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I still don’t know how it happened. Four months ago Anze Kopitar gave me his number while I was working as a waitress at Outback. Now, we’re dating. I go to all of his home games and he sometimes surprises me at my work.

“Come here, beautiful.” Anze cooed as I just clocked out for the night. I walked into his arms and snuggled into his chest. “How was practice today?” I asked him. “It was okay. The same old stuff.” He sighed. Outside of my work, he leaned down so we could kiss. His kisses were something else. His lips were so soft and warm against mine. He reluctantly pulled away and smiled at me. “Let’s go to my place and relax. My family’s back in Slovenia for the next two weeks.” He sighed with a smile. I blushed.

We got to his house near the beach. It was a nice LA night out. Anze tugged on my arm so I would follow him to the couch. “I want to go outside, babe.” I whined as he made me sit on his lap. He pouted. I knew that pout. He wanted a certain something. “Anze, I know that you’re ready for us to go farther. And I want to. But my last relationship ruined sex for me.” I admitted as I played with his necklace. “Talk to me, beautiful. What did he do? How do you like it?” he asked. I bit my lip and looked him in the eyes. Would he judge me for being afraid of my sexual performance? “Adam, he started out so nice. When we would…have sex, it was amazing. He said I was the best he had. But down the road, around our two year anniversary, he changed. He started saying I was horrible. I didn’t even make him hard anymore. That I couldn’t do anything during sex correctly.” Anze tilted my head so I would look at him. “Tell me how you like it, baby.” He cooed. I shrugged and felt myself blush, “I like it romantic. Slow and gentle. Candles and wine,” I chuckled a little. “Sounds stupid, doesn’t it?” I asked. Anze caressed my cheek and kept a straight face, “I think that sounds wonderful. Don’t ever doubt yourself, baby.” I leaned down and gave him a gentle kiss. “Thank you for being so sweet, Anze. That means a lot to me.” I cooed.

Anze and I didn’t do anything more. We talked, cuddled, and kissed. He was never forceful or angry at me for not going farther. “Did you eat at work?” Anze asked around 8pm. “I had some mashed potatoes for lunch around four. But other than that, I haven’t had anything else.” Anze easily moved me off of his lap and grabbed his cell. “Chinese?” he asked. I nodded happily. He sat back down with me and ordered our dinner. I nipped and nuzzled at his neck in order to amuse myself. “What are you doing to me, Sarah?” Anze whined as I nipped his soft spot. “Amusing myself with you.” I answered. He pulled my upper body back into his lap and nibbled my earlobe. “Not fair.” I sighed.

We ate our food as any other couple would, sharing thoughts and food with the mindless drone of the TV playing in the background. “I don’t suppose you’d want to come to my game in Anaheim?” he asked as I cleaned up. “Babe, you know I’d love to, but I can’t. I have work. They cut my hours so I need to work more days to pay my rent.” I explained. Anze sighed but didn’t fight me on it.

A week passed by quickly. Anze was acting strange and he wouldn’t let me over his house today or yesterday. “Are you mad at me?” I asked him over the phone. “No, but I’d like you to come over.” He sounded so tired. He had long practice and just gotten home. “Anze, aren’t you tired, babe?” I sighed. “Please, Sarah?” I looked at the clock 5:15 pm. “I’ll be there soon.” I said before hanging up. I grabbed my purse and a pair of flip flops before getting into my 2009 Dodge Avenger. Anze’s family had yet again gone back to Slovenia. They would be returning December 15th.

I arrived at Anze’s house and walked inside. He had recently given me a key to his home. “Anze, where are you?” I called out. He popped up at the top of the stairs and motioned for me to meet him up there. I did. He touched my cheek and smiled. “Come with me. I have something to show you.” He cooed. “Why have you been so distant this week? You wouldn’t even let me over for Thanksgiving. Did I do something wrong? I’m sorry if I did.” I whispered. “I’ll show you why. Follow me, baby. I promise you’ll understand everything soon.” I sniffled but followed anyway.

The master bedroom, usually bear of romance, was now the epitome of beauty. The soft green walls glowed with the flames of the candles spread about the room. The room had a smell of Anze’s aftershave, a scent I loved. New dark green and off white sheets covered the queen sized bed. My favorite white wine sat next to two glasses on his dresser. “I did this all for you. Since we discussed everything—” I cut him off by placing my lips over his. He happily kissed back and held me close. “You remembered what I said. You really listened.” I whispered more to myself.

He made me sit on the bed and began to strip me of my clothes. First were my shoes. As each piece of clothing left my body, Anze covered the newly exposed skin with kisses. His scruff hurt yet excited me. “Are you sure?” he asked. I nodded shyly. He pulled off his own shirt before climbing on top of me. “If I hurt you or you want to stop, just tell me and we can stop.” I felt my heart flutter at his words. I laid against the soft sheets as Anze worked his way all over my body. No spot was left bear of kisses and attention. I relished in the amazing sensations I had never really felt with a guy before. Anze tugged at my yoga pants and I gulped. Was I completely ready for this step with him? “Are you all right with this?” he asked. I nodded and lifted my bum up.

He smiled when the first bit my black lacy boy shorts showed. My pants joined my shirt on the floor and Anze went to work on my thighs. I tensed at the feelings. “Relax, my beauty. I want to make you feel good tonight.” He cooed. I relaxed my muscles as he planted soft kisses on my panty-clad mound. He worked his way up to my lips and kissed me deeply. I could feel his erection poking my thigh and I blushed. “I’m ready, Anze. Take me.” I whispered. He obliged and reached into his dresser. He pulled out a condom wrapper before kissing me again. “I feel as if you aren’t getting anything in return.” I whispered as he pulled off his boxer-briefs. “Trust me, baby. I’m getting just as much as you are. If I make you feel good tonight, I’ll get the same amount of pleasure as you.” He explained as he put the condom on his length. He was huge and thick.

I pulled off my boy shorts and moved close to him. “Look at me.” I whispered as he positioned himself at my entrance. Out foreheads met and our eyes never moved from each other’s as he entered me. I let out a hard breath as my body reacted to the huge intruder. “Am I hurting you?” he asked with a ragged breath. “No, I’ve just never been with someone so big.” I whispered. We held each other as I got used to his size. “I’m ready.” I cooed in his ear. He slowly pushed more of himself into me as I left a mark on his neck. “You’re so tight…” he moaned. “I was waiting for you.” I replied as I sucked on the rounded edge of his collar bone. His paw-like right hand moved from my hip to my breast. Teasing and nipping, he made sure my nipples were as peaked as possible. His grunts let me know that my bites, kisses, and counter-thrusts were satisfying him. “I’m so glad we waited, baby. You feel so good.” I moaned.

His thrusts began to get sloppy as I tightened around him. I knew we wouldn’t last long. We both went almost two years without being touched by another person. “I’m so close, Anze. Please don’t stop.” I moaned as I scratched at his back. “I won’t, baby, I won’t. Oh god…” he replied with a deep animalistic moan. My orgasm hit my entire body so hard that I whimpered and felt tears spill down my cheeks. Anze kissed me to quiet me and let me know he was there. “I’m gonna, Sarah. I’m so close.” He panted. Even though my body was spent and my mind was tired, I kept up my counter-thrusts so Anze could release. “Keep going, babe, I’m right here.” I cooed. I knew he was about to explode when he buried his face in my neck and groaned. We both rode it out.

In the afterglow, Anze and I cuddled so close not even air could fit between us. We sipped wine and kissed lovingly. “Thank you for everything, Anze. Especially tonight and showing me that a guy can be gentle.” I whispered. Anze smiled and played with my belly button dangle ring. “Anything for my beauty.” He cooed. He tilted my head to the left and gave me a warm, gentle kiss.

Anze and I slept the day away until he had to leave for morning skate. He let me sleep in his warm bed while he was gone. I felt at ease with my past relationships now that I let Anze show me what a man could do. Around one, Anze woke me up. “Morning, beautiful.” He cooed. I wrapped myself up in the sheets and sat up. “Morning, handsome. How was skating?” I asked. He smiled and gave me a deep kiss. “It was fine. Just like always. Coach thinks we’ll do really well at our next game.” I pulled him close again and kissed him. “I think it’s time for your afternoon nap.” I cooed. Anze smiled. “Not until I get something to drink. Would you like anything?” he offered. I shook my head and watched him disappear.

When he returned, he had a glass of sugar-free lemonade. “Come to bed, Anze.” I cooed. He stripped down to his boxer briefs and crawled up my sheet covered body. “You smell like green apples.” He whispered. I laughed and pulled his weight onto me. “I want to tell you something but I don’t want you to freak out.” Anze moved next to me and played with the ends of my hair. “I think I love you, Kopitar. You’ve been so kind to me these past months. You never judged me or yelled at me for worrying about my past. You don’t have to love me back. I just thought you should know.” Anze moved my gaze to him and he smiled, “I love you too, Sarah. I was worried at first that you wouldn’t be able to handle my crazy life. But you’ve been amazing. I’m glad you have confided in me and I’m glad I have confided in you.”

Together Anze and I took a nap. Everything about being with Anze Kopitar felt right. We could be ourselves without any judgment. I loved him for the small town Slovenian boy not for the NHL superstar he’s become.


This is copied from my mibba: anzekopitar


I love it <3 There need to be more stories with him :(