.

They ride off into the horizon to start their mini adventure.
As they pull up near a diner, she remembers and smiles to herself.

"Remember this place and this day?" He gently breaks the moment
"Yeah this is where we first met" she quietly says, still looking at the place.
"Well technically we met in school an-"
"But this is where we first really met each other" she cuts him off
"Hahahaha yeah, quite a scandalous meeting. With you spilli-"
"Strawberry" she interrupts again, but he lets her
"Huh?" He wonders if she's hungry
"That's the flavour.. Of the milkshake" she looks at him again with a gentle smile.
All he could do was smile back and kiss her again. He's happy she recounted all the tiny details, as that's the girl stuff and what girls do. As crazy as it sounds he remembers every thing, he just didnt want to shed off the manly image he's got by going mushy with the memories, but still he'd do anything for her.

They settled into a booth at the diner and started talking, eating, teasing, holding hands, gazing into each others eyes and all those stuff you see in movies when two people are head over heels in love with each other. They were the couple to be jealous of, the youth and innocence of their love yet the mature passion and understanding they have of each other was visible and a sight to behold.

He tells her about the great news that he only heard this morning. She squeals, kisses him and repeatedly tells him how proud she is of her boyfriend over and over again. The heavy feeling he had an hour or so ago comes back. Those smiles coming from her, they honestly felt sad, maybe tearful.

As they rode home, the silence in the car was a contradicting mix of calmness and anxiousness. They pulled to a stop, right in front of her house, the quiet air is broken by his voice.

"Hey babe, where's Mari? Just wondering why it's so quiet, but now I know the answer.. Your little sister isn't in the back seat, yapping her head off" he joked

"Hey be nice," she smiled, breaking into a small giggle. "Well.. She stayed at home today, probably got tired of us" she replied.

"So tomorrow babe, practice is going to be another hour late but we can still have dinner and catch a movie afterwards.. Maybe even a little-" he sheepishly smiles.

She looks at him, showing an expression indicating she fully knows what he means.

"Uh.. I'll.. Have to pass" she slowly and painfully utters
"Why? Alright, you busy tomorrow? It's ok, we can go out the day after tha-"
"That's not what.. I can't see you, anymore Jon" she cuts him off and let's the words out hastily
"What? Hah, nice joke babe"

Her sudden silence and her serious eyes looking straight at him, made the boy come to a rude awakening - what he didn't expect and what he didn't want to happen, is occurring right before him at the very moment. They're breaking up.

"What am I lacking at? Babe, just tell me what I did wrong...I'll, uh.. I'll work on it, we'll work it out" his throat starts to dry and hurt, a sign of tears coming.

"You don't lack anything, it's .. It's just that.. I don't see it working out" she's running out of words
"Bullshit! I love you, you love me right? We're happy! Now tell me what the hell this is about?"

Tears are brimming down both of the teenagers' faces, both are silent and heads swirling with confusion and anger.

"Is there someone else... are you cheating on me?" he painfully and slightly angrily asks, hoping she says no.

She feels disgusted at the thought of him thinking she's been unfaithful. But she figured that if this is the only way to let him go, to let him have the future meant for him.. She'll comply.

"I'm sorry Jon" her tears spill and flow freely, hoping he'll buy it.

"You're.. That's messed up, is it while I was in camp? Is it cause I was always hockey hockey hockey? This is so unfair Jas, I love you and .. We can work on this babe, come on. I don't care, if you feel guilty about sleeping with someone else then don't, I forgive you. I'll do anything, even lessen hockey prac-"

"That's ridiculous! Sure if we do work it out, huh? What about the NHL? I have dreams to follow too Jon, I'm not a puppy to follow you around. And how can you forgive so quickly? One day you'll wake up and realise the one you're next to is a cheater and you'll hate yourself for being fooled.. I just.. Don't want that to happen." She breaths heavily after her explanation.

"That won't happen Jas. I'll always love you baby, I'll never hate you for what you did.. Please." A man pleading with tears in his eyes and his hands yearning out was a heartbreaking scene.

"You say that now, but think about what will happen in the future" as she uttered the last few words, she slowly but forcefully slid her hands out of his and opened the car door.

"Goodbye Jonny, I really hope you do well playing in the NHL. Stay healthy" she gets out, slams the door and walks straight to the path leading to her house, never looking back.

As soon as they are both separated and alone, both uncontrollably sob with their faces in their hands, looking like they're trying to keep each other from hearing their wails.

One is driven to succeed, fueled by anger on why she broke what they had without trying to mend it. The other is in pain but hopeful about him and his future, knowing that though what she did wasn't rational, it's all for the best.

This is where the journey begins with Jonathan Toews, now by himself.. Or is he?


Yep, 1st Chapter. Sorry if it's quite long, other chapters will be long whilst some will be shorter. Jas and her sister are Koreans that moved to Winnipeg, if you can't take interracial relationships then I guess that's your problem. I picked that race cause I dunno, the actresses I picked are pretty.

Sorry if there's any wrong grammar or misspellings. I am a dork that's why. Still willing to learn, through constructive criticism of course.. there's no point in bashing me T_T

Hope you enjoy reading. I've written up to the 11th chapter and will keep writing and posting if people like it.


This is amazing please continue it <3

Hockeyfan101 Hockeyfan101
This story is one of my favorites!!! I love it:)
Riley Riley