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Just a Little Longer

Chapter 13

They stayed like this for a little while, but the rumbling of Patrick’s stomach made Haley raise her head. She looked at him in amusement.
“Maybe we should get you something to eat. When was the last time you’ve eaten?” She slowly let go of him and headed to the kitchen. Patrick couldn’t help it. His gaze dropped to her butt as she walked.
“A sandwich on the plane,” Patrick called after her. As soon as he didn’t see her anymore, he followed her. “What about you?”
“I head breakfast and I had a Hot Dog for lunch. Oh and a bit of cake with… Well, you know.” She looked at him over her shoulder. He stood leaning in the doorframe, his eyes fixed on her. Jane could feel a blush creeping up her neck, so she quickly turned to look in the fridge.
Patrick took long strides towards her and wrapped his arms around her from behind, resting his head against hers. His hands were warm on her stomach. She could feel his breath on her ear, sending shivers down her spine.
“You already look a lot healthier than about a week ago. Happier,” he whispered in her ear, holding her close. Patrick took one hand off her stomach and closed the fridge. Food could wait. There was something he was more interested in than dinner.
“That’s because I am.” Haley turned around to look in his eyes. He was the reason why she was feeling better. He had helped her deal with her problems, try to change something. When she smiled at him, the dimples in both her cheeks showed.
Patrick gently leaned against her until her back touched the fridge, so he had her pinned. He smile was one of the most beautiful things he’d ever seen and it made him want to hold her close and never let go. He wanted to see her smile like this more often. He wanted to be the reason for this.
He quickly whipped off her shirt before he put his lips to hers. He needed to touch her bare skin again. Not like last time, when he’d shown her what things about her body she wanted to know. No, this time he wanted to make her feel good, to enjoy every touch. To make her forget that she didn’t like her body and to show her that he liked her body very much.
Patrick ran the tip of his tongue along the seam of her lips, urging her to open up for him and she did. He touched his tongue to hers, leaning even more against her. Haley put her hands on his shoulders. Pushing down the jacket he’d been wearing on the airplane. Seeing him in a white button-down shirt had been something different.
Her hands were shaking because of the kiss, so it was hard for her to pop the buttons open, but somehow she managed. Patrick drew back a little to watch her, desire burning in his eyes. With a gentle smile on his lips, he pushed her hair back, before he lowered his head to trail kisses along the side of her neck, her collarbone, her shoulder.
Haley closed her eyes to savor this moment, but Patrick stopped and picked her up to carry her to the bedroom.
“What are you doing?” Haley said with a laugh, clinging on to him for dear life. When he let her down on the bed and straightened, she got a good look at his exposed chest and stomach for the first time. Her heart beat faster at the sight and she automatically licked her lips.
“Damn, if you look at me like this, I can’t control myself,” Patrick said more to himself than to her. He quickly dropped his shirt to the floor and stripped off the rest of his clothes, before he joined her on the bed. He’d acted so quickly that Haley had not gotten a good look at his whole body, but she’d get the chance later.
Patrick kissed her again while he skillfully got rid of her bra, and opened her jeans to shove them down along with her panties. Haley did the rest with her feet and heard her clothes fall to the floor.
He ran one hand up along her thigh, her hips, her side until her reached her breast. Her nipple poked against the palm of his hand demanding attention. And Patrick listened, drawing a moan from Haley’s lips. Instead of kissing her again, he drew one of her nipples in his mouth, sucked hard.
“Jeez, Patrick,” Haley whispered biting down on her bottom lip. He was driving her crazy. Well, he himself was already driving her crazy, but what he did with her made it even worse. She ran her hands through his hair, then down his back. As much as she enjoyed what he was doing, she didn’t want to wait any longer. She put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him, so that he landed on his back. She crawled on top of him with a grin on her face.
Now it was her time to touch him. Ever so slowly she ran her fingertips over his chest, down his abs until she finally reached his cock. Patrick closed his eyes when she touched him, enjoying every movement, but he quickly looked at her again. It was too good a view to keep his eyes closed. He’d wanted to take his time, make her feel good, but she had so much fun taking over that he didn’t want to interrupt this. And he enjoyed himself as well. Haley leaned down to kiss him once, before she straightened again.
“You’re beautiful!” Patrick stared straight at her, his hands on her hips. He let go for a moment to pull himself up to a sitting position. He wanted to be on eye level with her, to be able to touch and kiss her.
Haley blushed and averted her eyes, but Patrick cupped her cheek, forced her to look at him so he could kiss her. She could see in his eyes that he really meant it.
Before they forgot about it, Patrick reached for the nightstand and grabbed a condom. Haley snatched it from his hands, unwrapped it and, agonizingly slowly, rolled it down his shaft, making him hold his breath for a moment.
She grabbed hold of him with her hand and slowly lowered her body. Her eyes widened as he entered her, her breath hitched, but she didn’t stop until he filled her completely. Patrick watched her, everything that was showing on her face. His lips found hers, his arms wrapped around her, and she started moving her hips, driving him crazy with the tiniest movement. He’d never experienced that before.
Haley held on to him, getting faster in her movements until Patrick turned them around again so that he was on top of her. He thrust into her slowly at first, then faster, harder, because she asked for it.
“Patrick.” She mumbled his name over and over again, holding on to his strong arms as he pushed her closer to release. Hearing her soft voice call his name made him smile before he kissed her again. He reached between her legs to stimulate her further. She dug her fingernails in his arms when she reached her climax. Her head fell back and she cried out his name. Her walls constricting around him, made him let go and he grown deep in his chest, before he collapsed on top of her.
His breathing ragged, his body numb, he hardly found the strength to move, but he knew he had to. He rolled to the side and pulled her close. Still breathing heavily, Haley snuggled up to his side, listening to his beating heart.
They stayed like this until they’d both calmed down and Patrick’s stomach growled again.
“Ahh, I’m sorry,” he said running a hand through Haley’s hair. “But I was already hungry before we started and now I’m famished.”
Haley chuckled and kissed his cheek. She slowly sat up. “I’ll get us something to eat.”
She hopped off the bed, grabbed his shirt and buttoned it while she walked towards the kitchen. Her hair was a mess, but she didn’t care. A look in the fridge told her that she had to come up with something, so she quickly prepared a couple of sandwiched and returned with the plate to the bedroom.
Meanwhile Patrick hat gotten rid of the used condom and put on a pair of boxer briefs. He was already sitting on the bed again when Haley returned.
“You should walk around wearing this more often. My shirt looks way better on you than it does on me.” He pulled her close as soon as she’d put down the plate and pressed a kiss to her lips. “But it would be even better of you wore nothing at all.”
“Shut up and eat, Patrick!” She chuckled to herself and shoved the plate at him.
“Man, I can get used to this.”
Haley thought the same.


Cover Me

Cover Me

NC-17 Romance Comedy Drama

April Duncan hits rock bottom when she tried to steal Jonathan Toews' car to escape from Chicago


Completed ✓
9.7 17 Votes


By far the best fanfic I've ever read! <3
kanersgirl kanersgirl
God Duncan is such an ass.
DS21CH62 DS21CH62
oh my.....
hockaayy hockaayy
Wonderful! :)
DS21CH62 DS21CH62
more please!
hockaayy hockaayy