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“What a waste of a Saturday.” I muttered quietly, pushing my hair off my sweat-dampened forehead. The sun was shining down mercilessly, and the cluster of bodies so close together in this heat did not help me to stay cool. Today was a perfect day to drive out to the lake, or to relax in my air conditioned house, but here I was, stuck in a mile-long line to see someone I had no interest in meeting.
My brother, however, had no problem waiting outside for hours in weather like this, if it meant he got see some of his favourite hockey players. When my brother had heard Brendan Gallagher and Josh Gorges were signing autographs outside the Bell Centre the upcoming Saturday, he had practically dropped to his knees and begged me to take him. My brother and I were staying with our grandparents in Montreal while our parents vacationed in Europe, and since my grandparents couldn’t legally drive, I was his only option.
I knew the Canadiens were his favourite hockey team, so I couldn’t say no,, and from the moment I'd agreed to take him, my normally quiet brother had not shut up about the Habs. Now that we were here, it was ten times worse.
“Did you know the Canadiens have won the most Stanley Cups ever?” my brother exclaimed loudly.
“You've told me that five times today, Beau.” I sighed.
“Isn't that cool?” He grinned widely, showing the gap from the tooth he had lost the other day.
“Sure it is.” Beau's smile faded slightly at my dry response.
“What else do you know about the Canadiens?” I asked quickly, hoping I didn't hurt his feelings.
Beau's face lit up when I asked. He then continued to name just about every player on the Habs since 1990. By 1994, I had tuned out his voice and was lost in my own thoughts, when Beau suddenly grabbed my arm and shook me from my daydreams.
“We're next!” he practically squealed with excitement. I looked ahead just as the family in front of us waved goodbye to the two hockey players and stepped aside so we could move up to meet them. The first man, the one wearing the Gorges jersey, smiled at my brother, who ran up to him grinning so widely I thought his head would split. I laughed and looked over at the other star player, the one named Brendan Gallagher.
My breathe caught in my throat. I could only stare at the face in front of mine. His brown hair was short, but I could see the start of a slight curl at the ends. He was smiling at Beau, a smile even more radiant than the sun shining above. I was pretty sure my mouth was hanging open, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. He turned my way, his pale green eyes finding mine. I suddenly felt the need to know all about him- what he liked, what he hated, what his dreams were. I needed to know the feeling of his hand in mine, his arms around my waist, his lips-
I broke out of my trance when Gorges cleared his throat loudly. He raised one eyebrow at his younger teammate. I instantly felt my face grow hot. I glanced up and saw Brendan's cheeks flush pink as he ducked his head down quickly. I couldn’t help but notice how cute he looked when he was embarrassed. I covered my mouth so he couldn't see the smile dancing on my lips.
“Look, look!” Beau exclaimed. “Josh Gorges signed my hat!” I still felt breathless, so I just nodded and gave him a thumbs-up. Beau turned back to talk animatedly with Josh, who was listening attentively, so I turned my attention back to Brendan.
He was looking at me with a mixture of embarrassment and something I couldn't quite place. I swallowed and tried to paste a smile on my face, when really all I could think of was how attractive he looked. Brendan opened his mouth, then closed it, then opened it again to squeak out “Nice pants.”
I looked at him with confusion, and his blush deepened.
“I mean, they're a nice colour. You look nice too- um, well, nice as in friendly, like- ” he stopped and shook his head. “I'm sorry, what I meant was hi.”
I laughed softly. “Hi.” I whispered.
“I'm Brendan” he smiled and extended his hand. I hesitated a second before taking his hand to shake it. It was surprisingly cool and soft. It sent shivers up my spine.
“I'm Autumn.” I choked out, feeling my face grow hotter.
“I love your name.” he blurted out, his cheeks quickly turning a darker shade of red. I was having trouble containing the grin on my face. He laughed and grinned back at me.
I glanced at my brother, who was still engaged with Josh, and moved closer to Brendan.
“Having fun?” I asked lamely. I cursed myself silently. I was never this awkward. Why was I suddenly so nervous?
“It's great!” Brendan smiled shyly. “I love getting to meet the fans.”
“You seem pretty happy to meet this fan, Gally.” Josh winked at Brendan, which made his cheeks turn scarlet. I noticed the tips of his ears turning pink as well. My stomach fluttered at the thought of Brendan being happy to see me.
Brendan cleared his throat. “So, uh, would you like me to sign anything? That's my job today.”
“No, actually, I just brought my brother here to see you guys.” I replied.
“Oh, never mind.” Though it seemed impossible, Brendan blushed even deeper, the red now climbing up his neck.
“It's not anything personal, just don't like hockey too much.” I laughed. “But I like you.” I blurted out.
My hands shot to my mouth. I could not believe I just said that. I was acting like the complete opposite of the usually calm and collected Autumn. Since I'd laid eyes on Brendan, I could barely form a proper sentence.
Beau giggled at the stricken look on my face. Then Josh started laughing, and Brendan was trying to hide his laughter, and soon we were all laughing loudly. We were interrupted by a loud sigh of annoyance from the young couple in line behind us.
“Oh right, gotta keep the line moving.” Josh reminded Brendan.
Brendan quickly signed Beau's hat for him. He smiled up at Brendan, and Brendan ruffled his hair. I felt my heart melt. I could watch Brendan forever. I didn't know why I suddenly felt so content, so warm. I had know Brendan for all of two minutes, and yet I felt a connection to him, as if I'd known him for years. Could this be love at first sight?
Beau's voice brought me back to reality.
“We can go now Autumn. Bye guys!” Beau grinned. He began to move aside for the people behind us. I looked back at Brendan quickly, not wanting to leave, and saw the same desperate look in his eyes that was in my own. We'd only just met, and now we were never going to see each other again. I couldn't leave like this. I had to have something to remember him by.
Suddenly it hit me.
“Beau, wait!” I yelled. I walked back to Brendan, trying to look casual. “Would you..” I began. I paused. What if he didn't care about me? Was I just another face in the crowd to him? Or did I mean something to him like he meant to me? Only one way to find out.
“Would you take a picture with me?” I asked quietly. I prepared myself for rejection. Besides, this was supposed to be strictly a signing, no photos. Why wold he make an exception for me?
Brendan stared up at me thoughtfully. He licked his lips before answering.
“Yes, I'd like that.” He replied quietly. Josh looked like he was going to object, but when he saw the look on Brendan's face, he shut his mouth.
I felt like my heart would jump out of my chest. Brendan Gallagher has said yes to taking a photo with me. I slowly walked to where he was sitting and crouched beside him. He slid closer to me. He blushed once again, and slowly placed an arm around my shoulders. I couldn't stop myself from smiling. I took my phone out of my pocket.
“Say cheese!” I laughed. He chuckled lightly and smiled brightly as I snapped the photo. I didn't want to pull away from him. Something about his arm around me felt so natural, so right, but Beau was tapping his foot impatiently, so I reluctantly got up and moved back towards my brother.
“Goodbye.” I said softly, looking deep into Brendan’s eyes. He looked back at me, and smiled.
“Goodbye Autumn.”
Beau and I made our way back to my car. I tried to ignore the need to look back one last time and see Brendan's face, but I couldn’t stop myself. I turned back and saw Brendan doing the same, his soft gaze set solely on me. My chest hurt when I turned back and climbed into my car. I buckled my seatbelt with a sigh.
“Did you look at the picture?” Beau asked. I had almost forgot. I took out my phone and opened up my camera roll. My heart skipped a beat when I saw it.
He looked like an angel, his eyes seemingly meeting mine thorough the photo, everything about him, his nose, his eyebrows, all perfect. The best of all was his smile. It was like a beam of light. I glanced at myself. I studied the expression on my face. It was a combination of surprise, and joy, and a bit of confusion. I furrowed my brow. Why did I look so.. wonderstruck? Then it hit me.
That look was love.
I smiled the whole ride home.


Sorry if there are any mistakes.
I imagine Beau to be like eight, if anyone was wondering.



Thank you! I love awkward Brendan as well;)
pucklifenje pucklifenje
This is very cute, I love much Gally is blushing. I'd like to read more :D
Ladyfiaran Ladyfiaran
This is my first ever fanfic I've published. :3
pucklifenje pucklifenje