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The Tango


“I can’t believe this,” she said under her breath as she wiggled her ass back into her jeans. They’d never even made it off her body. Nearby Steven straightened his tie. He was back to looking as good as he had when he bought her that drink. Too bad she knew he looked even better naked.

“So modest,” he teased. “You were full of tricks a few minutes ago. This should be easy.”

Kate stuck her tongue out at him. She could get past John. That was an act of necessity. What she couldn’t believe was doing it so she could race upstairs to have more sex. With a guy who’d been nothing more than a name on a jersey an hour ago. Now the touch, taste and feel of him were seared into her memory like a brand.

“Can’t we just make a run for it?” she asked.

Steven smirked. “If you can still run, I haven’t done my job.”

Poor John, she thought. There was no way she could ever be with him now. From behind, Steven drew her hair to one side and placed a gentle kiss to her neck. His arms wrapped her in a tight hug.

“I’ll make it worth your while,” he promised.

Kate squared her shoulders. “Just don’t get caught.”

She stepped into the hallway, letting the closet door close behind her. A quick hair fix and straightening of her shirt, then she lifted her chin and walked straight into the bar like she owned the place.

Four, three, two...

“Hey Kate!” someone yelled, then everyone. At least half of the Capitals were ranged around some pushed together tables with empty pint glasses between them. Her eyes fell on John, who was getting to his feet. He came around and opened his arms, she leaned into her chest and hoped he couldn’t feel her chest pounding.

“Hey, I was wondering where you were. Called you a few minutes ago.”

I hate myself, she thought a she turned so John’s back was to the bar. Through her smile she said, “I stopped for something to eat and it took longer than I thought. Just ducked into the bathroom here.”

“Can I get you a beer? We just...,” he started.

“Actually, I’m not feeling that great. I thought food would help but my stomach’s still weird. I think I’ll just go to bed.” Somewhere behind him, Steven should have been passing through the room with one shoulder up and his face casually turned away. She held her breath waiting for someone to spot him.

“Oh, okay. You sure? Need anything?” He was sweet but Kate thought John didn’t look all that disappointed. Or so she told herself.

“I’ll be fine, really. Stay and have fun. Sorry guys, I’m gonna go up.” She had their attention saying goodbye, just in case Steven had waited longer than instructed. That was all the time she could give him. With a squeeze from John, she headed out of the bar at a deliberately slow march.

In the lobby, she breathed a sigh of relief. One of the elevators was already climbing toward the tenth floor - that would be Steven. She pushed the call button.


Steven appeared beside her and she jumped. “What the hell?” Kate looked quickly around. No way to get from where they’d been to here without her passing right by him. “How did you...?”

A shit-eating grin spread across his face. “Back door. Went through the kitchen.”

He’d known that all along. They didn’t need to hide in that closet and she certainly didn’t need to put on a show for the Capitals.

“You asshole!” Kate shoved him but Steven caught her arm.

“I was going to say something, but it was so much more... fun your way.” His hand trailed up the inside of her arm. Despite her current mood, a deep ache of longing throbbed in her core. She gaped. “You wanted it,” he reminded her closely. She huffed. Steven moved his hand to her side, grazing beneath the hem of her Caps shirt. “And you got it. Now, don’t tell me that was enough for you, Kate.”

It better not be, Steven thought. He had plans. He was getting hard just thinking about putting her down underneath, having her on top, taking her anyway he wanted. Steven might just encourage her to scream this time.

“Think what we could do with a bed...,” his fingers slipped into her waistband, “a shower...,” and plucked the lace of her panties. “There’s a whole room of possibilities waiting upstairs.”

She felt faint. If she passed out in the elevator, Steven would probably fuck her anyway. The least she could do was stay awake for the start, then lose consciousness later when there was more to dream about. Between his breath on her neck and his hand in her pants, she was popping like oil in a pan. The elevator opened and he pulled her inside, right into his body.

“The only question is, what do I want to do to you first?”

Kate kissed him, as much to shut him up as to spend some of the energy between them. It seemed only a moment before the doors dinged at her floor. He had the key but she led the way. After the scandalous secret of the closet, the beep of a lock opening - and closing behind them - seemed like a checkered flag coming down.

They wrestled each other out of their clothes. Steven’s shirt was not cared for this time. It crumples on top of his jacket but under his pants in a heap on the rug. Kate’s Caps tee went flying for the final time. He pushed her down onto the bed and pulled her jeans off so hard they went inside out. The sight of her in bra and panties, tossed out, made him pause just long enough to ditch his shorts. Kate twisted out of her underthings and was naked when he landed on top.

He knew she was wet. He knew she was tight. But sinking his cock into her from this angle was a whole new world. Kate sobbed to feel him spreading her open.

“Mmm, louder baby. Let him hear you think time,” Steven said. Kate hooked her ankles and pulled him deep. “Fuuuck,” he breathed.

“Let him hear you,” she teased. “He’ll break down this door.”

Steven pushed her arms up overhead, pinning her shoulders. “I hope so. He can see what happens when a real man gets a hold of you.”

Her throaty giggle bubbled in his bloodstream as Kate laughed like she had earlier at the bar. “Guess I did underestimate you.”

They rolled and groped, every new position bringing new pleasure. Kate reveled in being handled so deftly, but wasn’t about to let him drive all night. She pushed herself on top and tossed her hair back. He watched her hand slide over her breast and stomach, down to the spot where they met, and tweak her clit. Kate bucked against her own touch and rode hard, shamelessly using him until she was close enough to be gasping. Then suddenly she rolled off. Steven groaned in surprise, but she was already pushing him down between her legs. His tongue raked her swollen clit and she moaned at full volume.

He liked that. He wanted to hear it and feel it and now to taste it. He wanted her to want him in a way that would make her do anything. Twisting and flicking her clit, Steven caught it between his lips and tugged. Kate’s back arched off the bed. Damn, she certainly wasn’t shy. His own hard-on pulsed painfully against the duvet. They were both so close. Steven dipped two fingers into her pussy and earned another moan.

“Yesohgod,” she gasped. He kept going, tugging and pumping, humping the bed beneath them for his own need. As much as he wanted to get her off with his mouth, Steven was too close to his own release. He pulled away with a wet pop.

“Nonopleasedonnn....” she tried to say, but he was already on top.

“Don’t you say no to me.” He plunged his dick inside her, growling at how tightly she was wound. Her back arched again. Steven squeezed his eyes shut against the force of it and thrust again and again like he was racing toward the finish line. A dirty command on his lips turned into a long, low moan as he exploded.

For Kate it was like being hit by a truck. His tongue had pushed her, fluttering and flustered, to the edge. The WHAM he ran her over with the force of that perfect body. Her head fell back, no sound from her open mouth, as she came in a pounding flash. It left her lifeless, sprawled beneath his weight.

For a few minutes, neither of them moved. Steven breathed so evenly that Kate thought he was asleep. She took the chance to admire his face, perfectly angled and sharp. The set of his thin lips belied everything he could do with that mouth. For now he just smiled.

“Your boyfriend back yet?”

Kate shook her head coquettishly. “You can still run.”

Steven flexed, making his still buried cock jump inside her wrecked body. “Or I can make you scream louder.”



Good because I really liked this, I like the story behind it and I freakin love Steven Stamkos
CatrinaMarie CatrinaMarie
@RNH_Fan That's it for this one, and I just finished my Eberle/Oilers story too. I'll have something new pretty soon!
Juliet Falls Juliet Falls
Is there more?
CatrinaMarie CatrinaMarie