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The Time Is Now


"Well hockey fans, it looks like Pittsburgh Penguins center Sidney Crosby is out indefinitely for the remainder of the 2010- 2011 season. Crosby suffered concussions in both a game versus the Tampa Bay Lightning and in this year's Winter Classic game against the Washington Capitals. Sources confirmed this information earlier today following the Penguins' morning skate," the ESPN anchor explained, distracting me from the paper I was working on.

I wince watching the replay, the shoulder of the Washington Capitals player connecting with the Penguins captain's head. The hit didn't look any less painful the first time they replayed it...or the fourth.

Intending on getting back to work on the paper, I change the channel, only to be interrupted by my phone vibrating indicating a text.

Still planning on heading to T's tonight, right?

Wouldn't miss it, I quickly reply to my best friend Mary, laughing to myself.

* * * * *

Ts Pub, a.k.a. "the place to meet."

Simply mention "Ts" to any BU student and they'll know exactly where you'll talking about.

Ts is the quintessential dive bar on Commonwealth Ave. where good times ensue for all. If you're 21 (or had the privilege of having a decent enough fake I.D.) you are golden. Or, if you are a BU athlete. BU athletes always got in no questions asked (well, if no questions asked meant no need to show anyone your I.D.).

But Ts is the one place you'll go and know you're going to see at least ten people you know either drunk on a Saturday night dancing after the hockey games, or doing terrible karaoke renditions on Tuesdays.

So, naturally, this Saturday would be no different!



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