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There's Something About That Girl

First Impressions

He couldn't get her off of his mind everywhere he went he would see her. He saw her in Pittsburgh, he saw her in Toronto, he saw her in New York. At first he had thought she was just another reporter itching to get an interview about the lockout. But than he realized she had no notebook or pen, she hadn't gone up to any players with a tape recorder. In fact she looked rather bored with it all. If he actually thought about it she looked a little young to be a reporter.

Than he started thinking maybe she was a stalker. But once again that took him back to the thought, that everytime he saw her she didn't seem to effected by any of the guys. Maybe that's what made stalkers good at what they did. But from what he could tell she looked too innocent to be a professional stalker.

He hadn't actually hadn't gotten a close enough look of her, to know exactly what she looked like. He had just seen her far off, not to far off, but far enough to say he couldn't tell you what she exactly looked like. It was more like he had seen her from across a room, or across the coffee shop, or walking into the locker room at the gym he went to. She was everywhere.

About the only thing he was certain of was she had long dark brown hair. With a nicely toned body, from what he could tell. Well actually knew it was nicely toned. Yeah he admitted to himself he had been perving on her body at the gym. This girl haunted him day and night. But all he knew there was just something about this girl, something he wanted to get to know..... And he was determined to get to know this girl.

Sidney walked into one of the Starbucks he was familiar in Pittsburgh. He had only meant to come back for a few days to check on his house. Also to spend some time with Mario and Nathalie, and the kids. Somehow he had ended up being here for two extra weeks. Well he actually intentionally stayed longer. He found that this year, even though there was no hockey. He found himself staying longer in Pittsburgh.

Sure he had returned home a few times to Nova Scotia. He loved being around his parents and his sister and even his true friends. But sometimes his father was overbearing on everything that concerned him. Sidney just wanted to be normal sometimes and not feel the pressure.

Now he found himself in a Starbucks that he frequented during the season. It was cold enough that he was bundled up in a coat and hat and gloves. Now he just wanted to get his cup of tea and get going. It was going to be a long long day.

'All he wanted to do was to play. Right now they would be probably be celebrating a win or a loss. But no everybody was just sitting around on their asses waiting. Well almost everybody, some guys were off playing. This whole thing just really sucked. Especially since it was happening this year. The year that he finally felt a hundred percent to play. For the first time in two years he felt ready to play, like he knew he could.' he thought to himself.

He was brought out if his thoughts when he heard the sound of things being dropped and a string of cuss words, afterwards. Everyone's attention in the coffee shop turned to the front door where the commotion was coming from. There was several scattered boxes across the floor by the front door. Sidney could see a small dishelved figure scurrying around trying to pick up the packages.

No one seemed to be in a hurry to help this girl. Sidney stepped out of his place and line and made his way towards this girl. He bent down to pick up two of the boxes, standing up he turned towards this girl. As soon as she stood and fixed her ear warmer's and some of her hair out of her face. Sid knew this was the girl who had been invading his every thought and dream these past couple of weeks.

"Uh here you go," Sid said, holding out the packages to her.

"T-thanks," she stuttered slightly, taking the packages from his hand. When she looked up her brown eyes widen slightly.

Sidney wasn't sure if it was from realization of who he was or something else. This was the first time she seemed really shaken up being around a professional athlete. Of course this was the first time he had been close enough to gage her reaction.

"Your welcome." Sid replied and turned back towards the line. Turning back around towards her. "Would you like to get a drink with me?" He asked, suddenly nervous about her answer.

"Ummmm sure," she answered, looking slightly over her shoulder out the door. Than turning back towards him, they both headed to the line.

"I'm Sidney by the way," He said, once they were standing in line together.

"Oh I know who you are. Everybody knows who you are Mr. Crosby," she said with a small smirk.

Sidney looked down at the girl, well woman standing next to him. She was short, but not much shorter than himself. Her hair and a dark brown. And her eyes matched her hair. Looking over her more carefully, he noticed that her skin seemed to be tan. And not one of those faked orange spray on tans, but a real one. She also seemed to have matching dimples.

"Oh so you do know who I am," he responded, somewhat dejectedly.

"Yup," she replied, with a slight pop of the 'p'.

"We'll can I know who you are?" He asked, sticking his hands in his pockets. Rocking back and forth on the heels of his shoes.

"Oh well I'm........" She started, but got cut off by the ringing of the front door bell going off.

"Annie lets go," a voice hollered.

"Sorry I've got to go," Annie said, with a small smile.

She turned to leave him, walking over to the young guy who had yelled out to this girl. Sid watched as she had a huge smile on her face when she joined the guy and immidetaly started laughing. While handing over the packages in her arms. Sid felt jealousy surge through him, watching these two together. Sid looked at the pair of them again.

And cursed under his breath when he realized the guy who had hollered at her was his newest team member Brandon Sutter. 'Shit that's his girlfriend. Of course she knew who he was. That also explained why she had been at all the meetings'. It was like a train wreck for Sid, he knew he should stop watching them. But he just couldn't take his eyes off of them as Brandon lead them out of the coffee shop. With his hand placed on her lower back.

Just as Sid went to turn around and take his eyes off a girl he once again could not have. He saw her turn her head back towards him with a smile and a wink.


A few days later it was Christmas Eve and Sidney found himself still in Pittsbrugh. He wasn't quiet sure what he was still doing there. This would be his first Christmas he could actually be home with his family, but decided not to be there.

Now Sid found himself standing in front of his full length mirror fixing his white button down long sleeved shirt and tucking it into his dress pants. He was getting himself ready for the Lemieux's annual Christmas Eve party.

He had thought about turning down Nathalie's invite. But knew he couldn't get away with that with her.

Taking a last look in the mirror he grabbed his wallet and shoved it in his back pocket. Than grabbed his keys off his dresser and headed downstairs. He set his alarm and locked the door behind him, when he walked out. Hopping in his vehicle he drove the short distance to the Lemieux's house. There were already a ton of cars and other vehicles in the driveway and on the street.

Parking and getting out of his vehicle and wondered up towards the front door. Walking in the door without knocking.

"Sidney," a voice squealed, as a small body came slamming into his body.

"Hey Alexa," Sid replied, hugging the youngest Lemieux child. He wrapped his arms around her and gave her a huge hug.

Letting go of her, he gave her hair a ruffle and chuckled when he saw her cheeks burn bright red.

Sidney made his rounds around the Lemieux's house saying his 'hellos' and shaking hands with other. He even stopped and made some small talk with his friends and teammates. Well the ones that happened to be in town. Most of them were either in Canada with their families or in Europe. Or just with their families.

He first noticed her when he was making the rounds. She looked even more beautiful tonight, than he had ever seen her. She was wearing a simple black cocktail dress with heels. Her hair was up in some sort of twist thing. She was all smiles and laughter, he could see a brightness in her eyes.

Sid grabbed a beer off a passing tray and loosened his collar. He made his way outdoors. He was starting to feel a little bit hot.

"Well we meet again Mr. Crosby," her voice said from behind him.

"You made a fool of me the other day. You could have told me you were Sutters girl." Sid answered, instead of saying 'hello'.


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