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Blurred Lines

Very Own

Margaret walked along the red carpet with her father alongside her. She could hear both of their names being called through the speakers at TD Garden.

“Now here with us today is the star goaltender from the 1980 gold medal U.S.A. hockey team, Jim Craig! Along with his daughter who has led the woman Terriers to 3 national championships, Boston University’s very own #30 Margaret Craig!”

With them coming out of the tunnel came cheer and applause. Some of the male fans going wild just seeing Margaret. They stepped onto the red carpet atop of the ice and the spotlight came over the two of them as they walked to their spot next to Rene Rancourt. Margaret and Jim both smiled and waved at the 17,000 plus fans around the arena.

Margaret looked up at the jumbotron and saw herself and her dad. He was in his 28 years old Olympic USA jersey, black suit pants, and black dress shoes. She saw herself in her red and white Terriers jersey, from under her jersey she could see the white flowy skirt she wore under her jersey and she saw sparkle from her gold sparkly high heels. Her father’s gray hair seemed to shine in the blinding light from the spotlight. His white jersey seemed to look brand new, not almost 30 years old. And a huge smile was on his face. Not matter she knew that her dad missed being on the ice. Even with the ice just under the carpet she knew in the way he was acting that he missed it.

The darken arena in a matter of seconds seemed to glow red, white, and blue when every screen in the arena turned into the American flag. The organ began to play the Star Spangle Banner and Rene Rancourt began to sign. Margaret and Jim both put their hands over their chest and sang along with Rene and the rest of the arena.

Margaret’s dark green eyes went to the Bruins starting line to have her eyes land on Brad Marchand. Her dad had made it his mission to have Bruins staring left wing as a son-in-law. Ever since the two had met Marchand has liked her. He has had many failed attempts to ask her out and stuff. But after a huge win over Boston College Margaret and the team went out to celebrate, that same night the Bruins got a big win over the Canadians. The woman’s Terries and the Bruins had met up some time that night, and Margaret at some point late in the night went home with Marchand, ever since then he has thought that Margaret’s wanted him. Sure she thought he was attractive, but she could never see herself with him in a real relationship.

Margaret looked to the Bruins starting lineup seeing their first line. Her gaze went to the man in the white away jersey with the ‘C’ above his heart. His head was looking down at his skates a he moved them back and forth a little. He looked up at her and she winked at him, he smiled and returned the wink.

Before she knew it the arena went into applause when the song ended. Margaret walked back with Jim and Rene, but before leaving to go to their seats she looked back to take a glance back at the Penguins savor. Then the team skated around the ice and teams were getting ready for the puck to drop.

Margaret removed her jersey, folding up as walked to the elevator to the VIP Garden Suites

“Brad said he wanted you to come a party after the game.”

Jim said when he hit the ‘up’ button on the wall and they waited for the elevator. Margaret rolled her eyes and looked at her jersey in her hands.

“Tell him I’ll think about it.”

“Why don’t you tell him?”

A ding sounded from the wall and the metal doors opened and Margaret quickly walked in and pressed the 19th floor button. Her dad walked in and stood next to her. She folded her arms over her chest and lend against the wall and just looked at the metal doors.


‘What dad?”

“Why can’t you just Brad a chance?”

“I have. A lot of chances mind you.”

“Give him one more. For me, please.”

Margaret rolled her eyes and let out a sigh.

“Fine, I’ll go out with him tonight. This is the last time you are going to bug me about getting with him.”

Jim put up his arms in defense, letting a smile grow on his face and letting out a small laugh. Margaret let a smile pay itself on her lips than the elevator dinged and the doors opened. She looked up to the light on the 19th floor and the two of them stepped out of the elevator. They walked down the fancy looking hallway and looked for suit ‘N29’.

When they found the suit and Jim opened the door for her and she walked in. Quickly she went to a chair at the edge of the room so she was looking out at the TD Garden, watching the goaltenders like a hawk.

The ones in goal were Tuukka Rask and Marc-Andre Fleury. Tuukka has given her some pointer with her goaltending and his pointer had improved her game in ways of winning the national championship last year. Than there was Marc-Andre, she thought he was a great goaltender but when it came to the playoffs he won’t be so hot.
Jim walked over with two beers in his hand and put one in front of his daughter and looked down at the game below them.

“How’s school?”

“In the way of hockey.”

Jim rolled his eyes at his daughter and took a drink of his beer.

“Look Meg, school is important.”

“Dad, it’s always in the way. If I want to make the Olympic team, I need school out of the way.”

“When I was-”

“You were out of school. Than you were drafted to Atlanta, I know. I but I don’t have the luxury of being in the NHL.”

Jim looked over at Margaret seeing that her eyes were still glued to the ice below them, but he
followed her light cold blue eyes to see her watching the man in the white away jersey with the number 87 on the back.

The Penguins won over the Bruins in a shootout, 5-4. Crosby won it for the Penguins after James Neal and Evgeni Malkin couldn’t make it past Tuukka.

Margaret stood by the wall waiting for her group of Bruins to exit the dressing room. Her white
iPhone was in her hands and was texting Marchand.

Hurry up slow poke.

Footsteps were coming from down the hall, making Margaret look up seeing a small group of Penguins walking out of the visitors dressing room. The group included Evgeni Malkin, James Neal, Kris Letang, Matt Cooke, Tyler Kennedy, Jordan Staal, Max Talbot, Sergei Gonchar, Brooks Orpik, Paul Bissonnette, Marc-Andre Fleury,and Sidney Crosby.

“Hey! Isn't that Jim Craig daughter?”

Staal said loud enough for her to hear.

“Damn she’s hot.”

Bissonnette said with a stupid grin on his face as he looked from Margaret to Jordan. Margaret looked up from her phone and smiled at the Penguins as they got closer.

“Thanks Bissonnette.”

She said with a smile on her face. He smiled at her and winked.

“Your welcome.”

The group stopped in front of her.

“I’m Margaret, by the way.”

“I’m Paul, this is Jordan,”

He said pointing to the tall blonde next to him and continued to introduce the rest of the Penguins to her.

“And this here is out star, Sidney Crosby.”

Margaret looked up at the Canadian, seeing a pair of caramel coloured eyes looking back at her. She felt like everyone else had disappeared.

“Um, hey.”

He said looking into her blue eyes.

“Oh God, we lost her.”

Talbot said braking whatever Sidney and Margaret were in. Than Margaret’s phone went off in her hand and she looked down seeing that Marchand had texted her.

Heading out with the boys. Love what you are wearing ;) -Honey Badger

“Are you guys going out to celebrate?”

“Trying, but Crosby won’t go.”

Bissonnette said pointing at Sidney, who rolled his eyes.

“I’m going out with some of the guys if you guys want to drop by.”

Than the door of the Bruins dressing room opened and Margaret heard Marchand and Tyler talking.

“I gotta go.”

Margaret said pushing through the group of Penguins and met up with her Bruins.


She said when she met up with them and put her arm around Marchand. He looked over at her and smiled, and wrapped his arms around her lower back.

“Hey baby.”

He said kissing her cheek.

“Bye boys!”

Margaret called out and waved to the Penguins. She quickly looked back and saw Crosby still looked at her, than for the second time that night she shot a wink at the dark curly hair Canadian heartthrob.

Margaret sat in on the leather sofa in the VIP section in the club. Her drink was in her hand and Marchand kissing her neck, as she sat in his lap. She started to giggle at him and moved her neck away from him in a drunken giggle fit.

“Brad stop it.”

She said turning her head so she was looking at him.

“What are you looking at?”

She said with a little smile on her face and she bit her lip.


He said then kissed her. Instantly Margaret kissed him back, the kiss was hungry and full of tongue. In her drunken state she really didn't care that he was shoving his tongue down her throat and know that if she went home that wouldn’t be the only thing he’s put down her throat. Brad slowly moved his hand up her leg and past her skirt.


She moaned into the kiss.

“Come on Megs. Let’s get out of here.”

He said making her get up. Than the two of them walked out of the bar and out to his truck.
As she jumped into his truck she looked down at her phone to see that Tyler had texted her.

by asked for you number and I gave it to him. Thant ok?-Seggy

Hey. It's Sidney Crosby. This is Margaert right?-Unknown

Reading the text Meg's heart did a flip.

Sidney fucking Crosby has my number!


Rate and comment. I promise I'll most more longer chapters in the future!!!


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stop winking at Crosby lol
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