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Just a Little Longer

Chapter 20

A little more than a month later the playoffs had started. The Blackhawks had won the first four games of the first series and didn’t yet know who they would be up against next. Winning in only four games gave them the opportunity to watch the other games and relax a little in between trainings.
Jonathan, April, Patrick and Haley were able to spend an afternoon together with the Sharps in their backyard. It was a sunny day and it was good for them to sit together and laugh about ridiculous things.
After Jonathan had punched Duncan in the face, it had been in different newspapers, but the one Haley worked for printed the whole story. They showed everyone what a douchebag Duncan really was. Jonathan got into trouble with the managers at first, but once he’d cleaned up the situation they stayed quiet. Nobody could blame him for doing it. His team applauded him and hoped that they’d never see Duncan again.
With Duncan gone, they needed someone in the sports department, especially for hockey. Since Haley knew more than enough about the sport, they offered her the job. She would have been stupid if she had said no. All the guys encouraged her, so she found herself in the locker room after games to ask the important questions.
“How do you like your new job?” April asked looking at Haley. She’d been gone for the last three weeks. The band she’d opened up for a couple of months ago had asked her to join them on a tour through Europe. They’d started in France, then Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom. Three weeks, ten shows and a whole lot of fun and experience. It had been really good for April, but she’d missed Jonathan terribly.
He’d missed her as well and that had shown in his attitude on the ice. He’d been more aggressive in trainings when he got frustrated over something. At least they’d talked on the phone pretty much every day. April would go to Europe and tour with the guys again in a heartbeat, but she was glad to be back home now.
Now that April was back, Jonathan was a lot calmer. Anything could have happened in Europe. Especially after Haley’s encounter with Duncan, it was obvious that he’d worry. But he also knew that April was a strong woman and wouldn’t let anything like this happen. The band she was on tour with had said that they’d watch out for her.
“I love it. I know, I originally didn’t want to write about hockey, but it’s what I really know and my boss loves my articles.” Haley looked at Patrick before she answered April’s question.
She was so much happier now than she’d been when she’d first moved to Chicago. Of course she’d loved it, but the whole pretending-to-be-in-a-relationship-with-Patrick-Kane thing had been weird at first. In the end it had been the best decision she’d ever made. He’d helped her with her body issues, made her love herself again. Made her feel comfortable in his presence and she didn’t have a problem with skating in front of other people anymore. She was a lot more confident, she did what she loved and was surrounded by people who loved her for who she was.
In addition she’d become good friends with April and Abby, something she hadn’t had back home, because she’d been so focused on her career. After what had happened with Jonathan, when she’d nearly lost her life, she hadn’t been able to open up to other women at all. Always thinking that she wasn’t good enough, skinny enough, beautiful enough. Patrick had taking those worries away from her with loving her the way she was. He wanted what was best for her. So did everyone else.
They talked about all kinds of things, but in the end their conversation turned to hockey. Viktor Stalberg would probably be back in the lineup in their next game. He hadn’t been cleared to play until now because of his accident, but they were all positive that he’d be back with them the following week.
“Did Jane say anything about Viktor’s recovery?” Jonathan asked Patrick Sharp who’d known Jane the longest. He’d actually introduced Jane to Viktor and suggested her as his physiotherapist. With her take-no-shit attitude she’d been able to nurse him back, get him out of the house.
“She said that she’s positive that he will play.” Patrick nodded his head, a mischievous grin on his lips. “He’s doing well and he wants it so badly. Well, you know how he is.”
Yes, Jonathan did. And everyone else gathered there knew that as well. Viktor’s accident had come as a big shock to them. He was lucky that it had only been his leg and broken ribs and not his life. They couldn’t wait to have him back on the ice with them.
After enjoying dinner together, it was time for them to head home. The guys had training early the next morning, and they couldn’t afford to appear there tired because they’d spent the night talking, or even worse: drinking.
Patrick and Haley drove to his apartment where they’d spent most of their time together. Patrick’s apartment was bigger than Haley’s.
“You know, you should move in when the playoffs are over,” Patrick said once they were in the apartment. He took off his shoes and wrapped his arms around her from behind, feeling her stiffen. Patrick sighed, not letting go of her. “I know it’s a big step and you’re probably scared, but it’s only logical.”
“I know.” Jane put her hands on top of his and closed her eyes.
“You’ve practically been living here anyway. In the last couple of months, we’ve spent what? Five nights on your apartment? You wouldn’t have to pay rent for the old apartment and this one is closer to your office and the rink.”
“I know all that.”
“What’s the problem then?”
Haley turned around in his arms and kissed him. She wrapped her arms around him before leaning her head against his chest. “I love you Patrick, and of course I’ll move in with you.”
“That’s what I wanted to hear.” He ran a hand through her hair. “But why did you hesitate?”
“Because you’re my biggest adventure, Patrick.” She smiled up at him, happy about how things have turned out. “It’s wonderful and scary at the same time, so it’s only natural that I hesitated.”
“Yeah, it definitely is scary.”
“And here I thought you weren’t afraid of anything.”
“I’m afraid of losing you. Of doing something stupid that will make you leave me. Or that I won’t be good enough for you.”
“Oh, Patrick.” Haley squeezed him tight.
If someone had told Patrick Kane that he’d be in a relationship by now, soon live with a woman he loved, he would have laughed at them. But he was more than happy to be with Haley, because she made him laugh, make his heart beat faster like only hockey could apart from her. He couldn’t wait for her to move in properly.


Cover Me

Cover Me

NC-17 Romance Comedy Drama

April Duncan hits rock bottom when she tried to steal Jonathan Toews' car to escape from Chicago


Completed ✓
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By far the best fanfic I've ever read! <3
kanersgirl kanersgirl
God Duncan is such an ass.
DS21CH62 DS21CH62
oh my.....
hockaayy hockaayy
Wonderful! :)
DS21CH62 DS21CH62
more please!
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