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Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not?


I sat on my chair looking at my phone.

“Mike, make me another drink?” I asked him politely.

“Can’t Robbie?” he asked smoking a cigarette. I shook my head and pointed at Robbie and Ashley setting up the pong table. He sighed, “hold this for me?” he asked giving me the cig to hold for him.

“Thank you!” I drank the last bit of vodka and juice and handed him the glass. I stared at my phone while I waited for my drink. I don’t trust myself with walking into the kitchen. I was close to being drunk, and I can’t walk… that well. The time on my phone told me it was only two in the morning. He’s gonna be coming home soon. The mildly humid August night air made it nice to drink outside on Robbie’s and Ashley’s back porch.

“Hey Robbie Cats, will you text for me?” I asked Ash’s older brother who quickly became one of my best friends.

“Sure Baby Sara Cats!” We all had nicknames except Mike because he just… I dunno he doesn’t have one. Luke doesn’t have one, I mean… he lives hours away from us. But, my nickname had baby in it because I’m the baby of the group. Robbie and Mike are 23, Ashley is 18, and I’m 17. My phone vibrated, and not just any vibrate. The short double vibrating setting that I set for him specifically. Just so I would always know if it was him or not. I bit my lip.

Hey, are you busy? Robbie sat down next to me and took my phone.

“Say ‘no, I’m just with my friends.’” Robbie nodded as he typed perfectly. Fucking twenty three year old being able to type perfectly when he’s drunk. He handed me back my phone. My phone vibrated again. Awh, Luke is texting back really fast.

Can I call you? I handed Robbie the phone and I nodded. His fingers pressed the screen of my phone then handed it back to me.

“Thank you,” I smiled.

“No problem Baby Sara Cats. We’re gonna start pong in 5,” he said before going in the house to get the juice and vodka for the pong cups. Mike walked out with my cup and I smiled at him as he handed it to me, I handed his cigarette back to him . I took a gulp of it. The vodka and juice slid on my throat and I smiled. My phone began to vibrate and butterflies erupted in my stomach. It was Luke. He was really calling me.

“Hello,” I spoke sounding confident. This is what alcohol does to me. It makes me daring, and confident.

“Sara?” his voice was deep, it made me want to run to where he was and make out with him.

“Yeah Luke, it’s Sara.” I sighed, “Not happy to hear my voice?”

“No, no. I thought I dialed the wrong number because your voice is different than usual.”

“Well, I’m kind of drunk.” I explained.

“What are you wearing?” his voice dropped an octave. I glanced down and rolled my eyes. I had on short distressed shorts that were actually really short. Nothing popped out or anything, cause if it did Robbie would be giving me his old track sweats to put on. Then, I had a white tank top on.

“You liked the picture on instagram,” I chirped. Damn Pittsburgh Penguins fans.

“Of course you wouldn’t go along with it,” he sighed.

“What are you talking about?” I blushed.

“Sara… you know that I think you’re cute, and hot, and beautiful, and gorgeous.” he stated.

“Luke, fucking stop being cryptic!”

“Who are you with?” his question was random.

“Robbie, Mike, and Ash.” I explained.

“Put one of them on the phone please,” I shook my head and handed the phone to Robbie.

“Hello?” he asked confused. “I’m Robbie,” he paused. His face had turned from furrowed brows to an open mouth. “Awe, yeah of course.” he paused again, and this time it was my turn to look confused, “Yup, goodnight. Here she is.” Robbie handed my phone back to me.

“Luke, what the fuck did you say to him?!”

“Have fun sweetheart, ok?” my heart melted.

“Okay,” I spoke softly.

“I have a surprise for you tomorrow. Goodnight, sweet dreams.”

“Good night Luke,” I said before hanging up.


“Sara,” Ashley shook me slightly. “Robbie wants you to go to dunkin with him,” I nodded then got out of bed. Robbie and I were never hung over so we always go get doughnuts and coffee for the four of us. I slept with my clothes on, like always. I grabbed my phone and walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I quickly braided my brown, wavy hair and walked down stairs. I slipped my flip flops on and walked out front to where Robbie was.

“Morning Baby Sara Cats!” he exclaimed and I giggled.

“Morning,” he stood up and we started walking down the stairs from the porch.

“What did Luke say to you last night?” I asked as we got to the corner of the street.

“Just to make sure you were okay. Like, that you didn’t get alcohol poisoning or fall and hurt yourself. He really cares about you, Sara.”

“He’s 20...” I retorted.

“It’s legal, don’t worry.” Robbie wrapped his arm around my shoulder. What was he talking about? I shook it off.

“He’s also a penguins fan though,” I said sadly.

“But he plays hockey himself,” Robbie retorted. I shrugged. “And, you love the fact that he loves the penguins because you guys get to nag on each other.” I blushed. Robbie and Ashley knew me too well. We walked inside Dunkin, and I heard his voice.

“Coach, I’ll be back tomorrow. I promise.” My jaw dropped and I turned to him. He was sitting at the two person table right next to the door.

“Luke…” he saw me and he dropped his phone onto the table. I was frozen. I saw down across from him. “You’re here,” I was so confused but so happy.

“I couldn’t tell you this over the phone,” he stood up, with his phone, and offered me his hand. I glanced at Robbie, he shot me a thumbs up. I smiled and put my hand in Luke’s. We walked out of Dunkin hand in hand. We walked over to a black Dodge Charger. So this is his car. He bent down and grabbed my thighs, “I’m gonna pick you up, wrap your arms around my neck.” he commanded softly. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he lifted me up. “You are short,” he smirked as he set me on top of the back of the car.

“Well, you are six foot five.” I chirped with a smile. He smiled at me, and pressed a kiss to my nose. A soft giggle escaped my lips.

“I like you Sara, a lot actually. I couldn’t tell you this over the phone because you’re different to me. I know I’m three years older then you but that doesn’t matter. You make me happy. I know I was distant for a little while, but I was really busy. I really wanted to be over here for medical school, I wanted to be closer to you. Temple has a school in Bethlehem, Philly and there’s gonna be one in Pitt soon. If we don’t work out, I can transfer to the Pittsburgh campus.” his fingers grazed my cheek.

“How did you know I liked you,” I asked confused.

“I didn’t know, I just had a feeling you did.” his eyes flickered to my lips then back to my eyes.

“Luke, you don’t make me feel insecure. You make me feel sexy and wanted.”

“You are sexy, and you are wanted baby.” he said softly. Something in his words dared me to say this.

“Are you gonna kiss me or not?” a smile came over his lips. Luke’s other hand went to the back of my neck and pulled me closer. His lips met mine in a soft, long kiss.

“I love how you know what you want, and I love how feisty you get over me hating on the flyers.” I glanced up at his brown eyes.

“I love how pissed you get when I hate on cry baby,” I smirked. He kissed me again.

“Can I take you to lunch?” he asked softly.

“Can Ash, her boyfriend, and Robbie come with?” I asked.

“Of course,” he looked happy.

“Then yes, you can take me to lunch.” I smiled at him.

“One more thing Sara, will you be my girlfriend?” he asked softly.

“Of course,” I bit my lip and smiled. Luke helped me down off of his car and our fingers intertwined.

“Come on, the parentals aren’t home today!” Robbie said walking over to us with a smile. I winked at Robbie as I placed my hand on the car.

“I wanna drive us over,” I pouted, looking up at Luke. He smirked and handed me the keys from his pocket.

“Be careful with it, ok?” I nodded, smiling. I unlocked the car and opened the door. I sat in the seat and adjusted it.

“Sara, I got your usual.” Robbie commented from the back seat trying to give me my iced coffee. I took it from his outstretched hand and smiled.

“Love you Robbie Cats!” I took a sip of it then placed it in the cup holder next to me. I turned the car on and Sirius Radio came blasting on. I smiled at Luke. I turned on my favorite station and began singing along with “Just A Kiss” by Lady Antebellum. As I pulled out onto the street, Robbie began calling Ash’s phone.

“I need to make sure they aren’t fucking,” he groaned. I blushed knowing they would be.

“Mike and Ashley can never keep their hands off each other when they’re alone.” I explained to Luke.

“And don’t think you’re going to fucking hump and dump my Baby Sara Cats,” Robbie growled at Luke.

“I would never do that to her. She’s so much more then that… I promise. She’s perfect. I’m not like her exes at all. When she’s ready for sex, I’m ready.” I blushed at Luke’s words.

“I have no issue with going to jail for beating your ass for hurting her,” Robbie added. I smiled back at him.

“Love you Robbie Cats,” I said smiling as I pulled onto his street. I pulled in behind Robbie’s car and turned the car off.

“I’ll go in first,” Robbie grumbled.

“We’ll be in then,” I said before he shut his car door. I glanced over at Luke looking at me. I giggled and looked at my lap. I undid the seat belt and got out of the car. The iced coffee was nice against my warm hand. I walked over to the sidewalk and leaned against Luke’s car. After a few seconds, Luke emerged from the car. I kind of wanted to say sorry for what Robbie said to him, but I wasn’t. At all.

“I mean what I said,” he spoke close to my ear. “If I just wanted sex, I would have gotten a puck bunny.”

“I know,” it came out kind of quiet.

“Even though you’re my puck bunny, without the sluttiness.” he kissed my forehead softly.

“Only yours,” I giggled.

“But honestly Sara… you’re different from every girl. I’m so serious about you. You’re perfect for me. Short, hips, you don’t take shit, you love hockey, you’re so supportive.” Luke captured my lips in a soft, meaningful kiss. “You love to cuddle, and you love cats. You’re independent but I still know that sometimes you’ll need me. Like, when you freak yourself out at night and you hide under your covers. Then, you text me saying you need your bodyguard there with you.” I blushed and pulled the cup of iced coffee up to my lips.

“You told me that I was cute and helpless,” I giggled.

“Not always helpless, just at the moment.” he smiled at me. I looked up at Luke’s eyes, they had a twinkle in them.

“Let’s go inside,” I suggested letting my hand graze his. Do I wanna be bold and grab his hand or? I glanced behind me and smiled at him. His hand slipped into mine and a smile formed on my lips. We walked up the stairs onto the porch. I should really knock first, but I’m feeling fearless. I opened the door and walked in with Luke following me.

“We’re in the living room!” I screamed, letting them know we were in the house. I led Luke through the little hall way through the dining room to the living room. I sat in my usual spot: the red couch on the right side of the room next to the chair. Luke sat next to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. I smiled and leaned my head on chest as I pulled my feet up next to me. I placed my iced coffee on the floor.

“I like this,” he smiled and spoke softly.

“I do too,” I smiled against his chest. I could get used to this.


Hi guys! I got this idea from a few different songs! Merp. I might be writing another one shot to go along with this, but I'm not sure. I have the idea for it, but I don't really know how I feel about it.

Also, I posted this story on Mibba first! 

Thanks for reading!


Awe this is really cute!!! Can't wait for the next chapter!!!

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I Finally Uploaded my Own Story!
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Love it. my names Ashley as well
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