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The Power of Memories

Chapter 15 + 16 + 17

Abby woke the next morning with a start. Her heart thundering, her head dizzy and a body stirring next to her. Oh God. For a brief moment she closed her head, forced air into her lungs, then she turned around to look at the sleeping figure next to her. It was none other than Gregory.
His hair stood up at the back of his head, dark stubble covered his chin, jaw and cheeks. Aware that she was naked, she hitched up the sheets to cover her breasts. So, she hadn’t dreamt about this, it had really happened. The sore muscles in her thighs confirmed that.
After their session in the bakery, he’d taken her home and done what he’d said he’d do. He’d lain her on her bed, naked, and examined her body. Every curve, every angle. First with his fingers, then with his lips. The memory sent shivers down her back and put a smile on her face.
Careful not to wake him, she got out of bed and headed for the shower. Her hair was a mess and she had to start on the bakery soon. There was a lot to do. Quickly she scrubbed her body, washed her hair and got out of the shower again. She put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, topped up with a cardigan. When she got to work in the bakery, she could simply take it off.
When she entered her bedroom again, Gregory was gone, but the smell of coffee reached her nose. Oh, this was good. With a satisfied smile she set foot in the kitchen. As soon as Gregory saw her, he started grinning like a schoolboy. The grin she’d seen so often years ago.
“I thought you might need some coffee.” He handed her a steaming mug. “Cream, but no sugar. I remembered that.”
“Thank you.” She didn’t want to ruin the mood, but she had to talk to him about this. “Gregory, we need to talk.”
“Before you say anything more, let me talk, okay?” Smile still in place, Gregory looked at her. After a nod of her head, he went on. “Yesterday was amazing. I’ve never been able to forget you and this… Let’s just see where it goes okay? No promises, no predictions or anything. We’ll wait and see. Okay?”
Whatever she’d expected or had wanted to tell him was forgotten. His plan sounded reasonable, good even. She wanted this.
“Okay”, Abby said and locked her gaze with his. “But you should remember that I’m not good at relationships.”
“Then let’s not see this as a relationship. It is whatever it is and it’s good.”
She nodded again and was rewarded with a long, deep kiss that left her speechless. Sadly Gregory had to leave for practice but he dropped her off at the bakery. Her own car was still there, so she could get home in this one later that day.
As soon as she started making the batters for thee cakes, cupcakes and whatever else she forgot about Gregory. Actually, she forgot about everything else and concentrated on the music and the task at hand. She was so absorbed in her work, that she hadn’t heard Kara come in. Abby had given her a set of keys for the place. When she put the bowl down and looked up, she finally saw Kara smiling at her.
“Jesus!” she half-screamed and jumped back. Her heart beating rapidly against her ribcage, she braced herself on the countertop. “Do you want to kill me?”
“No, I just didn’t want to interrupt your happy humming.”
“I wasn’t humming.” Abby’s brows drew together. What was Kara talking about?
“Oh yes you were.” Kara took off her coat and put it aside. “You were humming and had a goofy smile on your lips. I take it Greg stayed the night with you?”
“What?” Abby’s head snapped up and she stared at her friend.
“AHA!” With a grin on her face, Kara inched closer. “You’re blushing. Oh, I know what you’ve been up to.” She had no idea. Sure, she probably knew what they had done, but not everything. “Good for you.”
“Yeah. Well. We’ll see how it goes.”
And with that the topic was over. Abby wasn’t ready to talk about it yet. Maybe never. Kara was one of her closest friends, but how could she talk to her about this when she didn’t even know what was going on herself? Where things would lead?”
Luckily Kara didn’t press her to say anything more. Instead she asked if she could help. Abby waved towards the decorations and told Kara that she could put them on the tables in the front room. There wasn’t that much left to do. Tomorrow she’d have to get here even earlier so she could start baking and decorating. Therefore she needed a good night’s sleep. She didn’t know then that Greg would wait for her in front of the bakery when she was finished for the day.

“What are you doing here?” she asked surprised. Gregory was leaning against his car, arms crossed over his wide chest and a smile on his lips.
“I thought after all that work you did here today, we could go out for dinner. Then you won’t have to cook.”
Then it hit her. He was dressed up in a suit. Complete with a white dress shirt and a tie. Polished shoes. To top off the look he’d shaved, much to her disappointment.
“Dinner sounds good. But according to your look, I should probably change into something more suitable.” Abby turned around to lock the doors.
“That’s why I picked you up here. Come on.” He opened the passenger door for her, but before she got in, he stole a kiss from her.
While she got ready in the bedroom, Gregory waited patiently in the living room. She said that it wouldn’t take long. From earlier experiences he knew that she would be ready in about ten to fifteen minutes. And he was right.
Ten minutes later she stepped out of her bedroom. She wore a midnight blue dress that hit her just above the knee, black heels. She wound a scarf around her neck and Gregory helped her into the black coat. Her blond hair was pulled into a low ponytail to one side so that it fell over her shoulder. The only bit of make-up she wore was the mascara she’d already put on to go to the bakery.
“You look beautiful.” She always did, but he wouldn’t say that now. This scene was already too familiar for both of them. They’d gone to so many dinners and events together back in Florida.
Carefully Greg cradled her hand in his. The restaurant he’d chosen was just a short car ride away from her apartment. At the door he was greeted by his name and they were immediately led to their table. It was beautiful there. They sat at a small table directly at a window. The restaurant was on the top floor of a building close to Gregory’s apartment. The view over Boston was spectacular. It had been a while since Abby had last had such a great view over a city she loved.
“Don’t take it personal, if I get distracted by the view and won’t answer any questions.” Abby grinned at him before she sat down. Gregory took the chair opposite her, keeping his gaze on her face.
“I’ll probably get distracted myself, so don’t worry.” Though not by the view over Boston, since he’s seen that multiple times in the past years, but by her. He could watch her for hours. He hadn’t seen her for years, but it seemed like it had been just yesterday when they’d been at their last dinner together.
Greg ordered wine for them. One glass would be okay for him. If he drank more, he could still walk. Abby was a different matter. He’d love to take her home to his place, but she’d have to decide this. If she didn’t want to, he’d make sure that she got home safe. She’d open her bakery tomorrow after all.
When their dinner arrived they were in the middle of a conversation about Europe. Gregory had been there, but not in all the places Abby had visited. After spending three months in Germany, she’d been to Italy for a month, France, Sweden, England, Ireland, Spain and Greece for two weeks each. She’d even spent some time in the Netherlands and in Poland.
“The Netherlands?” Gregory raised an eyebrow, trying to control the grin that was bound to spread over his face.
“Yes and yes, I did go to a coffee shop. The people I was there with talked me into it.” She shook her head at the memory. “But believe me. The cookies tasted like shit and I vowed to never smoke anything again after that. I felt so sick, it was unbelievable.”
“Good choice. I can’t even imagine you with a cigarette.”
She told him a bit more about Germany, her favorite destination in Europe. There were so many places that had enchanted her. She’d been to Rapunzel’s tower, Sleeping Beauty’s castle and the forest where Hansel and Gretel had gotten lost. And the food. She had so many German recipes in her collection.
“You should see it. It really is beautiful there. There’s a hotel in Rapunzel’s tower. And you can get married in Sleeping Beauty’s castle. There’s a small animal park around there.” Her face lit up while she was talking. God, he’d missed that. Whenever she got really excited about something, you could hardly stop her talking. She used her hands and feet to get her message across. “They have penguins and bisons. When I was there I even saw a reindeer.”
“Maybe you could show it to me someday.”
“Maybe.” She hid her smile by taking another sip of her wine.
They talked like this a little longer. Their plates were long cleared when Gregory got up and helped her into her coat again. With her hand in his he got out of the building.
“Abby”, he said as he turned to face her. “I’d really love it if you stayed with me tonight.”
“I can’t.” She shook her head. The look on his face made her wrap her arms around him and brush a kiss over his lips. “I’d love to, but I have to get up really early to get everything ready. And with you, I doubt that I’d get any sleep at all.”
She had a point. Together they got in the car again and Gregory drove her home. He could have stayed in the car, but instead he walked her up to her apartment. He couldn’t risk her being kidnapped.
In front of her door, before she could say anything, he pulled her close and kissed her. Immediately she leaned against him, running her hands up his chest. Gregory put his hands under her coat and stroked them up her sides, to her back and placed them on her shoulders to press her closer against him.
“Stop”, Abby whispered in a weak attempt to get away from him. But he listened. He opened his eyes to look at her, keeping his hands in place. “If you don’t stop, I won’t let you go, and I really need that sleep.”
Reluctantly he pressed another kiss to her lips before he let his hands fall away from her body. She was right. But, damn, it was hard to leave her alone.

If she’d stayed with Gregory for the night, she’d probably have gotten more sleep. At nearly five in the morning she’d finally fallen asleep only to wake up again at half past six. She’d been too nervous, restless. With Gregory she would have at least been physically exhausted and gotten more sleep.
But she was still working. All the cakes, cupcakes and whatnot were displayed in the shop. Coffee and water were there and the place was packed with people. Kara gave her the thumbs-up from next to Benoit. Half the Bruins had shown up to show their support and attract people. But Gregory wasn’t there yet. He’d texted her that he’d arrive a little later.
That was what was making her hands shake now. Having Kara and Mika there was good, but Gregory… She’d never admit it, but his presence calmed her down. With just one look he’d assure her that everything would turn out fine.
No, she didn’t want to depend on him. She didn’t.
Still, she couldn’t help the sigh of relief when he finally came in through the front door. When he grinned at her, her pulse slowed down. It had always been like this. Somehow it was soothing to know that some things never change.
Abby had to go back to the kitchen and bring out some more cupcakes. They were already nearly gone. She hadn’t expected it to be this packed today. Luckily she’d baked enough so that it would last for a while longer. Tomorrow she’d have to get the batters out and bake new stuff to display. From tomorrow on, she’d officially be in business.
“Hey Abs.”
She swiveled round to face Gregory. Before she knew it he’d wrapped her in his arms and kissed her. Slow. Delicious. He made her head spin.
“You’ve done a wonderful job here.”
“Thank you.” Abby tried hard not to blush. “And thank you for convincing the guys to come here.”
“I didn’t have to do much convincing.” He pushed her hair back from her face. God, how he’d longed to see her, hold her again. He knew what was happening. He was falling in love with her again. Actually he didn’t think that he’d ever stopped loving her. But they’d said that this wasn’t a relationship. It was what it was. They’d so where it would go. And he didn’t want to put pressure on her. “I just mentioned that Benoit and me would come here and that it was free cake. Since I could tell them that your cakes are delicious, they wanted to come here.”
“Well, they’re here and it’s all thanks to you.”
He lowered his lips to hers to shut her up. And it worked. But then they heard someone clearing their throat behind them.
“Sorry to interrupt you,” Kara said with a grin on her lips. “I’ll just grab these cupcakes and get them out.” And with that she was gone again.
“We should probably get back. Say you’ll come home with me after this and I’ll let go of you.”
“I will.” Abby didn’t have to think twice about it. She didn’t have to get up that early the next day. Gregory would have to leave for the airport in the afternoon and she wouldn’t see him for about a week.
Gregory went back outside first and joined some of his teammates by the puddings-pretzels. Only a few more hours and he could be alone with Abby again. Until then he’d talk to Johnny Boychuk and Milan Lucic. Benoit was busy spending time with Kara anyway. They’d have enough time to talk on the road.
When more and more people hit the road and it was finally only friends gathered there, Abby thanked them and wished them a lovely evening. Some of them wanted to help, but Abby didn’t want to hear any of it. They’d already done enough for her. So it was only her and Gregory left there.
Most of the dirty dishes were in the dishwasher, so there was only a little cleaning up left to do. In a matter of minutes they were finished. With a quick detour to her apartment so that she could grab some clothes they were on her way.
As soon as the door closed behind them, Gregory took off his coat, kicked off his shoes and hugged her from behind. He buried his nose in her hair and breathed in deeply. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she settled back against his chest. She closed her hands over his and stayed like this for a moment.
Gregory interlaced his fingers with hers. He put his lips close to her neck, barely touching. But she knew what would follow. When she tried to turn around in his arms, he didn’t let her. He kept her just like this, pressed to the front of his body, and walked with her to his bedroom.


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