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Just a Little Longer

Chapter 15

Patrick had called her that night and they’d talked for not even five minutes. Haley was really busy with work, but she’d promised that she’d eat enough. She’d make time for food. She promised to come to the game and watch with April, and afterwards they could go home together.
He looked up from the ice to where they should be sitting and he saw her immediately. She was wearing the jersey he’d given her. A big grin spread on his face.
“What makes you so happy?” Patrick Sharp stopped next to him.
“Haley.” There was no need to deny it. Patrick knew about her, not about everything that had happened or how it had started, though.
“Oh, I know that feeling.” Sharpy gave him a pat on the shoulder and skated away. Warm-up was over and they had to start the game soon. In the locker room there was little talk. They all knew what was ahead of them. They had to win three more game, especially the one in Detroit in three days, and they’d already clinch a playoff spot. And they wanted it. They wanted it bad, and that showed on the ice.
They played their hearts out, fighting a little more physical than before, injuring themselves, but in the end it was worth it. They won 2-1 over the Canucks. Their bodies throbbed, their hearts were racing, and big smiles were on their lips.
When Patrick got out of the locker room with Jonathan, their April and Haley were waiting for them. April threw her arms around Jonathan straight away and kissed him. Haley smiled at Patrick, stepped closer and hugged him tight, making him suck in a breath, because his ribs were black and blue.
“Take it easy on me,” he mumbled in her ear and kissed her cheek. “I’ve got battle wounds.”
“Oh God, I’m sorry.” She immediately took a step back and watched him. He’d taken big hits and gone down once or twice, but he’d kept up his game. She’d loved watching him out there.
“I guess, we’ll see you guys tomorrow at Sharpy’s place?” Jonathan said with a grin, keeping his eyes on Haley. Yeah, she definitely looked a whole lot better than at that charity dinner. He had to admit that Patrick was good for her.
“I’ll come by a little bit later, but I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Haley grinned at her friend. She hadn’t had time to talk to Jonathan for days, weeks even, because of work. That would change tomorrow. She’d have to put the finishing touches to another project tomorrow and then she’d be finished. Of course the next project was already on her list, but she’d start on that when Patrick would leave for Detroit.
On the way to his apartment, they talked about the game. Since Haley knew a whole lot about hockey, she surprised him with some of her statements.
“When was the last time you were ice skating?” Patrick asked out of the blue, startling her. “Because I think we should go together.”
“It’s been a while since I went with someone together.” Years, actually, because she hadn’t felt comfortable with someone around. She knew that she was a good skater, really good, but it what if something happened and someone saw this? She’d only felt comfortable going with Jonny. Since the accident, she hadn’t liked having others around when she skated. And she’d never skated on a pond again.
“What do you say? We go skating in two days, okay? You’ve still got that day off and I only have to leave a day later.”
In the end, Haley agreed. Right now she didn’t know how well it would go, but she felt comfortable with Patrick around, more than comfortable actually, so going skating with him might work. It was time for her to do this with someone else than Jonny.
Once they were at Patrick’s apartment, Haley put her overnight bag in his bedroom. She’d brought a few things, so that she could get stay the night and didn’t have to head home before they could go to Sharpy’s and Abby’s place.
Patrick followed her suit and took off his shirt and pants. He only wanted to go to bed. After the game he was more than exhausted.
“Oh my God, that looks bad, Patrick,” Haley said, genuinely shocked, when she looked at him. She was still dressed when she gently put her hands to his bruised ribs and side.
“I’ve had worse.” He ran a hand through her hair and watched her. Her eyes were fixed on his upper body, on the injuries. “This will heal in no time.”
“You should still cool it a bit, maybe.”
“Can’t you just kiss it better? I can put ice on it tomorrow, but right now I’d rather get some sleep.”
Haley looked in his eyes and smiled, before she put her lips to his chest, then his ribs and down his side. Patrick closed his eyes and sighed deeply. His hand was still at the back of her head, and when she straightened he pulled her close to kiss her lips.
“Thank you.” He whispered, slowly pushing his hands beneath the jersey she was wearing. His hands skimmed her stomach, her sides, up to her breasts. When she shivered under his touch, he let out a little chuckle.
“This is not fair.” Haley gave his butt a little slap. Her eyes searched his. “I thought you wanted to go to sleep.”
“Oh, that was my plan. But seeing you in my jersey, with nothing but your underwear beneath it, made me change my plans.” With that he picked her up and threw her onto the bed.
“Patrick!” Haley squeaked as he quickly covered her with his body. Suddenly, he wasn’t so tired anymore.


Cover Me

Cover Me

NC-17 Romance Comedy Drama

April Duncan hits rock bottom when she tried to steal Jonathan Toews' car to escape from Chicago


Completed ✓
9.7 17 Votes


By far the best fanfic I've ever read! <3
kanersgirl kanersgirl
God Duncan is such an ass.
DS21CH62 DS21CH62
oh my.....
hockaayy hockaayy
Wonderful! :)
DS21CH62 DS21CH62
more please!
hockaayy hockaayy