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Cover Me

Chapter 13

When Jonathan awoke the next day, April was still asleep next to him. She was curled up in her side, hair over her face, sheets tangled around her legs, leaving her back and side bare. It gave him an opportunity to looks at her. At the curve of her hips, her shoulders that were dusted with freckles and the tattoo he just now noticed. Last night he hadn’t seen it at all. There were lines along her ribs and notes to a song. It wasn’t very big. He’d have to ask her what song it was once she woke up.
He couldn’t believe that last night had really happened. It had been really impulsive and, yes, he hadn’t wanted to rush anything, but somehow it had just happened. There was no other way to explain it. She’d wanted it, too, he’d felt it. And, God, it had been good.
Carefully he ran a finger along the lines of her tattoo. She stirred. He hadn’t wanted to wake her, but he couldn’t keep his fingers off her any longer. When she tried to turn around to look at him, he pulled her closer, allowing her to turn around, so that she was facing him.
“Good morning,” He murmured against her lips before her kissed her. He pushed her hair from her face to look her in the eyes. “How did you sleep?”
“Good.” She yawned and closed her eyes again. She lay her head down against his shoulder and snuggled up to him, hitching up the sheets because she was starting to feel cold.
“I didn’t know you had a tattoo.” Jonathan let his fingertips travel along her spine, down to her bottom and back up.
“How would you? We never talked about something like this.”
“Tell me about it.”
She kept her eyes shut and didn’t move an inch. She enjoyed his touch too much to risk making him stop with any kind of movement. “I got it about three years ago. It’s the chorus from Queen’s ‘I Want to Break Free’. It’s a part of me. Being trapped in a life that I didn’t want and trying to break free from this life.” She took a deep breath. “Right now I‘m feeling a lot better, thanks to you.” Slowly she raised her head and looked at him. “I’ve hardly told anybody about my tattoo or the meaning. I mean, Dan knew about it, of course, but I never told him what it means. He might be a musician, but he’s not a fan of Queen. He thinks that Freddy Mercury deserved to die for being gay.” April shook her head in disgust. “I have no idea what I liked about him.”
“It doesn’t matter. We all like people for some reason at that point and later we might not remember that, or the negative experiences are just more prominent.”
“Yes.” He closed his eyes and leaned his head against hers. He could stay like this for hours with her. His hands on her warm skin, her breath against his throat and her words in his ears. He liked getting to know more about her. The fact that he was one of the few people that she’d told the story about her tattoo, made him smile. She trusted him, at least a bit.
“We should probably get up soon.”
“Just a couple more minutes,” April said against his neck and wrapped her arms tighter around him. “It’s just getting warm and cozy again.”
“It will be warm in the shower as well.” He kissed her shoulder and ran a hand through her hair. A shower was the right thing to get this day started. A shower together with April would probably take more time, but he’d get to soap up her whole body, so it was definitely worth it.


Just a Little Longer

Just a Little Longer

NC-17 Romance Comedy

Spin-off of "Cover Me" with Patrick Kane


9.9 10 Votes


Its weird reading a story when the female character has the same name as you surname and all... lol
curlylocks14 curlylocks14
She and Jonathan just need to get back together haha. Great story can't wait for more and for the Kaner story!
alicatt alicatt
Oh and I love your story!
You have a tumblr right? Cause if you do, I'm following you! Haha
Springsteen fan I assume? Same! I really like your story!
parisegirl09 parisegirl09