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Just a Little Longer

Chapter 3

It was the day of the concert, their first “date” and Haley had to admit that she was a bit nervous. It wasn’t a real date, but the public would assume that. She’d talked to a colleague at the newspaper about her date, but had only said his first name. They’d find out soon enough, that his last name was Kane and he was somebody they knew about. They’d torment her with questions tomorrow. At least that was the plan.
For the concert she’d chosen jeans, a long, white shirt, black cardigan and black ankle boots. She wore a thick, red scarf that went well with her dark grey coat. One more look in the mirror to check her hair, a look in her purse to see if she had everything and she could leave her apartment. To her surprise Patrick had been on time. She’d told him to text her when he was in front of the building so that she didn’t have to stand in the cold. Actually, she’d expected him to be here at least ten minutes late.
When she got out of her apartment, Patrick was leaning against his car, watching the entrance. He showed a little grin, when she got closer. What was that he was holding in his hand? Oh my God, he’d brought her flowers. No roses, but a beautiful, small bouquet. It was gorgeous.
“Hey,” Haley said, a little unsure about how to greet him. She needn’t have worried, because Patrick leaned in and pecked her on the cheek before handing her the flowers. “You really didn’t have to buy me flowers.”
“This is a date, right?” Patrick looked her up and down, and opened the passenger door for her. “So I think we should do this the right way. Besides, I wanted to bring you flowers. I don’t usually do anything that I don’t want to do.”
She got in the car and smelled the flowers when he went around the car and couldn’t see her. Okay, her last proper date had been a while ago and it was nice to be treated that way. Even if it was for a fake relationship and she had to be careful around Patrick. He’d been right. She had to get used to him touching her unannounced, doing all that couple stuff, but he’d still been a jerk back then. Instead of pulling her close he could have told her that. Baby steps. But no, he had to do it his way.
Haley would try to forget about this for the night. They were here to have some fun and she had to write an article about the concert right when she got home. There was no interview, just the review of the concert.
“You look really nice,” Patrick said awkwardly, his eyes on the road ahead.
“Are you saying this because that’s what you do on dates?” She couldn’t suppress a grin. She shot him a glance, but quickly looked straight ahead again.
“No. I really mean that.”
“In that case, thank you.”
They were silent for the rest of the car ride. Patrick opened the door for her when they reached the House of Blues. It was really crowded, people were lining up to get inside. Tickets were sold out. For once they were both happy to stand at the side of the side of the stage. They didn’t have to be directly in front of it. Where they were standing now they’d have a good view at the stage and still had enough room to move their arms. They‘d left their coats in the car.
“Would you like something to drink?” Patrick asked her and took a quick look around.
“A beer would be nice. Thank you.” Haley watched him go, before she took in the atmosphere. It was her first time at the House of Blues in Chicago and she already loved it. She scribbled down a few notes, when Patrick appeared again. “Oh, what about you?”
“I’m trying to stay away from the alcohol for obvious reasons, so I’ll stick to water.” He shrugged his shoulders, but still had the hint of a smile on his face. Haley could understand this. It was probably a wise decision. Well, she couldn’t judge that, since she only knew the stories, but Jonathan would probably say the same.
The lights went out and the singer of the band came on stage. The whole room erupted in applause, but he tried to silence them immediately.
“Good evening Chicago! My name is Josh and we will begin our set in a few minutes. Before that we’ve got a special treat for you. This is her first appearance in front of a crowd this big and she will wow you with her voice. She’s a dear friend, a wonderful singer and songwriter. Please welcome: April Duncan!”
“What?!” Patrick and Haley said in unison. They looked at each other and then back to the stage. And there she was. April with her guitar and a shy smile on her lips.
“I have to call Jonathan!” Patrick fumbled for his mobile phone.
“Good idea.” So this was the woman who’d stolen Jonathan’s heart and had left him alone.
“Jonny? You’ve got to get your ass to the House of Blues NOW: April’s on stage.” As soon as Patrick had uttered the words, Jonathan had hung up on him. Patrick left Haley alone for a moment to talk to the securities and ask them to tell Jonathan where they were. It wasn’t a problem at all. And now they waited. Both, Haley and Patrick, were too stunned by the fact that April was there and by the way she sung to talk much about anything.
She was long gone from the stage when Jonathan appeared there. He thanked them both for letting him know. Haley would have liked to tell him that she’d get him backstage, but he would be able to do this all by himself. Jonathan left them alone immediately. After all, it wouldn’t be so good if there were pictures of him together with them, because it was supposed to be a date.
“Do you think he’ll be alright?” Haley looked up at Patrick, slightly worried about her childhood friend.
“Yeah, he’ll be fine. Now that he knows where he can find April and hopefully get a proper explanation from her, he’ll be a lot better. Don’t worry and enjoy the rest of the concert.”
And they did. The concert was great. They didn’t talk much, and they didn’t even have to. It was too loud to talk. They looked at each other a couple of times and were both stunned when April took the stage once again with the band and sang her song together with them.
They took the short way out of the room and Patrick reached for Haley’s hand. She didn’t protest, but instead wrapped her fingers around his and walked quietly next to him. They were both smiling, giving the perfect look of a happy couple.
“Thanks for taking me to the concert with you.” Patrick looked at her before he started the engine.
“Thanks for coming with me. It’s more fun to go together with someone than going alone.” She meant it. Going to a concert alone was boring and even though they’d hardly talked, she’d known that someone had been there with her. Patrick dropped her off in front of her building and got out again.
Haley put a hand on his shoulder and kissed his cheek. “I’ll see you tomorrow then.”
“Yes. Good night Haley.”
“Good night.” She turned around and got into her apartment building. Well, that had gone a lot better than she’d expected. Now she only had to write her article and the following day she’d find out from Jonny what had happened with him and April.


Thank you guys :)
This chapter has got a bit more to do with "Cover Me", just so you know, but it's not that important for the development of this story


Cover Me

Cover Me

NC-17 Romance Comedy Drama

April Duncan hits rock bottom when she tried to steal Jonathan Toews' car to escape from Chicago


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By far the best fanfic I've ever read! <3
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Wonderful! :)
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