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HockeySuperstar and I

Chapter 1: Homeless

Hey Guys so this is the first chapter of the story, the first bit it just getting to know what the characters are like and how the stories develoving. Second bit introduces how Alyssa is forced to with some one special.. Hope you guys enjoy it

“Nate thanks so much for egging me, could you not tell the seniors from the juniors, moron” I cursed as I cleaned my hair. My Friends and I sat outside in the courtyard cleaning my hair. It was Prank week at Penn State, the one week where the seniors get to pull pranks on the juniors and get away with it, kind of like a tradition. So far my day was a complete mess and I had no clue it was about to get even messier.

“You happened to be in the hallway, not my fault, I told all the seniors to clear it’ giggled Nate

“Yeah, cut him some slack, he did tell us” laughed Austin.

Ashley cleaned my hair, but it was still all sticky. I waited for the firemen to clean the smoke bombs out of the hallways, so I could go back into the girls showers and wash my hair.

“Sarah just had to throw smoke bombs in the change rooms, couldn’t they find a better prank”

Ashley, Nate and Austin were my best friends, I had know the three since high school, and having classes together made us grow closer. They always supported me in everything I did, and I trusted them with every thing. Sure they could piss me off at times, but I couldn’t stand mad at them for too long.

“Speaking of the devil, look her highness is coming this way” Joked Austin

“She so hot, I‘d so tap that” acknowledged Nate.

I rolled my eyes, and Ashley smacked Nate.

Sarah made her way towards us, her blonde hair swaying in the wind, her heels went “click clack” as they hit the pavement, her deep blue eyes had a memorisizing effect on guys. Sarah, was the person I despied the most at Penn State. She was those rich, slut that got everything handed to them, while others had to work their butts off. She had rich parents, fabulous clothes, the hottest cars, and the good looking boys wrapped around her fingers. Her best friend trailed behind her, holding her pink Barbie bags and books. They seemed more like her personal slaves then friends. They couldn’t do a single thing without letting Sarah know, they had to report to her everyday. Oh and if you got on their bad side, it was total death for you. Kat the girl on right of Sarah was tall, blond and had deep blue eyes just like Sarah’s, she looked just like a Barbie doll. While Sam, she was short, and the stupid one from the group. Sarah, Sam and Kat ran the school, they knew everything about everyone. You wanna spread a rumor fast, just lets these rats get a whiff of it, and boom, you made the cover of the school newspaper.

Being me I had started off on the wrong foot with Sarah, my first day at Penn State, and now she lived to torment me.

There the “Mean Girls” of our school, I’m sure you all have some in your school as well. Get in their path and its total destruction for you.

She walked right past us “Hey, you got a little something in your hair wake up on the wrong side of the bed?” mocked Sarah

“What bed? I heard she lives in a cardboard box, down the hill” laughed Kat.

I clenched my fists, wanting to claw out Kat’s face. I controlled my temper, not wanting to cause more drama with these rats. Them being rich, they had every right to make fun of me. I wasn’t from the wealthiest family in the world, my parents could barley afford to send me to Penn State, so I had gotten in on a scholarship, and was now a outcast, because I didn’t have enough money as Sarah and her posy of Barbie’s did.

Sam examined my clothes “Look at her clothes, seems like she picked them out of the dumpster”

Sarah and her posy of fake barbies was made to torment me. I was totally annoyed “News flash, this is school, not a Victoria’s Secret meeting” My outfit was tottaly fine, I had a dress on toped with a flower printed jean jacket, and flats.

I saw Tyler, Kyle and Parker make their way towards us, the three sex gods of the school, they could wipe out the whole women population. I had a thing for Tyler but he was all over Sarah, who wouldn’t even bother to give him the time of day. Sarah thought she was too good for the guys at school and they all drooled over her like she was the last piece of steak in the world. Tyler walked right past me over to Sarah and grabbed her hands “Hey Babe, tonight, me and you” he smirked.

Why must they chose the bitches with the fake boobs and personalities?

Sarah realised her hands from Tyler, she saw me completely drooling over him and wrapped her arms around his neck “Text me later” she winked.

Tyler finally looked at me, his eyes made contact with mine, I felt like I would pass out any second. “Don’t you take showers?” he said.

My mouth dropped, jerk, idoit, thanks for smashing my heart. He began laughing and walked off. “Why are you populars such jerks?” I cursed under my breath

I looked over to Nate and glared him down, this was all his fault, the idoit had managed to hit me with an egg. Nate was drooling and he looked like he had a spell on him.

Nate had a major obsession with Sarah, she wouldn’t even look at him. She flipped her golden hair and it hit Nate’s face, who was smelling it, he looked like he was becoming high off of it. Sarah left and Nate collapsed to the ground smiling like an idoit

“Stop drooling over that bitch” I rolled my eyes.

“HEY SARAH, You‘ve got something on your face” I yelled

“What?” she screamed.

“A big fat zit, right in the middle of your forehead” I laughed.

She immediately dropped her books and began screaming, a crowd gathered around her

“KAT GIVE ME MY MIRROR” she freaked.

Seeing her reaction was epic. “You’ll pay for this” she threatened as she walked off.

I sat on the bench and threw my head into my hands, “What does Tyler see in her?’

“C’mon Alyssa, your better then her, you don’t need Ty” reassured Ashley.

I tapped away at my phone screen “Hopefully my prince charming is right around the corner”

“Hey Look” pointed Nate to a group of guys “The Pittsburgh Penguins are here.”

I directed my eyes towards the direction Nate was pointing in, and my mouth dropped. “They’ve got some damn good looking hockey players, I wouldn’t mind hooking up with one of them’ smirked Ashley as she checked them out.

“Way to sound puck sluttish, Ash” She slightly hit my arm for making that comment. I saw Sarah run up to them, well she found her man candy for today. I saw two guys in particular staring at me, Jordan Staal and James Neal. There footsteps began coming towards us. The announcements came on “The showers have been cleaned, its safe to go in there” As soon as I the announcements ended I grabbed my bag and began running towards the showers, I had to get this sticky smell of rotten egg out of my hair, “I’ll meet you guys here in 5” I yelled.
I ran into the shower room, and immediately took out my bag from the lockers, and changed my clothes and ran into the shower. I didn’t want my dress getting wet, so I had changed into a pair of shorts and a tank. I flipped on the shower, and washed the yolk out of my hair, which was all sticky. It took a bit of time to get it completely out. I changed into fresh clothing, which was a pair of white shorts and a red tank. I put on my flats and shoved the rest of my clothes into the locker and locked it and raced out to meet my friends again. They were in the exact same spot as before and I ran over to them, “So did I miss anything?’ I smiled.

“Yeah, two of the hottest guys were looking for you” smirked Ash

‘Who?” I wondered. Nate, Austin and Ash both had devlish grins on their face. Ash grabbed my hand and began dragging me towards the rink “We don’t have practice right now”
“I know” laughed Ash.

I followed her and noticed the group of guys we had meet earlier, the Pittsburgh Penguins. Staal and Neal made their way towards me and I was freaking out, on the inside. “So your Alyssa right?” asked Neal.

I nodded my head, “Well its nice to meet you”

"Its Nice to meet you as well" I smiled.

"So where having a penguins training camp for all hockey players and you've been choosen to represt your team , you captain the school team right?" asked Staal

I nodded my head and was jumping with joy on the inside and out "Thank you so much"

Neal and Staal kept staring at me, and they were checking me out and I felt kind of creeped out by the two. "Anyways were having a party tonight, would you like to join?' asked Staal as
he took hold of my hand.

So what I heard about his was right, we've got a player on our hands.

I pulled my hands back and he let go "Um I can't tonight have to study for final maybe some other time"

Jordan handed me his number, I took the slip and put it in my pocket. We said good bye to the guys and I turned to face my friends again "RETARD" yelled Ash as I turned around

"How could you turn down JORDAN STAAL?" she shrieked.

"I don't know, I just did. I didn't really like him, i guess"

Nate and Austin were laughing hysterically cause Ashley was freaking out. She was mad at me for turning down Staal, but I didn't like him so I don't see the point of going out with him, plus he seems like a big time player. I saw Sarah standing off to my far right behind a tree, with some guy. I could only see his back, but I felt drawn to the guy and wanted to get a closer look at him. Sarah began kissing the guy and my heart sank. I decided to stay away from the guy to avoid unnessacry drama with Sarah.

Our last class of the day ended and we said our good byes to the guys, they had soccer practice and we had hockey practice. Ashley and I were the first ones into the locker room and quickly changed and skated on to the ice, only to notice the cheer sluts were out.

"Get off our ice Wilson" yelled Sarah, and she skated over to me.

"I see my name written in the ice, but I don't see yours? So techinacally its my ice, so buh bye" I waved.

Sarah pointed her finger out me "Stay out of my path Wilson, or else"

"What gonna get your rich daddy after me?' I laughed. "Little Sarah needs daddy to fight her battles for her aweh poor thing"

Sarah was burning with anger and skated off the ice. I lied on the ice and relaxed,while we waited for everyone esle.The rink was one place I could clear my mind, I loved being here. I looked off to the stands and noticed the penguins were here and they were looking right at me and smirking. I felt like such an idoit. I avoided eye contact and quickly got up and skated to the bench. The rest of the girls had come out and the coach made us do 4 warm up laps around the rink. The guys were still here and the whole team had their eyes on me and I felt terribly uncomfratble, I was losing sight of what I was doing. I tripped while skating and fell face flat on the ice. "Great Alyssa, keep making a fool of yourself" I mocked myself. I got up and skated again, I closed my eyes and tried to focus, they were just regular boys who were really good at hockey right. I cleared my head and began doing the drills properly. Coach called for a shootout, she wanted to end the practice early since we all had finals tomorrow. I was first up, since I was captain. The penguins were all standing on there feet watching me, I blocked all of them out. I skated out on center and everyone cleared my path. I circled the face off dot the raced to towards the goalie at full speed. I faked going top left and the goalie poke checked and I backhanded the shot it and skated towards the bench. The guys were clapping and I couldn't help but blush. I got to clear the ice before everyone else. I had to get home soon, I changed and waited for Ashley. Ash finally came and she took a shower and quickly changed. We grabbed our hockey bags and headed for my car. As we approached the car, mine and Ashley's mouth dropped, our car was badly trashed and the tires were flat.

'SARAH, THAT BITCH" screamed Ash

"UGHHH, I saved up so much to buy this car, this means war" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Ash and I texted Nate and Austin to pick us up but none of them were replying. We started walking, our phones were losing connections. I saw Sarah drive by, and Ash stuck out her middle figure. Sarah reversed her car and splashed mud all over me, "WHAT THE FUCK SARAH?"

I was covered in mud from head to toe, Ash was safe. "Can my day get any worse?' I screamed.

"You better start praying cause look who's coming this way" pointed Ash. The entire penguins team was making there way towards us. I was screaming in my head I was a complete mess. I saw Nate and Austin across the street and ran into their jeep. I couldn't let the penguins see me. Ash ran after me and we quickly got in and drove off. "Way'd ago your, making it seem like your avoiding them, you just don't ignore hot hockey player" taunted Ash.

Nate dropped me off at home, I took a shower for the fourth time today. I couldn't believe I was having a such a miserable day. I went over to Mrs. Digardi's house, and got my dog coca from her. Mrs. Digardi was my neighbor, her dog had a litter of puppies and she had given me one, she would take care of coca while I was at school, and games. "Did you miss me coca?" I said as I patted coca's furry little head. I set her down and she wandered the apartment. It was 5 o clock, and I was pretty tired so I decided to take a nap.

~~~~~~~~~~4 Hours Later: Homeless Fire~~~~~~~

I woke up 4 hours later, and my room was engulfed in smoke. I crawled out of bed and looked for coca, the fire alarm suddenly began ringing. I grabbed coca, and her carrying bag and my phone and raced out. Everyone in the building was going crazy, and the smoke was suffocating my breathing. We all piled out of the building and infront of it. I ran to Mrs Digardi, and she hugged me and asked if I was okay. She was like my grandma, I enjoyed her company alot. We looked up at the condo buliding at it was surrounded my flames. The condo right on top of me had some sort of kitchen malfuction and the building caught on fire. I'm freezing and Mrs Digardi wraps her arms around me and I embrace the warmth. The fire fighter come over and tell us, its unsafe to go back into the bulding and we have to shift somewhere for tonight. I ask which apartments had the most damage and just my luck, mine was completely burned, which meant I was rendered homless, It was striking 10pm. I heard a laughter erupt from behind me and turned around to see the School Slut Sarah.

"Awe Seem like you are going to be living in a cardboard box" she laughed.

How the hell did she even get here, she lives upstate, where all the beautiful mansion are.?
I ignored her and dialled up my mom and dad, guess I was going to have to go back to Vancouver, my dreams of graduating from a top class universaristy would never come true. Tears escaped my eyes as I called my parents.

My dad picked up 'Hello, Daddy?" I spoke into the phone.

"Hey Honey, how are you?" he asked.

I explained the sistuation at hand and how devasted I was, my dad told me I couldn't come home, I found that very odd, where was I suppose to go. My mother spoke to me and she told me she was speaking to a family friend, who would take me in while I was in Pittsburgh. I hung up and my mom called me a couple of minutes later, delivering the new, that she had found someone I could stay with. Her best friends son would be coming to pick me up soon.
I sat on the bench, waiting for the family friend to show. Everyon had found a place to stay and were clearing up, Mrs Digardi, had offered to take me to her son's house with her but I refused because someone was on there way to pick me up. It was extremely cold, and I only had shorts and a Tank on. I wrapped my arms around me to keep myself warm and held onto coca, who was fast asleep.

I was getting tired of waiting, but soon a stretch limo pulled up infront of me and my mouth dropped, did the family friend really come to pick me up in this baby.
The driver walked over to me "Miss are you Alyssa Wilson" he asked.

I nodded my head 'Well what are you waiting for c'mon, I'm here to take you home" he smiled.

The Driver's name was Ted and he held the door open for me and I got in. He closed the door and began to drive the limo away. The size of this thing was enorumous, and I was shocked. I have never been in one of these before and now here I was finally riding in one.
After an hour of driving we, reached an elegant mansion. Bright lights illumatned the path way that lead up to the house. The big 7 foot tall gates that had a "SC" marked on them elegantly opened, letting the limo drived in. My mouth was wide open, My eye were shocked, the house I was looking at was extremley beautiful. It seemed bigger then the white house. This house was undescriable.

The limo stopped infront of the house and I got out. The driver directed me towards the waiting room, he was going to fetch someone. It had been 15 minutes since, he was left and I was very impatient. I heard loud music blasting from deep inside the house, and I was curious to know who lived here. I put sleep coca on the coach, and walked deeper into the house. The house was more like a castle, so beautifully built and decorated. I walked deeper and noticed, I was lost. The house was so big and so confusing.

I opened the first door to my right, and noticed a bed and figures moving on it. I immediatley shut the door "Oh lord what did my poor eyes just witness'

I walked away quickly and followed the music. I finaly found my way into the living room, and I scan the room for familar faces but I don't find anyone yet. One guy catches my attention, I felt the same attraction I felt this morning, when I saw this guys with Alyssa. I felt like he was the same guy. My heart beat picked up and I wanted to look at his face. I felt thirsty and found my way into the kitchen, everyone was staring at me because of the clothes I was wearing. I ignored everyone, a guy swifted past me and slapped my ass, and I turned around and slapped him 'Don't touch me"

I felt so voilated, His friend was behind me and he started messing with me. And I swung my arm to slap him as well, but I slipped and the girl to my right dropped Nachos drenched in cheese all over me "Oopps my bad" she winked. I was sitting on the ground drenched Nachos, I hit my fist on the floor and cursed my bad luck. 'Get away from her" said a very hot and sexy voice. I looked up and met the guys eyes, I knew him, he was here with the penguins this morning. He extended his hand and I took hold of it. "Thanks" I smiled.

"So Alyssa right? We saw you at Penn State this morning?" he wondered.

"Yeah, and Your Beau Bennett" I smiled.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End Of Chapter One~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
HEYYY GUYS :D First chapter is up, I hope you all enjoyed it, this stories going to be really long so get ready to read it. Hope you all enjoyed it. Don't forget to vote and fan if you already havent, and also comment and let me know you thoughts, opnions ans suggestions, so I can make the story better. I would really like it if you guys left some feed back :)
Anyways which charatcers are your favorite so far and who do you dislike?
What's your thoughts on Sarah?
Comment and Let me Know :D Make sure to check out my other books if you havent :)
Hope you enjoyed reading :)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Fun Facts about the Penguins~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
SID'S SUPERSTITONS: On game days, Sidney refuses to call his own mother (even on her birthday!). Sidney claims that he has suffered injuries on days where he was called his mom. He also refuses to use hockey tape provided by his opponents. Taking his superstition one step further, nobody is allowed to touch his sticks, and if someone does, they must be personally re-taped. Sidney Crosby also has a pre-game snack ritual. Every game day, at the exact same time, Crosby makes his own peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Rumour has it that he is even loyal to the brands of peanut butter, jelly and bread!


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