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Chapter 1

Chapter 1
“Adam! Breakfast is ready!” I shouted from the kitchen.
“Morning.” Adam mumbled rubbing his eyes.
“Morning.” I replied handing him a plate.
“You know the best part of you moving in.” Adam stated.
“What?” I asked with a smile.
“Your eggs.” He answered taking a bite of his breakfast.
“Shut up.” I shoved him playfully.
“I love you.” He smiled.
“Yeah, yeah.” I responded.
“So why you all dressed up?” Adam asked as he sat down.
“First day of school.” I answered opening the fridge.
“Aw do I have to make your lunch?” he teased.
“Shut up. I buy lunch.” I replied.
“Aw your cheeks are turning pink.” He joked.
“What time do you have practice?” I asked him unplugging my phone from the charger.
“7:30.” He answered.
“Care to drive me to school?” I asked.
“What time do you get out?” he replied.
“I believe we get out at 12.” I answered.
“Yeah we should be done by then.” He informed me.
“Thank you.” I smiled.
“Give me a few seconds and I’ll get dressed.” He told me.
“Alright.” I replied continuing to pack my things.
It was funny a year ago I was a single women in her mid-20’s trying to figure out my life. I loved my job and my family, but it felt like something was missing. While I was visiting a friend up in PEI I had met Adam. I had no idea when I met him that he was an NHL player and that we lived in the same city. The last few months had been crazy Adam and I moved in with each other and I got a job working as a first grade teacher at a local public school.
“You ready?” I asked as Adam emerged from our room.
“Yeah let me grab my keys.” He answered.
I nodded my head and went and grabbed my bags before meeting Adam at the door.
“You got everything you need?” Adam asked as he opened the door.
“Yeah.” I answered.
“Let’s go.” He smiled.
Pulling up in front of the school Adam stopped the car at the main entrance. I double checked my bag and sent a text to my friend, Alice, letting her know I was here.
“So I’ll see you later?” Adam asked.
“Yeah have a good practice.” I answered.
I gave Adam a kiss goodbye.
“I’ll see you later Ms. Colts.” Adam teased me.
“Shut up.” I giggled.
“I’ll see you later. Staff lot?” he asked.
“Yeah. I love you.” I answered.
“Love you too.” He replied and then he was off.
I walked into the school and was greeted by Alice. She gave me a smirk knowing what had just happened. Alice and I became friends back when we went to Northeastern. We somehow just clicked and ever since that day back in freshman year we were inseparable.
“So how was Adam?” she asked wiggling her eyebrows.
“Shut up.” I answered playfully shoving her.
“I mean if I was dating that sex God then I would.” She began.
“Okay we are in school please keep my relationship private.” I told her.
“Fine but lunch breaks I get what I want.” She replied.
“Fine. Now get to class we have 20 minutes until the kids start to arrive.” I told her.
“Lunch?” she asked me.
“Sure you’re driving.” I answered.
“See you later.” She responded.
Me: Hey babes change of plans. Alice & I are going to grab lunch. Meet you at the apartment later.
I wasn’t expecting a response he was driving and he knew how I felt about texting and driving. I walked into my classroom and set my bags down. In my opinion my room looked great but after teaching for 3 years I have learned the kids were the real judge.
After the bell rang the kids filed into the classroom. I had a pretty good size class 18 kids, 9 girls 9 boys, so I didn’t have to worry too much. I had the kid’s line up around the room and we introduced ourselves. Then I proceeded to give them their assigned seats and tell them about the year. I had them draw a picture of something they did this summer and we hung them up. Before I knew it the first day of school was over and the kids were lined up and out the door.
I gathered my things and cleaned up the mess the kids had made. Alice knocked on my door signaling it was time to go. We walked down the hallway until we were stopped.
“Hello ladies.” Our co-worker Dan greeted us.
“Buzz off Dan.” Alice told him.
“So Kylie how was your summer?” he asked me.
I blushed when he asked me. My mind drifted back to summer when Adam and I first met.
“Great yours?” I answered.
“Good.” He replied.
I felt my phone vibrate in my bag and I noticed I had a text from Adam.
Adam: Have fun babe & tell Alice I said hi. You want me to grab dinner or do you want to go out to the Fours?
Me: I never turn down Fours
Adam: Alright I’ll see you later babe. Love you
Adam’s POV
Kylie: I love you too! x
“Aw did Quaider get a text from Kylie?” Marchand chirped me.
“Shut up Marchy!” I laughed.
“Brittany was wondering if you and Kylie wanted to grab dinner with us tonight. She got a babysitter for Valentina.” Lucic told me.
“We’re grabbing dinner at the Fours if you want to join.” I suggested.
“I haven’t been there in so long.” He replied.
“So you in?” I asked.
“We’re in.” he answered.
Me: Hey slight change of plans Looch and Brittany are joining us.
Kylie: Okay so I’ll see you at home.
“Hey Quaider you want to grab lunch with us?” Bergeron asked.
“Sure.” I answered slinging my hockey bag over my shoulder.
“So how is married life?” Dougie asked Bergeron as we ate lunch.
“Not much of a difference now just she has the same last name as me.” He answered.
“How are you and Kylie doing?” Bergeron asked me.
“Doing really well actually. She had her first day of school today.” I answered.
“Oh yeah I forgot Kylie was a teacher. What grade does she teach?” Dougie asked.
“First grade.” I answered.
“I think Noah has her on his team at school.”Seidenberg told me.
“Teams?” Lucic asked.
“The kids have teams+like red, white, blue and those are the kids you go to school with. Like in your classes I don’t know it’s confusing.” I answered the best I could.
“Oh.” He replied.
“Let’s just stick to our team and play for black and gold.” Bergeron stated.
Kylie’s POV
“So Panera work?” Alice said as she parked her car.
“You would argue with me if I say no.” I replied.
“This is why we are friends.” She smiled.
After ordering our meals we found a small table close to wall. We sat down and Alice told me some of the things she did this summer and about a guy she met last week. Then she begged me to tell her the whole story about Adam and me again.
“I was buying cereal and I couldn’t reach it.” I told her.
“I’m sorry but that is just so adorable. I mean for once your shortness actually helped you out.” She laughed.
I laughed along with her. It was true Adam was 6’ 4” and I was only 5’ 3”. No wonder I couldn’t grab the cereal.
I went onto my toes and stretched. The Cheerio box was only inches from my fingers. I did a little hop and missed. This was why I hated being short.
“You need help?” I heard a deep male voice ask.
“Just a little.” I blushed.
“Cheerios?” he asked.
“Yeah.” I answered.
“Good for the heart.” He smiled.
“I’ve heard.” I smiled back.
“Adam.” He introduced himself.
“Kylie.” I replied.
“Nice to meet you.” He smiled.
“You too.” I responded.
“Well I’d love to stay and chat but I’ve got to get back some buddies of mine are flying in and I got volunteered to pick them up.” Adam told me.
“Yeah I’m into visiting my parents and my mom needs her Cheerios.” I replied.
“I’m usually not this forward but I was wondering maybe we could go out sometime.” He said looking nervous.
“I’d like that.” I blushed.
“Great let’s swap numbers.” He replied taking his phone out.
“I’m sorry that has to be the cutest story ever.” Alice gushed as I recalled my first encounter with Adam.
“I guess it is.” I blushed.
We continued to make small talk throughout the rest of lunch. Alice and I both talked about what expectations we had for the year ahead. Alice taught second grade so she always helped my students prepare for next year.
“So you wanna come to the home opener on Thursday in October?” I asked her.
“Yes!” she smiled.
“Good I want you and Adam to get to know each other more.” I replied.
“Kylie you talk about him a lot. I practically know everything about him.” She smirked.
“Shut up.” I blushed again.
It was funny just talking about Adam still made me blush and basically act like a high schooler again. Alice never let me forget it either.
“So you doing anything tonight?” Alice asked as she drove me home.
“Adam and I are grabbing dinner with Lucic and Brittany.” I answered.
“Getting on the WAGS good side.” Alice winked.
“I’m being nice and supporting Adam.” I replied rolling my eyes.
“They’ll love you I mean you’re the first girl Adam as brought to meet them.” She told me.
“Thanks I’ll call you later.” I told her.
“Just text me my sister is visiting tonight before she flies back to Orlando.” She replied.
“Alright thanks again for lunch.” I responded.
“No problem I’ll see you at school tomorrow.” She smiled.
I closed her car door and entered the apartment building where Adam and I lived. I rode the elevator up and walked down the hall to our apartment. I unlocked the door and was immediately swallowed by Adam’s muscular arms.
“I missed you today.” I mumbled in his chest.
“I missed you too. How was school?” he asked releasing me and pecking my lips.
“It’s good to be back.” I answered.
“I hope you don’t mind Looch and Brittany joining us.” He told me.
“It’s no problem I’m looking forward to meeting Brittany. I mean when I go to games I need to talk to someone other than you.” I replied.
“Thanks for doing this.” He smiled.
“It’s no problem we’ve been together for almost 5 months. I think it’s time I meet your friends here.” I responded.
“So did you an Alice have a nice lunch?” Adam asked as I walked into the bed room.
“Yeah I invited her to the home opener at the end of the month.” I answered.
“That’s good maybe I’ll get to actually meet her.” Adam chuckled.
“What time are we meeting Milan and Brittany?” I asked walking into the closet.
“Not till 7.” He answered.
“Alright I’m going to start getting ready.” I told him.
“Alright.” He responded.
After taking a shower and getting dressed. I finished my hair and make-up and met Adam in the living room. He was sitting on the couch reading the paper. The mail was on the coffee table.
“Did any bills come today?” I asked.
“Just the my car bill.” He answered.
“That reminds me I need to get my brakes checked.” I reminded myself.
“Babe why didn’t you tell me I can get you a new car.” He told me.
“No I don’t want you spending money on me. My car just needs new brakes.” I replied.
“Fine at least let me go with you when you get them checked.” He offered.
“Fine we will go Friday.” I agreed.
I continued to look through the mail and came across letter. I opened it up and noticed it was a wedding invitation. Then it hit me it was an invitation to my cousin Candy’s wedding. I let out a groan and Adam gave me a funny look.
“What’s wrong?” he asked.
“We got an invitation to my cousin Candy’s wedding.” I answered.
“Is she the one from the family cook out that wore those really short shorts and the see through shirt?” he answered.
“Yes.” I groaned.
“Who is the sucker?” he asked.
“Some poor guy named Sam.” I answered.
“Poor guy.” Adam stated.
“This is why I love you.” I giggled.
“I love you too.” He replied.
“We should head out soon.” I said.
“But I’d rather do this.” Adam kissed me.
“I would to but come on I really want to meet Brittany and I want free food.” I told him.
“Is that all I’m good for?” Adam asked as we left the living room.
“Yes.” I answered.
“Good to know.” He smiled.
“C’mon before we are late.” I opened the door.
“They have a kid and they are always late.” He said.
“You’re acting like a first grader.” I replied.
“Sorry Ms. Colts.” He chuckled.
“Now let’s go Adam.” I laughed.
“You being teacher like is hot.” He whispered in my ear.


aw its good i like it :) keep writing!

Candi Candi