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Ignite Your Bones

one and done

Steven sighed heavily, closing his eyes as he sat back against the cushion as the warmth took over his body. The hot temperature here was different from the sun in Tampa. The heat pressed into his still sore muscles as the sun beat down on his frame.

His season was rough. Though being the league’s top-goal scorer he was unable to carry his team to the playoffs. After such an amazing run coming within one game, one goal from the Stanley Cup finals the season before, they crashed and burned and left their veteran goalie out to dry. He was surprised the fans stuck with them as much as they did, but maybe they were hoping for just as much of a miracle as he was. And now, even though he was on vacation, he couldn’t help but replay all the missed shots, all the games they should have won, and how there was the low rumble amongst the players that they wouldn’t be playing next season.

“You need to stop worrying so much, Steven. You’re too young to be giving yourself wrinkles.” Megan had been watching her boyfriend carefully since he joined her at their spot on the beach. His entire body was still tense, even though the season had ended a few short weeks ago for them.

She had booked this vacation as soon as it was certain that the Lightning were out of the running. Knowing Steven would want to get as far away from the city that he felt he personally disappointed, she booked a week in St. Lucia for just the two of them. They left their phones and laptops at home. There was no way to communicate with anyone, and no way for him to compulsively check the scores of the ongoing playoffs and beat himself up. They needed a vacation from hockey and she thought getting him here was the least she could do. There should have been an award for Girlfriend of the Year. She would have won that hands down.

Reaching over, she pressed her fingertip lighting to his brow between his eyebrows, rubbing gently. “Please relax. We’re on vacation.”

Steven knew this. But he thought about how he could be on the ice right now, running drills for the playoffs. They could have taken the Panthers or Devils easily. But he would never know. “I know…I’m just…this was supposed to be our year again, you know?”

Megan nodded, leaning over to press her lips gently to his. “I know, babe. Next year. I feel it.” She smiled gently, brushing his hair back as she laid on the other chair beside him.

“Yeah…if we ever play a season.” He scoffed, shaking his head with his eyes still closed.

“Seriously, Steven. I will allow you to feel up any girl’s ass on this island for the duration of this trip if you stop talking about hockey.” Megan let out a frustrated sigh, pushing her sunglasses up higher on her nose as she shut her eyes tight.

Steven stayed quiet for a long minute and opened an eye to look Megan over. To say that she was the perfect fit for him would be an understatement. Her five-foot-five frame allowed the top of her head to just come up to his chest, perfect for the forehead kisses she seemed to love so much. “I’m sorry…” He reached over the small gap between their seats and laced his fingers with hers. “No more hockey talk.”

Megan nodded and rolled her head to look over at him, smiling gently as she squeezed his hand. “Good. Oh, and I signed us up for a tour of the island tomorrow morning. It’s private so you don’t have to worry about all the island hockey fans attacking you.” She teased, rolling her head back.

Steven chuckled and shook his head. “You’re horrible.”

“That would be a negative, Sir. I am amazing. You know it. I know it. Stop trying to fight my awesome.” She beamed, shutting her eyes.

“Ego check.” Steven laughed and launched up, laying himself over her.

“Boy, you are going to make my tan all uneven with your stupid, gangly body.” She giggled, before breaking into hysterics as his finger tips dug into her sides, tickling her. “Stop! Stop!”

“Gangly body?” He gasped in mock horror. “I’m buff-man from Buff Mountain!” He leaned down, blowing a raspberry over her neck. “Surrender to me, fair maiden!”

Megan squealed under him, squirming down the plastic lounge chair. “Steven Christopher Stamkos. You let me go this instant!” She wrapped her tiny hands around his wrists trying to pry him off of her.

“Ohh. Middle name. Megan Lauren McGrady must be serious.” He laughed, stilling his hands before leaning down to her, pressing his lips gently to hers, a smile playing on both their lips. “Tell me about this tour tomorrow.”

Megan smiled and brushed his hair back, looking his face over. "It's a surprise. It's fun though, I promise." She watched him give her a questioning look and she pouted. "Fine. You suck at keeping things a surprise. It's up on the mountain. Overlooks the entire island. You suck and I hate you for ruining my really cool romantic surprise." She huffed and pushed him off of her, grabbing her towel and headed back up the beach to their room.

Steven blinked, watching her walk away. "Meg!" He sat up, calling after her. "Megan!" Groaning, he grabbed his belongings and chased her up the sand. "Megan...stop. I'm sorry. I didn't know it actually meant that much to you...."

"Of course it did. You don't think this is hard on me? Seeing how miserable you are that you're not playing right now? I wish I could turn back the clock for you and put myself on the ice and block all those goals that made you guys lose a game. I wish I could have moved the goalie to allow you a 9000 goal season. You do so much for me, for everyone. I just wanted you to have a good day where I did something for you for once. Something I have control over...but thank you for reminding me I can't even do that." She shook her head and moved past him, throwing the towel on the chair as she slammed the glass door shut behind her.

Steven slid it back open, raising a brow and looked to her. "Megan...stop. You walking away isn't going to solve any of this. I can act surprised tomorrow...."

"That's not the point, Steven." She sighed, looking back to him as she pulled her clothes from her suitcase. "The point is, I'm trying. I'm trying to...fix this. Trying to make this better, but you don't want better. You just..." She sighed. "I'm sorry."

"Why are you sorry?" He sat on the bed, watching her.

"I'm sorry because..." She let out a frustrated sigh. "I'm sorry because... I can't fix it. I can't give you what you want most in the world and that kills me."

Steven blinked, watching her carefully, his hands reaching of for hers as he stood, pulling her to him and wrapped his arms around her. "This. Right here, what's happening right now? This is more than I want. You're better than a trophy. Better than a win. I love you, more than anything..." He eyed her body in front of him and for the first time today took a good look at her. Her bikini perfectly hugging her body and her hair slightly wind blown, he felt his cock twitch in his pants. Mostly from the attractive woman in front of him, but also, that this woman, his girlfriend, and all the lengths she had gone to please him.

Not looking away from his eyes, Megan pulled her body closer to his and wrapped her arms around his body. Her fingers pressed into the muscles of Steven's tense back, trying to soothe them out. She couldn't believe she'd taken things so far. She never expected to break down in front of him- she never wanted to. "I love you, too." She turned her face, resting her cheek on his chest and snuggled closer down into his body. "I loved you from the first moment I saw you. All sweaty and Canadian. World Juniors medal around your neck." Her fingers stoked at the back of his neck as she heard him chuckle into her hair.

"And you, all Canadian and raspy voice from screaming at the top of your lungs across the ice, swooning over Marchand." He squeezed her sides as she giggled, squirming.

"Marchand? Pinnochio? No. It was definitely all about Luke Schenn." She winked to him and crawled up on the bed, turning to face him.

"I always picked you as a Kyle Turris lover." He nodded, crawling over her body and kissed at her stomach.

Mean ran her fingers through his hair. "He's my number two. The Schenn's are the one I'd have a totally inappropriate three-some with."

"You're disgusting." Steven shook his head with a laugh and ran his fingertips down her sides, untying the strings of her bottom.

"Maybe throw in a little Subban? Mix things up?" Laying back, Megan ran her fingers through his hair, watching him.

"You do realize we saw him two weeks ago and will be seeing him again in no time, right?" His eyes darted up to her and she winked in return. Rolling his eyes, Steven peeled the fabric from her, kissing across her thighs.

"Maybe, but you're still between my legs right now so..." She shrugged as he nipped at her hip, causing her to jump and giggle.

"Are you done talking?" He laid his head on her thigh and smiled warmly as she brushed his hair back.

"Never..." She smiled and pulled his face up to hers, kissing him softly. "I love you. Gold medals or not."

"What about big silver cups?" His forehead rested against hers as he took a breath.

"You'll always be my Steven. I'm always going to be there when you get home. I'll always be there to help you ice your knees, change your bandages, make sure the blinds are closed for your naps, to make sure you have a balanced dinner before you leave, to make sure there is a warm bed after a loss and a cold beer after a win." Megan pressed her lips to his as she cupped his face warmly. "This is home."


There should have been an award for Girlfriend of the Year. She would have won that hands down.

I loved when they were teasing each other about players from WJCs past. What an adorable story!
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