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HockeySuperstar and I

Chapter 3

The sun shone brightly into the room through the large balcony window and its rays fell on my face. I rolled around to get away from the rays, trying to get more sleep. I scrunched the soft silky bed cover and brought it close to my cheek, and brushed it against my skin. I felt a heavy arm wrap around my bare stomach, and turned my face towards the figure. I rubbed my eyes and refocused on who was sleeping next to me. I gently began pulling the blanket off, and the unknown person beside me pulled me closer to him. My body touched his, and I whimpered. I pulled of the blanket and exposed the person's face, his face only inches away from mine, his cool breath hit my cheeks and flared off. My eyes were wide open, "OH MY GOD GET AWAY FROM ME" I screamed as I pushed myself away from him and rolled off the soft silky bed, and fell face flat onto the ground. "Oww" I whimpered as I sat upright and examined my legs and arms for any scraps. "What the fuck?" spoke a deep morning voice. I used my hands to hoist myself up and cleaned the dust off my clothes. I looked directly in front of me and met Staal's eyes, his golden hair was perfectly messed, and it fell beautiful on his face. My eyes moved down his bare body, my mouth formed a big "O" I had a sudden urge to run my fingers down his well toned abs. All he hand on was a pair of boxers, and Oh my he looked damn fine.

Alyssa stop with the fangirling, he's a creep

I mentally slapped myself for even thinking about his body, or him. He had a cheeky grin on his face, that kept growing as he looked at my stomach. I looked down and noticed my shirt was caught in the bottom of my bra and quickly pulled it down. Annoyed by his behaviour I finally found words to speak 'How fucken dare you come here?'

"You know I was enjoying that veiw" he smirked as his steps began to near me.

I honestly couldn't live here in this house, under the same roof as this guy. I couldn't stand him, he was an indecent pig. "You are so full of yourself, just get out of my room" I yelled as loudly as I could. My voice echoed throughout the whole house and back to me. My ears picked up a noise of people running towards us. I looked towards Coca, she had waken up due to my yelling. She was pacing back and fourth and seemed terrified. She moved close to Staal's feet and sat down beside him, she seemed to like him. He picked her up in his hands and stroked her back.

My own dog likes him better then me, just great!

"Your actually in my room! Just admit you couldn't keep away from me."

I rolled my eyes in annoyance "Please, I wouldn't come near you if you were the last guy on earth"

He put Coca down and he neared me. In fear I started retreating my steps. A giant smirk was forming on his face. "You wouldn't be able to resist" he spoke softly.

"I'm resisting you now aren't I?" I hissed, as I kept going. My back hit the wall and his arms caged around mine.

He leaned in towards my ear "I know you want me" he spoke seductively. His cool breath lingered off my ear. I closed my eyes, I found his voice soothing and relaxing. His lips touched my skin and pure pleasure took over, he moved back and proceded towards my lips. I was too caught up in the moment and Coca's bark brought me back to reality. I flared opened my eyes and pushed him far away from me as I could.

*Eww Alyssa how could you * my mind taunted me.

"No, no one wants you" I yelled in frustration, still thinking about what just went on.

"C'mon you were enjoying it" his laughed echoed inside my head

Alyssa how could you have been so week

I clenched my fists, and shut my eyes and screamed as loud as I possibly could. "BEAU BENNETT" I was frustrated at him for not telling me this was Staal's room.

Staal held onto my wrist "You know, your pretty hot right?'

"You want me for sex, and I'm not going to give into you" I screamed.

"But you will, I know you will. No one can hold up for too long against me" he mocked me.

I thought about what he said I had almost give in to him, what if he was right? What if he did get to me? There was no way I could let that happen. He wanted to use me and throw me away and I didnt want that happening.

Neal, Malkin, Sidney and last but not least Beau flooded the room. They were all staring at me.

"Is you okay?" spoke Malkin in His Russian accent.

No I'm not! Control your man slut of a Friend

"She fine, just putting up the virgin act" mocked Staal.


Beau was yawning and I was still extremtly mad. His eyes met mine. "Why did you not tell me this was his room?" I pointed towards Staal.

Beau looked around the room. His had a weird look on his face as if he was trying to recall who I was. He examined my face with great focus. "You were drunk weren't you? and now you don't remember who I am do you?"

I rolled my eyes. What a bunch of morons.

Staal let out a laugh. I glared at him and he immediately become quiet.

I looked to my left and noticed Sidney was standing not to far from me, looking completely uninterested in the conversation going on. He brought his hand over his mouth and yawned repetitively. I kept staring at him, my eyes couldn't help themselves. My eyes examined every feature of his gorgeous face. His hazel eyes were gleaming in the rays of the sun, he bite his perfectly shaped lips. I let my eyes wander down his body. He like Staal was shirtless and was in a pair of white short, and his V line was showing. My eyes immediately popped, they were enjoying the view. His abs were perfectly toned and he flexed and I thought I was going to faint. His biceps were flexed out as he ran his hand through his short fuzzy hair. A warm feeling was rising inside of me that was making my stomach turn and my cheeks also were burning. My heart picked up, just looking at him was making my breaths race, what would happen...if...I...if I..... I kissed him?

Alyssa oh my god, just get rid of that thought. How could you even think like that.

I looked away from Sidney and refocused on Beau, but my eyes Still wanted to look at Sidney. As Beau and I talked I kept giving Sid a few glances. I couldn't help myself.
Beau had a guilty look on his face. "No Alyssa I'm so sorry, I had completely forgotten it was his room. It was a mistake I swear"

"Hey no need to apologize Sunshine, this is one of the best mistakes you've made" laughed Staal.

Beau waved his hand in front of my face and I stood their drooling over Sidney.

"Hello......earth to Alyssa.....anyone home?" Beau snapped his fingers and brought me back go reality.

"I can't believe I slept in the same bed as that slob" I shivered trying to get the thought out of my head.

"Calm down, not like you had sex with him" replied Sid as he spun around on the balls of his bare feet and walked out of the room.

Jerk Face

"So Alyssa if your free tonight, do you mind going skating with me at the burgh?" asked Neal as he stepped forward and took a hold of my hand, causing me to blush.

So far him and Beau and Malkin were my favorites, but I was still a little mad at Beau.

"I have exams to study for but I'll take a raincheck" I smiled. Neal nodded his head.

Malkin had a crazy smile on his face "Staal moron. I take care of him for you"

"Your accents so cute!" I said as I let out a little laugh.

"You cute" smiled Malkin as he moved in and kissed my cheek.

"Aweh thank you" I said as I planted a light kiss on his cheek as well.

"Great she falling for the russian, Geno teach me your ways" Staal rolled his eyes.

"Leave Alyssa, she no like you, she like Geno" laughed Malkin.

"Yes she no like you Staal" I repeated as I started laughing.

I turned my eyes to the clock and screamed "What the hell? yelled Staal as he rubbed his ears. He looked like he was in pain. "You just damaged my hearing"

"What's wrong now?" asked an annoyed Beau.

I grabbed my phone off the night stand and raced out of the room. I was late for school and I had an exam in less then an hour. I ran into the hallway and kept running.
I am officially getting kicked out of school today.

As I was running a figure appeared in front of me out of nowhere and I fell onto of him. "Owww" I whimpered. I focused on who I fell on and oh my god my mouth dropped.

Sex God Crosby.

My hands rested on his firm shirtless chest and he had his placed on my waist. "What the hell? Can't keep away?" he smirked.

He rolled me off of him and stood up. "Sorry, I didn't see you" I mumbled.

"Yeah clearly, you can't see a 5"11 man standing right in front of you" he taunted.

Instead of helping me up, he kept taunting me. I stood up and cleaned the dust off my clothes. "Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed"

"I knew taking you in was going to be a mistake" he spoke.


"Not like I wanted to be trapped in this hell hole" I yelled.

He was starting to get to me and I just wanted to punch his face.

but then he would have a bruise on his beautiful face.....

"Please I'm sure this place is better then your garbage of an apartment"

His words were utterly true this place was 10 times better then my old little apartment. It wasn't my fault my parents didn't have money or weren't famous hockey superstars. "There's plenty of trash walking around here as well"

"It will take me a blink of an eye to destroy your whole life" He said as he crossed his arms. He seemed pretty pleased with himself.

"Empty Threats don't scare me" I laughed.

Actually you do scare me a bit but I think I'll keep that secret.

Alyssa your so stupid, stop agitating him more.

"Fine, but don't come crawling back to me asking me to forgive you cause I won't " he smirked as he left me standing alone in the hallway.

He walked back into his bedroom, I began messaging Austin to see if he could pick me up. The sad part was I had no clue where I was. I walked to Sidney's room to see if he would tell me the address. The door was wide open and I peaked in. My heart dropped, I saw him making out with Sarah, who was in a lace bra, with a pair of neon pink shorts on and was sitting in his lap. His hands rested on the hooks of her bra. For some reason I felt a sudden rage of anger burn inside of me...could I possibly be jealous.

Wait why would I be jealous.....unless......NO way Alyssa just stop...

They were in a full on make out session which could lead to something intense any minute. My head ached just looking at them and I felt a heat glowing inside of me.

What's happening to me? Why does he make me feel like this?

His hand began undoing the bra and I interrupted "cough.....cough.." I made sure I was looking away from them.

"What the heck is it now?" yelled Sid in Frustration

Sarah had wrapped the bed cover around her. "Next time you might want to lock the door and Sarah shouldn't you be at school?"

Sarah played with a strand of her hair. "Shouldn't I be asking you the same thing"

"I don't know where I am, or I would be at school by now and BTW we have a god damn final today."

"So what? I can write the exam tomorrow, but I think you should worry about getting to school" laughed Sarah.

Oh how could I forget, her rich daddy, funded the school, he could get anything done for his beloved spoilt daughter.

"You disgust me" I spoke.

Sid came over and shut the door, on my face, RUDE

I knew what was going to happen in that room now, and I didn't want it to happen at all. I didn't know why I cared about him so much but I just did, he was completely taking over my mind, I had to get his thoughts out of my brain.

'Hey Alyssa, I just called your school, there letting you take your exam tomorrow" interuppted Neal.

I turned around to face him "OH MY GOD REALLY? THANK YOU SO MUCH' I gave him a big hug, I couldn't believe he had called the school for me.

Finally something good has come out of today.

"Hah No problem, and now lets go get you some girl clothes" he smiled as he slipped his hand into mine.

Umh yeah little problem, I don't have any money.......Everything was burnt.......let me begin cursing my bad luck again.

"I know what your thinking, don't worry I'll pay for you" he laughed

No way, if you pay for me, then your pig friends are going to call me a slob for your money...Not gonna Happen

"No I'm sorry but you can't pay for me" I denied his offer.

"Well you could take the money from me as a loan, and pay be back as soon as you get some money? deal?" he offered again

His offer was pretty appealing, and face it Alyssa your in major need of clothes right now. "Fine, but I'm paying you back as soon as I get the money. OKay?"

"As you wish your highness" he laughed "I'm just going to freshen up and then we can go shopping"

Highness....yeah I could get use to that....

Neal left me to go change and I sat down on the couch, waiting for him. I couldn't get over Sid, and I wanted to go into his room and drag Sarah out of there. Someone's hand crept onto my shoulder and I turned around....it was Sarah and this time she was fully clothed.

"Why are you still here?' she hissed.

Airhead I live here now.

I stood up "Why do you care?"

Sarah had a firey look in her eyes. "I know you like Sid, but he's mine, don't even dare to think about him"

Woah possessive much.

"You can have him, I'm not interested in him' I blurted out

I would be lieing to myself if I said I didn't have feelings for him. There was this pull that was just dragging me to him, and just by looking at him, a bright smile would grow on my face, and I think Sarah had seen the smile.

She crossed her arms and glared down at me "I saw the way you looked at him, just stay away, anyways you could never sastify him, that's why he doesn't even give you a second look"

"Yeah whatever just leave me alone" I yelled, as Sarah stormed off

It was true, he didn't give me a second look, to think of it he didn't look at me properly. I sat back down on the coach, engulfed with thoughts of Sidney. I couldn't believe I was falling for such a jerk, I had to get him off my mind.

"Hey Alyssa, I found you some clothes" a voice snapped me out of my thoughts. It was beau and he was holding a fresh pair of clothing.
He sat down beside me, "You seem like your Bailey's size, here these will fit you" he handed me the clothes.

"Thanks" I said as I took hold of the clothes.

"Are you still mad at me? Look I'm really sorry"

"No don't worry, I already forgot about it, anyways who's Bailey" I asked

A smile formed on his lips. "My little sister"

"Aweh, well you have to introduce me to her then" I laughed.

"Will do" he said.

He helped me up and lead me into his bedroom and told me I could change here. He closed the door behind him and walked out. I looked at the clothes. It was a crop top with a black high low skirt, I changed into it, and brushed my hair. I braided my bangs and pinned them back. When I was done getting ready I walked outside. The guys were no where in sight, and I wanted to see the garden. I walked over to the patio and ran down the stairs into the backyard. I ran along the stone path and into the garden. Flowers of all different colors were in bloom, bird were belting out their beautiful songs. I heard Coca's bark and saw her racing down the stairs and she ran straight towards me. I ran into the garden and she followed me. I picked up one of the stick, that were laying on the ground and threw it far, and Coca raced after it. I soaked in the fresh air, I was getting lost in my own beautiful world. I ran along the flowers bushes, letting my hands brush through the flowers. I bent down and smelled the elegant roses.

I let my mind forget everything and just soaked in the beautiful veiw. My mind was at peace, no racing thoughts, no worries, just peace. I admired the whole garden. I saw Coca drinking from the fountain, and ran over and sat down on the edge of the fountain. I let my hand dip into the water, and lifted it up splashing Coca, she barked playfully, and I let out a laugh.

Sid's POV: I was sitting in the theatre room, watching replays of our previous games, when a delicate laughter filled my ears. I tried to focus on the replays, but I was being distracted, I was anxious to know who it was. I turned off the projector and walked out of the theatre room, I looked for the guys but they were no where to be seen. I walked towards the patio, and examined the backyard. I looked carefully to see where the laughter was coming from. My eyes went from the rink to the courts to the garden and to the pool and back to the garden. I rested my hands on the patio railing and watched the figure in the garden carefully, she seemed to be enjoying herself. Her arms were out and she spun around enjoying the fresh air, I watched her with great focus. I thought it was Sarah, but it couldn't be her because Sarah had blonde hair. I began walking down the stairs towards the garden, not taking my eyes off the figure. A little dog began barking, and I knew immediately it was Alyssa, but where did she get the clothes from?

I held my head high, and elegantly walked down the stairs towards her. I took the stone path into the garden, and she was running alone the roses bushes, she carefully plucked on, and set it into her hair. I admired her every move. A thorn periced into her thumb, and blood gushed out, she looked at it and then ignored it and went back to enjoying herself. The way she moved was captivating my mind, I wanted her badly.

I stood my ground, and when she saw me she immediately stopped what she was doing and was staring at me. "I see you are enjoying yourself"

"Well I was, until you came alone" she rolled her eyes.

She looked extremely sexy, I let my eyes wander down her body, she was in a crop top, and a skirt. I admired her beautiful legs, and bite my lip. Just looking at her was driving me crazy. I saw her move, she was looking down at herself, trying to hid the bare skin showing. I could sense she was very insecure.

"Eh the veiw here isn't as beautiful as it use to be" I teased her.

"Your presence is causing the flowers to wither away " she hissed

I took a step towards her "Admit it, my presence is driving you wild"

"In your dreams" she said as she crossed her arms.

She was turning me on, and I wanted her more then anything. Getting puck sluts was so easy but trying to get her was going to need some effort.

I stepped towards her and she didn't bother moving back she looked straight at me. "You and I both know that any girl would kill to be in your position, with me, right now" I smirked.

"Oh how cute you think I want to live under the same roof as you" she rolled her eyes

"C'mon admit it, you have a thing towards me' I laughed.

"The only thing I have towards you is hate" she crossed her arms.

She was fiesty, sexy and just my type. "Awe that hurt right here" I said as I patted my heart.
She walked towards the fountain and stood beside the edge "All this fame is going to your head"

The rose dropped out of her hair and I picked it up and I approached her, and set the rose down in her hair again. She flinched and was about to fall into the water but I held onto her.
I felt a bolt of electricity go through me, her skin was burning in my hold. I wanted her right now. I shut my eyes and found control over myself. She was driving me wild.

"Let me go" she yelled.

"If I let you go you will plunge into the water" I said as I let my hands feel her smooth arm.

"I rather fall in the water then let you hold me" she spit out.

"Your choice" I let go of her and she was about to fall in but I pulled her away just in time.


"You should thank me, I just saved you from falling in" I let my hand race through my hair.

I couldn't keep myself away from her any longer. I pulled her into my arms "You know Alyssa, your not that bad"

Her eyes were locked with mine. A strong heat radiated off her, I closed my eyes and soaked it in. She was like a drug, intoxicating me by the minute

She rested her arms on my chest and tried to push me back. "What the hell's wrong with you?".

I saw Sarah running down the stairs, I could see jealously in her eyes. Time to make you pay Alyssa. I gently dropped my arms to my Side, and Alyssa hadn't noticed. Her arms were still rested onto my chest and she was staring into my eyes. I moved my head towards her ear, my breath hit her ear, and she groaned a bit "Nice hickey"

Sarah came running towards Alyssa and pushed her away from me "Get your greasy hands off my boyfriend" she yelled.

Alyssa looked at me and I winked. "Son of A B-----" she mouthed.

"That's why you don't mess with me" I mouthed back as I walked away from her.

I heard Sarah scream at her. "Just cause Tyler doesn't like you doesn't mean you can steal my boyfriend from me"

"I wasn't trying to steal anyone, he's a fucken cunning little devil" yelled Alyssa in protest.

I looked back at Alyssa and she was glaring in my direction. She stuck out her middle finger and I blew her a kiss and walked up the stairs and let Sarah handle her.

"Bitch Move dude" said Staal as he stepped onto the deck.

"Eh she deserved it" I said as I grabbed the beer can from Staal and popped it open.

Alyssa ran up the stairs, she was angered. She ran right past me "Would you like a beer?" I joked.

"You can take that beer and shove it up your ass" she screamed

The way she moved was driving me crazy, and was lighting a fire in my chest, which would only end when I got her in my bed. I didn't like her, or love her. My only attraction towards her was LUST.


please update soon!!!

hockeychick22 hockeychick22


Psquared91 Psquared91
I seriously love this story! Please update soon?!

Canadice Canadice
OMG!!! I absolutely love this story so sooo much!! And I hate Sarah!!! Can you just have like, Alyssa beat the shit out of her or something?! XD hahha I love it though!!
Hockeyluver19 Hockeyluver19