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You Started It


It took all of his strength for Viktor not to have Fiona’s clothes off in the middle of the living room floor. The fire, the Christmas tree... it was too much like a cheesy porn. So he hauled her up over her protests and half-carried her into the bedroom.
They barely made it in the door. Fiona turned in his arms and rubbed against him so fully he nearly dropped her. He pulled at her tank top while she quickly unbuttoned his shirt. Pushing it from his shoulders, Fiona took a second to step back.
“God, you’re beautiful,” she said quietly.
“Get back here,” he laughed, reaching for her. His fingers wrapped into the hem of her shirt and whipped it over her head. Viktor pressed his thumbs along the inside curve of her breasts, where they rounded invitingly from the cups of her bra. It was easy to lean her backward and follow with his mouth. The soft skin slipped beneath his lips as he tugged down a cup and raked his tongue across her nipple.
Fiona moaned softly. Viktor’s cock throbbed against her leg, urging them to please kick this night into a higher gear. He backed her up until her legs touched the bed then eased her down. One knee to the mattress allowed him to kneel over her.
She stretched her arms up and let him look; his gaze felt warm as it traveled over her body. Fiona sighed - the view wasn’t bad from her seat either. He bent at the waist and pulled off her boots in turn.
Viktor moved over her in a push-up to kiss her mouth, then down her neck and chest, stopping the unsnap her bra with one hand. It was such a practiced trick that she laughed out loud. The vibration from his own laugh, tickling across her stomach, ended anything funny about it. Those long fingers ghosted over the waistband of her jeans. She bucked her hips in encouragement.
Viktor took an extra moment along her side, just above her hip, to trace a small circle with his tongue. His body was rioting and so he knew he must take it slowly. Plenty of good would come to those who waited. Every noise she made pushed his blood pressure higher.
Her black jeans were very soft as he tugged them over her hips, revealing lacy black boy shorts that perfectly matched the bra he’d tossed to the floor. Viktor lifted his head.
“Do you wear underwear like this every day?”
She smirked and said, “Yes” while shaking her head no.
“That is so hot,” he laughed.
The fabric stretched taut across her lower stomach and wrapped the curve of her hip, disappearing underneath. It was so thin beneath his fingers - he had to see the rest. With one hand, Viktor flipped Fiona onto her stomach. She gasped, landing with a little ‘oof.’ If even possible, the sight of her high, perfect cheeks rounding out from those black panties was the thing that put Viktor over the edge. He pushed hard up her thighs until he had two handfuls of her ass.
“Fi.” His voice was husky, suddenly in her ear. He lay against her, fitting her ass into his lap, and kissed along the top of her back. Hands slipped under to cup her breasts and Viktor ground his hard-on against the forgiving softness of her backside.
“Mmmm,” she moaned, arching up. He let her roll, then dropped to his knees off the side of the bed, taking her panties with him. Before she was onto her back, Viktor was pulling her toward the edge of the mattress.
“Oh my....” The words were barely audible. Viktor slid his open mouth up the inside of her thigh and paused just shy of her peach. Only for a moment. Before Fiona could get a breath, his tongue was moving across her entrance. “God,” she gasped.
Viktor thought the same as her smooth skin slid under his tongue. She was wet for him, tasting of salted honey and twisting against his mouth. Her thighs were small in his hands as he held her writing body open.
Fiona’s brain was the spin cycle of a washing machine and thoughts had no pattern. For a brief moment she considered how Jon hadn’t done this, wouldn’t think to do this, before the sensation of Viktor’s tongue sent her into another swirl.
His dick beat against his pants. Every molecule in his body was desperate to be near her, in her, to have what he’d been waiting for especially now that he knew she wanted it. Fiona might have her mental arguments, but her body had given in to him completely.
I can’t....
“I can’t wait,” he lifted his head to apologize. He wanted to make her scream but if he didn’t get his own soon he wasn’t sure he’d be alive to make anything happen.
“Get up here!” she wailed.
Viktor stood and threw his pants off. Fiona raised her eyebrows because it was all she could do. He was so beyond beautiful there wasn’t really a word to accurately describe him. Bright blue boxer briefs strained to keep his desire in check.
She pushed herself to sitting and reached for him. He towered over her, his eyes dark with lust as she moved her hands up his thighs, over his ass, barely avoiding his package as it stood at attention. Then she flipped down the waistband and carefully peeled away the last piece of clothing between them.
Her hands felt like silk and Viktor nearly stumbled. So much bare skin, all of it sizzling as if over an open flame. He exhaled as she held him in a very full fist and stroked his length. It was a long way from start to finish.
“Fi,” he breathed.
They moved quickly together, Fiona scooting up the bed while Viktor reached for the bedside drawer.
Another thing Jon didn’t do, she allowed herself to count. But she hadn’t stopped him so it was just as much her fault. Now wonder she’d felt so dirty.
Viktor bent an enormous arm alongside her head and kissed her deeply. The corner of the little foil packet bit into his palm like teeth, that tiny pain the only thing keeping him connected to the world. She eagerly returned his kiss.
“Are you sure?” he asked.
If I wasn’t, I am now, she knew. But she just said, “Yes.”
It only took the smallest movement. Viktor looked right into Fiona’s eyes as he pushed slowly: her pupils got larger, rolling slightly back, he tried to keep steady. Her tight little body made him earn every one of his many inches.
“God,” she said involuntarily. It hurt so, so good. Viktor watched her carefully. When he was almost there, almost to the hilt, knowing it was the tightest spot, he kissed her lips and buried himself inside.
“Fuck,” Fiona managed in a breathy sob. Her hands were full of his biceps, her thighs spread wide by his legs. Viktor tried half a stroke, earned himself a moan of pleasure from the girl beneath. The heat, the squeeze and the sound all threatened to end him.
“Best Christmas ever,” he whispered as he moved again. ____
Fiona tried another spot. There was nowhere within reach that her hands could fit around anything - arms, shoulders, abs; everything was too thick, too wide, too taut. Viktor’s face was pressed to her chest as he leaned her back. She was in his lap, legs around his waist, while he held her up and rode against her weight.
“Baby,” he groaned as she bottomed out on his cock for what seemed like the ten thousandth time. His hands were under her ass, lifting and dropping her along his rock hard shaft. She’d run out of compliments and was reduced to small sobs of breath.
She grabbed a handful of his hair, pulled his head back and kissed him hard on the mouth. As his tongue wound around hers, Viktor tipped sideways and dumped her on the bed. He never pulled out. She hooked a leg over his hip and he pumped deep into her from another new angle. Sweat from his brow smeared across her shoulder as he moved to claim another kiss. The moment their lips touched, she swiveled her hips and put his next stroke right into her hot spot.
“Oohhhhhh,” she moaned right against his lips. He clamped a hand to her backside and held her there, changing to shorter, harder thrusts. She moaned again, louder.
“I like that,” he said playfully. But he didn’t feel playful. He felt like he was about to come for the third time that night and possibly deflate like an empty air mattress. Because they Fiona could still sleep on top if him.
“You like everything!” she panted. And she liked everything he had done, to the tune of stars popping around the edges of her vision.
“Stop being so sexy,” he teased back.
The first time they’d barely had time to say a word. He stayed on top of her, lifting her ass ass in his hands letting her show him the spot. Five minutes later, they were both groaning in pleasure and collapsing into a heap. A laugh over not being able to hold out any longer had made sure they both enjoyed it.
The second time, Fiona climbed on top and enjoyed making herself useful by stroking her slit along his hardening length. Viktor let his hands roam and marveled at the fact he’d ended up here, with her. Once she rolled a condom on and guided him inside, she’d had them both moaning in just a few minutes. Viktor made no secret that he liked to let her run the show.
By then the bed was a wreck. Fiona climbed over him, walked naked to the kitchen and came back with the apple crisp and one spoon. She’d never eat apples again without thinking of something even more delicious. They sat there, naked and laughing, sharing scoops of dessert.
Eventually Viktor pulled the spoon from between her lips and drew her into his lap. Her shape was perfect, the span of her waist fit easily into his hands as he worked her around on his cock. He was surprised he could manage again so quickly but there was no end of way Fiona was making his hard. Her pink nipples, their stiffness proving that she wanted him too, rolled beneath his tongue like candies. She raked fingers through his hair and held on.
Now he was above her again, that dark hair fanned out over his pillow and her flawless skin rosy with exertion.
Fiona caught Viktor’s eyes wandering over her body, her hair, sometimes stopping on a random spot like he was trying to memorize her. Even while grunting and bucking, he looked at her like she was made of gold.
“Viktor, oh God!” It tore right out of her with her third orgasm of the night. She’d let his adoring gaze distract her from the very stiff, very persistent matter at hand. Now her body was quaking and rolling again. Viktor shifted his hips to flatten hers, burying his cock one last time and grunting as the pleasure took him too. She felt him pulse hard, draining himself.
They stayed liked that, twisted limbs and still joined, until their breathing came back down. Viktor kissed whatever part of her body was under his mouth. Fiona traced the outline of his delicate ear with one finger. When finally he freed himself, he got up and discreetly cleaned himself off. Fiona couldn’t move. She could barely keep her eyes open to enjoy the sight of him walking naked toward the bed.
“Beautiful.” She wasn’t sure her voice made any noise. “You’re beautiful.”
Viktor climbed in next to the devastated, gorgeous body in his bed and wrapped himself carefully around her. She shifted in close. They both sighed.
If this doesn’t do it, nothing will, he thought.
Please don’t let tomorrow come, Fiona wished. ____
Ten o’clock on Christmas morning and Jon rang the bell on Fiona’s apartment for the second time. Still no answer. He twirled the key in his hand, weighing the risks. If he let himself in and she was sleeping, she’d be mad. If he let himself and she was sleeping with Viktor, he may commit homicide.
Relax, he reminded himself. Since he’d let jealousy get the best of him, Fiona had taken a big step back. It left quite a hole in his personal life and have given him plenty of time to think.
As much as he wanted Fiona for himself - and he did, he was more sure of that than ever - he wanted her to be with someone good. So he’d have to be good. Killing another guy in her bed was probably a bad start.
Jon knocked loudly, then opened the door. “Fi?”
He examined the living room, a growing sense of unease in his stomach. Nothing in the kitchen. Walking slowly toward the bedroom, calling her name in a low voice, Jon found the door wide open. And the freshly made bed empty.
She got up early and went out.
On Christmas? Where?
For a walk.
It’s ten degres.
For breakfast.
At a Chinese restaurant?
His brain whirled like the dial on a safe, trying to land a combination that made sense. Something other than the obvious.
She didn’t sleep here.
It hit him like a kick to the sternum, his shoulders rounding protectively toward his vulnerable middle. It was Christmas Day, the day he’d planned to give her the best surprise he could come up with. The one most likely to work.
And she didn’t even come home last night.
He stood still a full minute, letting the red haze of anger roll through his body. It could be anything, or nothing. Or it could be Viktor. Even so it would be nothing more than he had gotten, though he doubted Stalberg capable of getting it in such a confusing, shameful way. Still, if she’d stayed with Viktor it did nothing more than even the playing field and Jon was not afraid of a little competition.
It’s just sex, he told himself. Then he said it out loud. It still sounded like complete and total bullshit, and it seared every vein in his body.
He thought about writing her a note, but decided it would be better if Fiona thought her secrets were kept. He texted her instead.
Jon: Dinner’s early. Pick you up at your place at 4.
Then he locked her apartment door behind him. Fuck. _


Just found this,read it all at once and enjoyed it. Starting the sequel. Thanks.
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