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To New Beginnings


"One more day. Just one more day." I whispered out loud to myself putting my hands to my face. I pulled myself out of bed and made my way into the bathroom to shower and get ready for another day of work. My last day of work. I requested to be transferred after I got involved with a co-worker and it ended on a bad note. I was moving to Pittsburgh from Los Angeles in two weeks. It was definitely going to be a huge change. A change I desperately needed. I was used to the warm California sun, but I needed to get out of here. I needed a change, and lucky for me I'm good at my job and there was an opening when I requested the transfer. I was going to work in the PR department for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

I got to work relatively early so that I could get a lot done before I left for good. I was busy organizing and cleaning out the filing cabinet behind my desk when I heard a knock at the door.

"Come in." I said while turning around in my chair. I was startled to notice it was Scott, the guy who just broke my heart. "Can I help you?" I asked, trying to compose myself so I wouldn't break down into tears again.

"I just wanted to come see you. So... you got a transfer?" he asked, sitting down in the chair in front of my desk. I still loved him and I was still very attracted to him. I was afraid if I didn't leave I would be tempted to go back to him and get hurt all over again. He had dirty blond hair and deep blue eyes. He was fair skinned, but had a slight tan. He stood almost a foot taller than me, and if you saw him at first glance you would notice right away that he works out. He wasn't overly muscular, but just right. You could mistake him for a GQ model if you saw him in his work attire.

"I just wanted a change." I answered.

"Oh...where are you going?"


"Oh wow. That's...far."

"That's the idea." I said back, standing up hoping he would catch a hint and leave my office.

"Is that the job with the Penguins?" he asked, standing up, but not moving towards the door.

"Yeah." I was trying to give short answers.

"That's a huge deal. I know a few people that would have killed for that job, but you are amazing at what you do. I know you'll do great." he said with a smile that could melt your soul. Great, break my heart and compliment me. Bastard. I am so glad I won't have to be seeing his face anymore after today.

"Thanks. I'm looking forward to it." I said moving to the door. "Well I have a lot to do, so..."

Finally getting the hint, he exited my office only to pop his head back in a second later. "I guess I'll see you around. Good luck with the new job." And with that he was gone. Good luck with the new job. Is that all he had to say after what he did to me? Good luck? Scott and I started dating and getting pretty serious a few months after knowing each other. We had been dating for a year when it all fell apart. Everything was going perfect until one night when I had to run back to the office for some work I needed to bring home, but forgot. I knew Scott was working late, so I wanted to surprise him with a little late night snack. When I got there, I found Scott had already found himself some dessert, and her name was Lauren. I never thought that sort of thing happened in real life, but I was face to face with my worst nightmare. Not even thinking twice, I yelled obscenities at the two of them and quickly left before anyone could get a word in. It has only been a week since I found them, and he acts as if nothing ever happened.

I regathered my thoughts and finished packing up my office. I was drained emotionally and physically.



Thank you! I'm actually working on chapter 5 right now. I got re-motivated. It should be up soon!
LoveLA LoveLA
Interesting start so far. I hope you keep writing! I liked it in enough to go search for it on Mibba in hopes you had more posted.
fangirl1999 fangirl1999