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Meet Annie

Annie Staal was not the type of girl to bring home to mother. She knew that. Her brothers knew that. And, unfortunately, her parents knew that. They tried everything in their power to transform her into something that could vaguely pass for a decent lady. However they failed. Epically.

At age 19, Ms. Annie Staal had already formed a habit of starting her day at 8 p.m. When she was 13 and still in school, she would sneak out around 1 a.m. Annie was a street walker. Not because she had to be. But because she wanted to be. She loved the freedom it gave her from her overprotective brothers and father. She was as wild as a mustang on the Montana plains. As she got older, she continued with her work, maintaining a regular clientele.

She hid her extracurricular activities well in those formative years. She never used the money she earned unless she was buying something for work. Her various “uniforms” were hidden around her school. A school she easily broke into on some work nights to help dirty 20-somethings fulfill their school-girl fantasies. By 16, she was wearing her night outfits as her day clothes. Well some of them. The more tame outfits slipped into her wardrobe. Her parents said very little about this because they assumed it was a stage. Just like her smoking and swearing were a stage. (Stages that were still going on, mind you.)

When her parents found out about their daughter’s “business,” they declared they had had enough of her wild ways and sent her to live with her eldest brother, Eric, in North Carolina. As captain of the Carolina Hurricanes, Eric had an impressive resume when it came to being responsible. A lot of weight was placed on his shoulders at a young age and he was convinced he could save his little sister from herself.

Her stay with Eric lasted no more than three weeks.

The breaking point for her dear brother was the night he, his wife and his son returned from Chuck E. Cheese to find Annie doing lines of cocaine off a man’s penis. On the living room couch. Used condoms littered the floor around the pair. Upon seeing her brother, she grinned and offered for Parker to try this new version of Pixy Stix.

Eric packed her bags that night and put her on a red eye back home. He didn’t speak a word to her the 4 hours it took to get her from the house to her gate. As she boarded the plane, she turned toward her brother and gave a cheery “See you at Christmas!” and disappeared down the walkway.

Disappointed in and disgusted with their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Staal decided to instill their little girl in rehab. They sent her to the best facility in Ontario and prayed for the best.

Yet, once again, Annie’s stay was short lived. When her parents came to visit during her second week, they found her in a compromising position with not one, but three orderlies (one female). Mr. Staal had to be restrained as he attempted to strangle the two male nurses simultaneously.

The center politely asked that Annie be moved to another facility. Her parents decided to try again with sending her to a sibling. This time they chose Marc. Even through her rebellion, Marc had found a way to occasionally talk some sense into the girl.

Stubbing out her cigarette, Annie pushed off the wall of the arena. She wanted to be working but her brother caught her when she was coming down from a high and used his pouty look on her. She agreed before she was even really sure what her name was. He also made her ride to the arena with him. Not that she couldn’t leave. Annie was used to walking strange streets after dark and had a knack for luring men to her. Men who would pay for whatever she needed, satisfy her more base urges and then drop her off wherever she asked.

Before she could make up her mind to actually ditched her brother’s hockey game, the security entrance door swung open. Allyson Lundqvist came bounding out of the doorway, her head turning every which way until her eyes landed on Annie.

“There you are! Your brother asked me to come get you,” Ally said through a wide grin. Annie sighed heavily. There goes her chance for escape. “Come on,” Allyson linked their arms, “we need to get into our seats. The Garden is already starting to fill up.” Annie let the overly chipper Swede drag her back inside. Despite the fact she was wearing six-inch heels and a tight leather mini-skirt, she was able to keep up with the shorter girl.

Annie soon found herself lost amid the Rangers WAGs. Every woman there looked at her like she was less than dirt. She just smiled back at them and batted her eyelashes when they sneered.

“Hey. Alicia--”

“It’s Allyson.”

“I know. So Alicia. I’m going to do some coke in the bathroom. Hit me up when the game is over. Kay? Good.” She pat the older woman on the head before practically skipping out of the suite. Pulling the pack of Newport’s from her visible, electric blue bra, Annie slowly slide the vial of cocaine out. “Time to get this party started.” She smiled at herself in the mirror.

Allyson did indeed come fetch her when the game ended. Once again, Annie was caught in a compromising position. She had managed to snag some executive as he came out of his suite. Allyson caught the pair, quite literally, with their pants down. Well his pants were down. Annie’s skirt was almost up to her boobs. Annie made the man finish, despite the situation being awkward. Once done with the man, Annie pulled her skirt down and sauntered toward the mirror. She noticed her makeup was smeared. With a cheerful grin, she applied more lip gloss, fluffed her hair and then lead the way from the bathroom. Not once did she look back at the man (who stood shocked with his pants still around his ankles).

“I can’t believe you did that. I thought you were joking. You know. Maybe going to get food or something.”

“Who the hell eats food anymore? It’s overrated. I get my nutrients from cum. How else do you think my teeth got this white?” Allyson didn’t know what to say after that. Annie smirked, proud that her effort to shut down any conversation worked. And she wasn’t really lying. The only time she ate actual food was when Marc or a client forced her to.

Truth be told, she loved living with Marc. He let her run around just enough that she could handle having to come home three times a week. She only had to be home when he was home. He said he wanted brother-sister bonding time, but they both knew that was a lie. She let it slide because Marc didn’t try to change her. Sure he put a leash on her but it was the retractable kind that he only tugged on when he had a break in his games.

Allyson led the rest of the way to the Rangers dressing room in silence, which pleased Annie. Ally had a habit of talking non-stop if you did nothing to shut her up. No one knew how the ever quiet Hank was able to keep up with the 5’4” ball of energy known as Allyson Lundqvist but no one questioned it. The one time a fan made a rude remark about Ally’s ever flapping lips, Henrik showed everyone his aggressiveness usually reserved for the captain of the Flightless Birds.

Before walking in to the dressing room, Annie popped a cigarette between her lips. A look from the security guard caused her to roll her eyes and slip her lighter back into her bra. She kept the cig pressed between her glossed lips though.

“Annie! You actually stayed. Surprise surprise. Didn’t you have more clothes on when we left the house? I’m pretty sure I couldn’t see your bra earlier.” Marc approached her, a small towel draped across his shoulders.

“Well brother-mine. I decided that the jersey you lent me would look a lot better on this adorable little boy who just about died when he saw the name on the back.”

Annie did have a soft spot for kids. Despite how she treated her own nephew. Eric still hadn’t forgiven her for that.

“Uh huh. Well at any rate. I want to introduce you to--” Marc stopped short when he noticed Annie’s attention was focused on something behind him. Turning, he followed her gaze. “Oh no. Annie, please. I don’t give you many rules but please for my sake, do not sleep with my teammates.”

“Marc. You’re a grown man. You’ll live.” Kissing his cheek-- and making sure to leave a glossed lip print-- Annie smirked and made her way over to the man she had been eyeing while slipping her cig behind her ear. Stopping in front of him, she did a slight pose. She knew her goal was achieved when his eyes traveled up no further than her chest. “I’ll tell you what I’ve named the twins if you tell me your name.” She got nothing but grunt in return. Grinning, she shimmied a bit which caused the man to finally meet her eyes. She was definitely going back to his place. His light brown eyes instantly made her wet. “So can I get your name or what? I’d like to have a name to be screaming in about an hour. Though I could make one up for you if that’s how you roll.”

A few of the players standing near by started choking on the air they were breathing at this girl’s boldness.

“Um... Brandon....”

“Well Brandon. We are going to have buckets of fun tonight.” Annie grabbed him by his tie and led him back into the shower area.

“What’s your name?”

She shoved him in to a stall, closing the door behind her. “Annie Staal.”

Brandon’s eyes widened. “Staal? As in--- fuck.”

With a smirk, Annie yanked the zipper of his dress pants down. “Oh. We’re going to do so much more than fuck, Brandon. So much more.” As soon as the words were out of her mouth, she replaced them with Brandon’s already hardened penis.


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