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The Power of Memories

Chapter 10 + 11 + 12

When Kara invited her to the hockey game the following day, Abby felt much better. She could move her arm again and her back still felt a little sore, but she had no trouble moving around. Watching the game sounded like a good idea so she agreed. It would get her out of the house and she would see a hockey game again after all this time. She couldn’t work at the bakery anyway so she could just as well spend time with Kara.
As soon as the game started she was fully invested again. How could she have gone without hockey for such a long time? Of course she’d watched rugby in Australia and followed soccer thanks to Kara, but this? Hockey was an even more intense game and the crowd was out of this world. Games at the Garden were a louder than in Florida. She had been to a Bruins game shortly after she’d moved here, not ready to give up hockey completely, but after one game she’d realized that it wasn’t the same without Gregory playing.
Here she was now, supporting him again and it felt good. Being here reminded her of all the things that had happened while they’d been together. She especially remembered one night where she hadn’t been able to attend the game due to work. She’d gotten a call from one of Gregory’s teammates who told her that he’d been knocked out and had still been unconscious when they’d wheeled him out of the building.
She’d dropped everything and had driven to the hospital like a maniac. They had taken her to see him, told her that he’d been sleeping for a few minutes and that she could stay with him. His left eye had been swollen, as was his lower lip. With tears in her eyes she’d sat down and taken his hand. Upon feeling her hand in his he’d slowly opened his eyes only to stare at her. At first he hadn’t recognized her which had nearly broken her heart, but after a few minutes he’d looked at her with a smile on his face and had said, “It’s alright, Abs. I’ll be fine.”
Abby shook her head to get rid of these images. Kara had left her alone for a few minutes right before the game had started to give Benoit that kiss he always demanded before a game. Kara was his lucky charm.
Abby still remembered all the rules and everything, so before she knew it, she was yelling at the referee that she could do a better job, amusing Kara and making the other fans around her agree. There were a lot of calls that shouldn’t have been made, but that was usually the case. Abby remembered it from years ago, though it seemed a little worse this evening. The Bruins still won 3-1 against the Leafs and Abby and Kara could leave the Garden with smiles on their faces. Abby decided to wait with Kara until Benoit came back from his interview and shower, then she’d take the bus home. She really had to finally buy a car to get around on her own. She’d start looking tomorrow.
“Soupy said he’d take you home”, Abby said as they stood in the corridor waiting. Some players passed them and greeted Kara, offering Abby a smile as well. “It’s on his way and he doesn’t want you to take the bus home at this time of day.”
“Did he say that?” Abby’s surprise sounded in her voice.
“Yes. He’s known you for years and taking the bus at nearly eleven at night is not such a bright idea. I wanted to drive you home myself, but he said that it would be ridiculous, since it’s on his way and I appreciate it.”
“Well then, okay. I won’t argue with either him or you. You’re both too stubborn to let me have it my way so it’s much easier to do what you want, since I’m not in the mood to talk for hours.” Not tonight. She was feeling a lot better, but still had a little pain in her back when she moved a certain way. What she didn’t need was a headache on top of that. Having someone drive her home was actually quite nice and she’d be there in half the time it would take the bus to get there.
“You go that right, sister. You are very wise.”
“Thank you, I know.”
With a huge grin on her face they welcomed Benoit and Gregory, both fresh from the shower, hair still damp and standing off in every direction. Benoit scooped Kara up in a big hug and kissed her for a long time. Even Abby could see the hunger burning in his eyes, so she only smiled as they excused themselves. They had to get up early, but Abigail doubted that they’d get a lot of sleep that night.
Gregory shook his head amused before he looked at Abby. “Come on, let’s go.”
He stuffed his bag in the trunk and climbed inside. He should say something to Abigail on the drive, but he didn’t know what. It had always been so easy for him to talk to her but this had changed somehow. So much had happened, yet he still felt more than comfortable in her presence.
“I missed watching hockey, watching you play.” Luckily, Abby started the conversation and he didn’t have to worry anymore. “I went to a game in Boston years ago, but it wasn’t the same anymore.” Abigail pushed her hair back from her face and looked at him. “It wasn’t the same when I wasn’t supporting you somehow. I’m glad Kara took me to see the game tonight.
“And I’m glad you were there.” When she was this honest with him, he couldn’t keep this to himself. He was actually more than happy when he’d heard that Abby would be at the game. He’d found her in the stands as soon as he’d stepped on the ice. “It was a good game. And Kara didn’t have to be there all on her own again.”
“After five minutes I was yelling at the refs again.”
“You did not.” A smile of disbelief on his face he turned towards her for a second before he had to concentrate on the road again.
“You know how I get.” She gave him a lopsided grin. Watching his profile in the darkness made her aware how much space he took up in the car. She’d never been intimidated by him and wasn’t now, but it changed something. “At least the people around me agreed with me.”
“Well, you know your hockey, so I guess you were right.” He pulled into the parking lot outside of the building and looked at her.
“Would you like to come inside for a moment?” She blurted and practically stared at him. “I know you have to get up early to catch the flight, but I tried a new cake-recipe today and need a second opinion.”
Gregory hesitated for a moment, but nodded in the end. “Okay. Let’s go.”
They rode the elevator up in silence. In the apartment Gregory took off his coat and put it over a chair while Abby got rid of her jacket and shoes, standing in front of him in dark jeans, a black sweater and bare feet. Her hair fell loose around her shoulders. The sight of her made him want to feel her hair around his fingers, her body close to his.
Don’t go there! He would taste that cake and then get the hell out of here. He didn’t know why he’d even agreed to coming up here in the first place. He followed her to the kitchen. Keeping his gaze fixed to the back of her head so that he wouldn’t stare at her ass and the slight sway of her hips.
“You want something to drink with that?” Abby turned around and smiled at him.
“No, thank you. I’m fine.” Abby poured herself a glass of milk, then turned to the fridge again and bent down to retrieve the cake from it, giving Gregory the perfect view of her bottom. He groaned inwardly, unable to look away. Relieved when she turned around to cut the cake, he kept his gaze on her fingers. Why was it so hard for him to focus on something else than her? There was enough stuff in the kitchen he could look at, but his eyes were drawn to her body all the time. He was only a man, okay, but he knew that he shouldn’t do that around her.
Abigail cut two pieces off and handed him a plate with a fork. She took the other one and started eating her piece, her eyes on him all the time, because she wanted to see his reaction. “This is so good.” Gregory turned to look at her. “I could eat that every day and not get sick of the taste. What is it?”
“That’s a secret. Now eat up.” With a huge grin on her face she ate the rest of her piece that was half the size of Gregory’s, before she turned around to put the cake back into the fridge.
Gregory groaned at the sight of her butt up in the air again and got up off his chair. He couldn’t keep his hands to himself any longer. As soon as she straightened he pulled her close to him, her back against his chest, his hands on her stomach. Abigail stood perfectly still, but when he lowered his lips to the side of her neck, she leaned against him.
“You’ve been driving me crazy, Abs”, he mumbled between kisses. His hand came up to cup her breast through the fabric and he felt her nipples tighten against the palm of his hand, He smiled against her neck. “And I have a feeling that I’m not the only one.”
In one swift motion Abigail turned around in his arms. Her breasts pressed against his chest as she wrapped her arms around his neck and came up to meet his lips with hers. Her front teeth scraped his lower lip before she ran her tongue along it, kissing him again. He held her in place enjoying her taking over. He’d always liked that, when she did whatever she wanted to him, when she initiated the kisses like now. She drew his tongue into her mouth, ran her hands over his broad shoulders and down his chest, which made her take a step back and lose body contact with him.
She licked her swollen lips and looked up at him. She liked seeing him like this. It was a huge turn-on for her to know that his eyes were clouded with lust because of her. He pulled her close again, ran his hands through her hair and tilted her head back before he kissed her again. She pressed against him again, reaching up to touch his hair, but she winced at the motion and dropped her arm.
Soupy took a deep breath and looked at her arm before looking in her eyes. His breathing was heavy and it took him a few moments to think straight. “I should go now.” He couldn’t believe that he’d really said that. Stroking one finger along her arm he added, “You need more rest because of your back. When I get back in a week we’ll go on from here. I won’t let you off that easily then.” A wicked smile was plastered on his face and Abby could only nod. He was right, but that didn’t change the fact that she was aching for him right now.
She took him to the door where he placed a gentle kiss on her lips before leaving her alone. A little frustrated and ready for more cake she turned back and headed toward the kitchen. The blinking light on the answer phone caught her attention. She hadn’t seen it when they’d first arrived at the apartment. She had one new message.
“Abby?” She realized immediately who it was and it made her smile. “It’s me, Scott. I wanted to ask you if you’d take me in for about a week. I’ll be on Boston in 4 days and I’ll stay 6 nights before I head off to New York and then LA for some business meetings and I’d love to spend time with you. I miss you and it would be great to see you. Call me when you hear this.”
She didn’t know whether she was happy about this or not. She would find out in a couple of days, because Scott was a friend and she’d definitely let him stay here. She’d do that for every friend of hers.

As soon as the plane landed in Boston nearly a week later, Soupy got off and said goodbye to the others. Not talking to and seeing Abigail for the whole time hadn’t helped him clear his mind off her. Instead he’d been thinking more and more about her, waking up frustrated nearly all the time. When Tyler Seguin, who was usually his roommate on the road, had asked him what was wrong, he’d nearly ripped his friend’s head off. Kissing her like that before he’d gone away for days hadn’t been a good idea, but lord, he hadn’t had another choice. If it hadn’t been for her sore back and arm, he would have had sex with her in her kitchen. She’d wanted that as well, he’d seen it in her eyes, felt it in her touch and in her kisses.
Her back should be better now. But she had a lot of time to think this through and now he feared that she might have changed his mind. Well, then he would just have to kiss her again and show her what she’d be missing out on.
In front of her apartment he knocked three times and waited, anticipation filling his whole body. When the door opened, his face fell. This was not what he’d expected to see there.
“Can I help you?” Soupy looked into green eyes that were leveled with his own. Brown hair curled above his eyes and ears. It was the guy from the photos, the one who obviously had feelings for Abby.
“I wanted to talk to Abby.” This was more than odd, but he wouldn’t let it show on his face. What was this guy doing here? Wasn’t he supposed to be in Australia? “I’m Gregory.”
“I’m Scott.” The guy grinned at him before he stepped aside. “Come on in. Abs should be out of the shower in a minute.” Abs? He was the only one allowed to call her that. He’d been the first one all those years ago and nobody would take that away from him. “You want something to drink?”
“I’m fine.”
As soon as he sat down on the sofa, the door to the bathroom opened. Abigail stepped outside with her damp hair secured at the back of her head with a clip, dressed in black sweatpants and a dark grey Hoodie. “Scott, do you know where my-“ She broke off when her eyes fell on Gregory. “Greg!” Surprise and something else shone in her eyes. Soupy got up from the sofa again and looked at her.
“I’ll leave you two alone and get dinner for us.” Scott walked to Abby, bent down and kissed her lips, leaving her stunned and staring after him.
When the door shut behind Scott, Greg crossed his arms over his chest and looked at Abby. “So, you two are together again?”
“What? No!” Abby pushed her hair back and looked up at him. He looked angry. Angry at her while her heart was beating so hard and loud that she thought he might hear it. “I told you, we were never in a real relationship and we certainly aren’t now.”
“Yea, and that’s why he kissed you.” It was a huge challenge for him to stand like this, not touching her.
“This was the first time he kissed me, since he’s here and it’s probably because of you.” She hadn’t told Scott what Greg had told her, but so far Scott hadn’t made a move on her. He’d been the perfect gentleman and friend and this kiss had caught her by surprise.
“And I should believe that because…?”
“Because I’ve never lied to you.” It was harsh to use that sentence again, but it was true. Even Gregory had to admit that. “Scott will stay for a few more days and then he’s off to New York.” She took a step towards him, realizing all of a sudden how much she’d longed for his touch while he’d been away. He’d left her hungry for more. She looked over his broad chest, up his throat and focused on his lips. A sigh escaped her lips when she remembered the feeling of his body pressed to hers.
“Don’t look at me like this.” His nostrils flared and his hands were pressed to his sides. The hunger in her eyes made it extremely hard for him to not grab her and not let her go. “I can’t guarantee for anything when you look like this.”
“Then don’t.” Her voice was a raspy whisper when her fingers touched his cheek. She pulled his head down to hers to kiss him. He wanted to resist her, not take this further, but when she moaned and opened her lips beneath his, he couldn’t control it anymore. He gave in. Putting his hands under her Hoodie, feeling her heated skin against his hands, he kissed her back, taking over control quickly. He’d been dreaming, fantasizing about this for the past week.
His hands ran up her body beneath the hoodie. He cupped her naked breasts. Upon realizing that she wasn’t wearing a bra, he groaned deep in his throat and ripped his mouth from hers. He studied her face, her reaction when he rubbed his thumbs over her nipples. “I’ve wanted to do this ever since I saw you again.” He dipped his head and ran his lips along the side of her neck. Her fingers delved into his hair, keeping him in place. “And much more.”
Her head cleared for a moment and she sighed. “Stop, please.” She kept her hands where they were, knowing he should stop but not wanting him to. It felt too good. “Scott will be back soon.” That sobered him up and he straightened. Reluctantly he removed his hands from her breasts and straightened her hoodie.
“You are right.” He took a deep breath before he took a step back.
“When he is gone, we will have time for this, okay?” She still wasn’t sure whether she really wanted this or not. Her body screamed for Gregory’s attention, only his, but her head was still saying she shouldn’t let him this close. But she’d changed over the years. She could have sex without confusing it with love.
“As long as you won’t change your mind, I’m okay with this.” She looked uncertain about this, so he bent down to kiss her again. When he saw a smile on her lips he was ready to go and leave her alone again.
Abigail’s body was still tingling from Gregory’s touch when Scott returned. She had to talk to him about Soupy’s suspicions and she did so over dinner. Scott admitted that he had feelings for her and wanted her to come back to Australia with him. All the time they’d been together he’d wanted more and suddenly she’d wanted to go back to America and was gone from his life.
“It wasn’t easy, you know. Letting you go. And I thought I could change your mind now.” He smiled wryly at her and pushed the empty plate away. With a lot of effort she was able to explain to him that this wouldn’t work. She loved and respected him as a friend but they could never be in a relationship. She didn’t want to go back to Australia to live there. Boston was her home. She would set up a life for herself here. Scott would make somebody really happy but that person wasn’t her.
Luckily he would be gone in a few days. What she’d forgotten when Gregory had still been here, was that Mika would arrive the exact day Scott would leave which would keep her busy for a couple more days. When she realized that before she fell asleep, she groaned inwardly. How would she explain that to Greg?

“He was that guy who broke your heart, am I right?” Scott looked down at her at the airport. He’d had that feeling ever since he’d seen her reaction to that Gregory dude. He knew about her past. One afternoon she’d told him everything about it.
Abby didn’t have to ask who he was referring to, he knew. “Yes.” She was here to send him off to New York and pick Mika up as well. “He was the one.”
“You should tell him how you feel.” He hugged her close and pressed a soft kiss to her hair. “You’re still caught up on him, which is why you’re not ready to commit to someone again.”
“You have a point there, but I can’t be in a relationship with someone I can’t trust.” She pushed away from him, locked her eyes on his and smiled wryly. “I’m still attracted to him that’s true, but there’s a difference between this and love.” Never in a million years could she deny the chemistry between them, but there was nothing more. With a kiss to his cheek, she sent Scott off. She’d enjoyed having him around and talking to him, but it was nice to get rid of him now. She would have another guest for a week now, though she doubted that Mika would stay with her all the time. After all, Tuukka and her were now a proper couple. They wanted to make things work, even when they were that far apart from each other.
“Abby!” Mika exclaimed when she saw her and went over to hug her friend. They hadn’t seen each other in such a long time that Abby had nearly forgotten what she looked like. She still had the pastel pink undertones in her long blond hair. She preferred wearing frilly dresses. Not much had changed, only that she looked exhausted and a little pale today.
“Are you alright?” Abby asked, immediately concerned.
“I’m…” Mika sighed and bit her lower lip before she raised her head again to look at Abigail. “I’m doing okay, but there’s something I have to tell you. Can we maybe get Kara to come to the apartment?”
“She’s on her way already. She couldn’t wait to see you.” Her concern grew, but she didn’t ask Mika any questions. Later on she would find out and until then she’d have to keep quiet. Of course she was curious, but it was obviously something huge, so she concentrated on the street instead of Mika’s worried face.
They’d put the suitcase in the guest room, when they heard the door open and close. Mika dashed to the door straight away and hugged Kara so tightly that she thought her body might snap in two.
“I’m glad to see you, too, Schätzchen.” Kara smiled at Abigail over Mika’s head, but her smile disappeared when she heard her friend sob. “Okay, what is going on?” With Abby’s help they moved Mika to the sofa and forced her to sit down. She dried her tears and took a deep breath before she looked at them again.
“Sorry, I didn’t want to cry.”
“It’s okay.” Abby handed her a handkerchief. She’d only seen Mika cry once in her life before this.
“What is going on, Mika?” Kara took her friend’s hand and squeezed it. “You’re scaring me!”
“I’m pregnant”, she blurted out and shook her head immediately afterwards.
“What?” Both women said in unison and stared at her. They had NOT expected anything like this.
“Yes. I took a test yesterday. Actually I took five and they all showed the same result.” Mika got up from the sofa and paced up and down the length of it. “We were so stupid.” She shook her head in disbelief. Only now it became clear to her. “The first time I was with Tuukka, after your book party thing. We forgot a condom. No, we were too eager to get each other’s clothes off to bother with protection. How could I have been so stupid?”
Kara forced her to sit down again and pulled her close. “This can happen. And considering the way Tuukka looks at you and you look at him, it’s kinda understandable that you forgot. Does he know?”
Mika shook her head. “No. I haven’t told him yet. I know I have to.” She ran a hand through her hair and stared straight ahead. “Hell, I don’t even know what I think about this.”
“How about you take a piece of cake first?” Abigail got up from the sofa and looked at her two friends. “Don’t think too much about it right now. Figure out what you want to say and you can go see Tuukka tomorrow, okay? Then you can tell him and if you want, I’ll come with you and stay outside in the car.”
“That would be great”, Mika said with a little smile on her lips. She’d missed Abigail. “And cake sounds perfect.” She waited a moment before she added, “I am a bit young for a child, but somehow… I don’t know. I already feel a lot better knowing that I’ve got your support.”
“You’ll always have our support, no matter what you do.” Abigail grinned down at her.
“If you decide to keep the baby, we’ll help you any way we can.” Kara squeezed her friend’s hand again. “And if you don’t want to keep it, we’ll help you as well and stay with you all the way.”
“Thanks, guys.” Tears welled in her eyes again, signaling Abby to get the cake from the kitchen.


I enjoyed this also,
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