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A Special Place (Sidney Crosby)

Chapter 7

Gia's POV

Everything went by fast, Thanksgiving came and went and now it's my birthday. We had a game and we won and we were in Boston, so I had a day off on my birthday and I got the opportunity to become captain of the USA team for the Olympics. I saw Sidney and I began to feel guilty over what happened. We were at the hotel and I went and knocked on the door. Everyone thinks that we've got a brother sister relationship. But we had more. Well, I thought we did anyway. I was falling for him and I wanted his family to like me including his sister. Why couldn't it have been Geno and then I wouldn't have this drama of people hate me. But it was wrong to blame it all on him and I needed to apologize, but I can't stay with him or else they're be problems. I went to knock on the door and he opened it. But why did he have to open it completely shirtless and in a towel. My eyes went wide. "Let me get dressed." He let me in and he put some shorts on. He sat next to me on the bed. I sighed. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have flipped out and let it get personal. I'm just not used to have someone hate me. I mean I kept to myself when I was in school, but everyone still liked me. I'm shocked and I shouldn't have just taken it out on you. So, I'm sorry Sidney." I went to get up and he went to pull me back. I went into his arms immediately and cried I missed him and was torturing myself. "I love you, Gia. You mean more to me than she does. She always does this, the only she didn't do that to was Kathy. But I never had those strong feelings for Kathy like I do you. You're an amazing person. My heart broke when you decided to be with Geno on the Thanksgiving. Are you going to do the same because I need to know. I need to know right now because my parents love you and they already support our relationship. Well, what I thought could've been a relationship." I was tearing. I went and gave him a kiss. He kissed me back and cupped my cheek with his hand.

"I love you, Sidney."

Sidney's POV

She said she loved me. I mean I thought she was going to hate me forever all because of my stupid sister. I kissed her so hard and I smiled into it when she kissed me back with that much effort. I went and picked her up bridal style to the bed. We would've taken the clothes off but there was a knock on the door. I sighed and she smiled. "What we're home tonight, so we have all the time in the world because practice isn't till one." I smiled and yelled. "I'll hold you to that!"

The guys came in and I totally forgot it's her birthday. I love this girl and I'm an idiot for forgetting. They all came in with presents and things for her. I already had her on my phone plan and she had the phone she wanted which was the new iPhone 5S in gold. I smiled, I knew what she already wanted. I told them I'd be back by the bus and went to go to get her gifts.

Gia's POV

I'm sad because I wanted Sidney here and he wasn't. The guys could tell and Marc said. "We'll go find him, K?" I sighed and said. "Just forget about him. He could've been man enough to tell me that he forgot my birthday. I thanked them and hugged them all then grabbed my stuff and went to my room.

Sidney's POV

The convenience of someone being a purebred English Bulldog breeder in Boston was a miracle. I payed him and gave him an autograph on top of that. The next thing was to get a promise ring. I want her to know I'm forever hers and to promise not do anything stupid. I swear if Taylor does something to her, I swear I'm disowning her from my life.

Gia's POV

It was time to go and I refused to look or even go near Sidney. I went to go sit with Geno and Marc and them and we were cracking up. "I swear, no lie baby threw up in Flower mouth." I was cracking up. "It oddly taste good." We stopped laughing and turned around. "He ruined good time." I nodded. "I mean how could vomit taste good." He shrugged. "French, weird people." I nodded. "So are Canadians." "Hey, I know but maybe he did do something and it's just surprise." I nodded and said. "Maybe." I was quiet the rest of the way.

We got back to Pittsburgh and we went home in silence. I went upstairs and went to my old room. He didn't go after me, but about 5 minutes later I felt something lick my face. I turned to find an English Bulldog right in front of me. "You're so cute. But what are you doing here?" "Happy birthday. That's you're mom's gift she made sure she got credit for it." I giggled. And held the puppy. "This is mine." He opens the box and in it is the most beautiful ring I've ever seen. "I promise, I won't do anything stupid and to stick by you every minute of everyday. Can you accept this promise ring?" I looked at him unsure what to say and smiled. "Yes." He kissed me and put the ring on my finger. I smiled at him. "You know, I do believe this little guy needs a name. I smiled and said. "Marty." He chuckled. "Yeah, he does look like a Marty." I put him on the floor and Sidney kissed me. I kissed back and we began to rip each others clothes off. Sidney kissed down my body slowly and I moaned. I had felt his erection from before and I began to suck on it and he groaned. I glided my teeth on his erection and went deeper and deeper. He groaned some more and put me on the bed and began to eat me out. I moaned and he slowly put his erection in me. I screamed when he nipped at it. He slowly put it in. I screamed even more when he stuck his cock deep inside me. He went gentle til he could tell I was used to it and then went faster and faster harder and harder. I screamed more and more until we came at the same time and I collapsed on the bed from him putting me in doggystyle position till he went and collapsed on me. He then pushed his weight off. I then realized that I fell in love with this man even more. "I love you, Sidney." He smiled at me. "Happy Birthday, Gia I lovey you, too. Always will." I was in his arms and he kissed me gently on the temple of my head and I was calmly asleep. This was one of the best birthdays I ever had.



I know I am...I just posted chapter 4 and I hope maybe you can read it and tell others about it...??



helenabelatrix helenabelatrix
I liked it, though you should continue it =) 3 chapters isn't enough
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