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Pieces of the Night


Cary caught Liz’s eye, and her friend made a pleading face. Of them all, she was the shyest one. And the least likely to wake up naked with a stranger, especially when that stranger was Hockey Jesus. There wasn’t much Cary could do except give them a few minutes.

“Okay guys, let’s let these two find their clothes. And you,” she pointed a Kris, “don’t find anymore clothes. Ever.”

Really. I mean it.

She herded everyone toward the door, as Sid stepped around the bed behind her. He was going right to where Liz sat, and Liz pressed herself even deeper into the wall. Cary physically pushed a very slow-moving Malkin as Sid took a space near Liz’s feet. Before closing the door, she heard Sid ask quietly, “Are you okay?”

Jordan followed the big Russian down the stairs, but only two steps before he turned and blocked the way. Cary paused at the top of the flight; she and Jordan were almost nose to nose this way. He reached his arms around her waist.

“There is entirely too much nudity here for you to still have all these clothes on.” His blue eyes were steady and serious, the lantern square of his jaw very convincing. Cary’s brain thought about protesting. Her ovaries thought about exploding.

“I don’t want to be too forward,” he brought his mouth forward, his voice was a low hush across her neck, “but I’m aching to feel you come again.”


Her knuckles were white; she could have ripped the staircase railing out of the wall. A hundred thoughts passed through her head at once: all these people are probably waiting for us, they already know anyway, I’m using all the luck for my entire life in one damned day. Her mind spun out of control. All she could do was blink at him and all she could say was, “Where?”

There were a few doors they hadn’t opened. Behind one was the rumpled master bedroom, behind another Liz and Sidney still getting acquainted. Cary briefly wondered if they were reuniting the way she and Jordan had. Having just seen Crosby naked, Cary certainly hoped so. The only thing she’d seen look bigger or better was currently leading her toward a third closed door.

I don’t care if it’s a fucking garbage chute.

Another guest room, this one was smaller but fitted with a queen size bed that looked freshly made. Along one wall was a large closet with accordion doors. Jordan waved her in grandly.

“Might as well wreck this room too, eh?”

Cary didn’t have time to laugh. Even though her hormones boiled, whistling the sound of a hysterical giggle welling up in her throat, she was off her feet in a second. Jordan pulled her in and picked her up.

“I swear, someday I’m gonna go so slow you’ll be begging for it.” His thighs were like pommel horses and he pushed one between hers, spreading her body open. She wiggled up the solid structure and ground herself into his lap. His already hardening cock was like a weapon between them. He sucked in a breath when Cary rubbed her hip along his length. “But I’ve gotta have you right now.”

He paused a second, staring into her with those eyes that could make her do anything. One moment was all she’d get to voice her opinion then she was surrendering to him. He couldn’t promise what he’d do but the throb of his dick against her lower abs promised she would like it very much.

She smirked at him, her last ounce of resistance as heat and liquid pooled between her legs. “Let’s show these guys how it’s really done.”

Jordan kept her in his lap, hands working the button and zipper on her jeans. Then when he threw her onto the bed, he yanked those down like he was unfurling a flag. She was naked from the waist down almost before she hit the blanket.

He wanted to come out first-pitch swinging and hit it out the park, but he knew the only cork likely to pop so easily was his own. His dick twitched painfully hard against his suit pants, barking like a dog. As Cary landed, he leaned over the foot of the bed, pushed her legs up and drove his tongue right into her honey pot.

I’ll bet this makes her...

And she screamed. As much in surprise as pleasure, Cary shrieked at the unexpected rasp of his velvety tongue over her most sensitive spot. Jordan heard the bell ring to signal round one when he tasted her sticky sweet goodness on the first pass. She wanted this as badly as he did, and boy was she going to get it. She struggled out of her sweater before looking down to tangle her fingers in his hair.

“Jordan, you don’t...,” she started.

He caught her perfect little clit between his lips and tugged. Her words got twisted with a gust of breath and whipped right out of her lungs. He had to drive his hips into the mattress to quiet his screaming cock. It wanted its own piece of her.

Everybody’s gonna hear this one.

Like in hockey, Jordan knew what he was good at. He threw his weight around on the ice and he did the same in bed, using size to his advantage and not just the size of his dick. His broad shoulders spread her wide, giving him everything and pulling her taut for maximum sensation. He slid one huge finger past her swollen lips and felt her entire pussy clench.

Just wait till that’s my cock.

A second finger followed, earning another tightening and a low, angry-sounding moan. Giving her clit another little raspberry that made her ass squirm against the bed, Jordan lifted his face from her lap.

“Like that, baby?”

“Holyshit,” she breathed.

“I said I wanted to feel you come. I didn’t say how.”

Or how many times.

Her head was rolled back, so she missed his triumphant smirk. Jordan returned to his mission, licking and twisting and sucking and rolling, all the while pumping her core with two thick fingers. He jerked himself off against the bed, rocking into her with his whole body. His fingertips slid along her walls, slick with the mess he was making, and occasionally brushed a spot that made her flinch. It took three passes to pinpoint and on the next, Jordan made an emergency stop.

He pressed her g-spot so hard and suddenly that Cary’s back arched right off the bed. He surprised himself, with barely a second to purse his lips around her clit before she twisted her hands into the bed sheets and screamed.

The second Jordan’s mouth found her pussy, Cary had lost contact with the world. Like an out-of-body experience, she saw herself lying on her back, spread eagled by the man of her dreams, while he gave her the ride of her life. It couldn’t be real. And while every light bulb in every room in her brain burst in a hailing shatter of glass, she gasped for breath and fought to stay in this dream.

“I said I wanted to feel you come,” he said.

Cary was already there. His huge fingers plumbed her depths relentlessly, fucking her like she’d done something to deserve it. And his mouth, so soft and wide and quick to smile, was like a genetically-engineered pleasure machine.

“Holyshit,” she said more than once.

Then, out of nowhere, she lost. It was like being shot out of midair by a heat-seeking missile. Those thick, rough fingers jammed into her launch button and Cary fucking exploded. She saw nothing but white, heard nothing but her own scream.

If this is the last thing I remember, it’s worth it.

Jordan got exactly what he wanted - to hear and taste and feel Cary come. It nearly knocked the wind out of him, rocking him backward, where his throbbing cock rolled painfully against the mattress. He forced off his pants and struggled free of his shorts. She was still bucking against his buried hand when he pulled it free with a wet pop and rammed himself in up to the hilt.

It was like being hit by a train.

Jordan choked, his eye bulging out of his head. He was so hard, so primed and pounding, that when he rang the tip of his dick like a buzzer against the inside of her body, he popped like a bottle of champagne. At the same moment Cary, barely finished coming the first time, came again. Her pussy sucked and pulled at him, stretching out his own sensation. Jordan roared with the involuntary force of draining himself into her hot, sweet core.

Once as a kid he’d been knocked underwater by a wave, only to come up under the break of the next one. It pushed him under, spun him wildly and bounced him off every obstacle. He didn’t know which way was up and couldn’t get a breath. His feet scraped for purchase on anything he could find, until finally he popped up gasping to find the surface around him eerily quiet.

I have never...

When he opened his eyes, everything was still. Cary’s low, even breath was hot against his neck. One of her arms was stretched overhead, her long fingers clasping the headboard in a way that made his dick pulse with ideas of later. She shifted and he realized he was still buried inside her.

“Jesus, Jordan,” she whispered.

“Jesus yourself. I didn’t know you were gonna do that to me,” he laughed weakly. Cary managed a tiny squeeze of her walls around his flagging cock. It also went in the future file.

“Right. Totally in charge,” she mumbled.

They got up groggily and stumbled around the room getting dressed. Cary caught Jordan’s eyes and just started giggling. He pulled her into his lap, fully clothed again, and pressed a kiss to her ear.

“More please.”

Like weeks and months and...

Cary bit her lip. “Lots more.”

Every face turned up toward them as they came down the stairs. They’d obviously made quite a racket. Geno started clapping loudly. Cary blushed even though she’d brought it on herself.

“Fuck you guys! I’m staying at a hotel tonight,” Neal threw a pillow in their direction.

She looked around - two people were missing. “Where are Liz and Sid?”
Sarah detatched her lips from Kris’. She was curled up in his lap, their arms around each other, kissing quietly at one end of the couch like the room was empty. “We didn’t know if the screaming was you guys, or them. Guess it was you.”

“So they’re still up there?!” Jordan wheeled back toward the stairs.

“No!” Sarah and Cary both said. “Leave them.”

Liz was a little more shy than her friends. And while she would certainly never turn down taking home a drunk Sidney Crosby, she’d be more uncomfortable about it the next morning. Clearly Liz and Cary were doing just fine. But those two might be just talking. Or Liz could be face down in the mattress trying not to sing O Canada! But she wouldn’t want someone barging in. As Cary was tugging Jordan away, a door closed upstairs and footsteps approached.

“There they are anyway,” James said sarcastically.

But it wasn’t Sid or Liz. Tyler Kennedy tromped down the stairs, rubbing his head sleepily. He stopped when he saw all the expectant eyes staring up at him.

“Why was I sleeping in a closet?” he asked. Liz and Cary both blanched. There were only two open rooms, each with a closet and each one had been used for...

Tyler raised a hand and pointed at Cary. “And who’s the porn star?”

Jordan had an instinct he’d never ever had before. Never had it about a girl, never had it off the ice. He stepped in front of Cary as if to protect her and said in a flat voice full of menace,

Not here, not now. Not her.

The whole room leaned back a little. Kennedy put his hands up in front of his chest as if to ward off a blow. “Hey man, I didn’t see anything. Didn’t even wake up till like five minutes ago. But I didn’t want to interrupt you.”

Cary put a hand on Jordan’s back to settle him. It wasn’t Tyler’s fault he’d been there, a waking up in a closet was about the most boring thing any of them had done lately. But she did appreciate that Jordan wanted to draw a line between what was fair game and what was clearly meant to be private.

“Sorry Tyler! Why didn’t you sleep in that big empty bed?”

He just shook his head, scratching his mop of short dark hair. “Must have seemed like a good idea at the time.”

Jordan’s shoulders relaxed and his posture returned to normal. He kept one arm around Cary protectively.

Okay, that’s sexy.

But everything about him was sexy. His wrinkled suit pants that had been on the floor more times than a rug. His shirt now completely open over a white t-shirt, shoved up his arms so casually it would take the dry cleaner a week to press. Blond bed head and those crystal blue eyes... Cary turned her head away as she felt herself leaning more heavily against him.

I am about to start humping his leg.

Geno’s stomach growled, getting everyone’s attention. James knew a nearby place and called to see if they could take a group of nine, considering five of them were relatively famous and one was Crosby. And two of the three girls would be wearing last night’s clothes. The answer, as it always was for the Penguins, was yes.

“I wish I looked nicer,” Jordan whispered down. “No one will believe I’m supposed to be with you.”

Cary figured there was nothing to see here, after what everyone had heard. So she lifted onto her toes and kissed Jordan squarely on the lips.

“I have seen Sidney Crosby naked. And you are still the hottest guy I have ever seen in my entire life.”


Loved it but what did he print off and stash in his locker??? Sequel please!!!!!!!!!!!!
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