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Just the Way I'm Not

Chapter 3

I sighed in annoyance, a hip cocked and eyebrow raised.
“Evgeni, please smile,” I said. He frowned, and said gruffly,
“That’s cute. But listen here, Malkin, I’m the boss for the next couple hours. You answer to me, we straight?” I asked. He seemed surprised by my aggressive tone, and nodded slightly. I heard the other guys, who were lounging to the side, snickering and whispering.
“You whipped, Geno?” someone called. He was about to retort, but I held up a hand and said,
“Don’t.” He shut up, and I turned to them.
“You think this only applies to tall, dark, and Russian over here? Because if you do, that’s incorrect,” I said. “I promise I won’t be this much of a bitch if you just work with me for the brief amount of time you’re up here,” I pleaded in a gentler tone. I wasn’t typically a mean person, but this was my job. That being said, I didn’t want to come off as a frigid bitch.
“I smile,” Evgeni promised. I smiled brightly, and said,
“That made my day. Seriously.” I moved behind my camera, and asked, “Ready?” He nodded, flashing me a crooked smile. I grinned as I snapped a couple pictures, and my smile widened when I saw his expression become more genuine.
“See? That wasn’t that bad,” I laughed, clapping my hands together. “Alright, now let’s get to the fun stuff.”
The rest of the shoot with Malkin, and the other guys, went as planned. Finally, I was down to one last person, the guy I’d specifically avoided for the entire shoot.
“Crosby, you’re up,” I said tensely. For the first time in the entire day, I made eye contact with the hockey-playing menace.
“Hey Candice,” he said, smiling widely. I gave him a tight lipped smile, and before I could reply, he added,
“You haven’t looked at me all day. Did I do something?” I gave him a sideways look, and while his expression was neutral, his eyes were very mischevious.
“Nothing at all. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” I told him. My tone was cold, and his expression turned into one of surprise.
“You too,” he said slowly, calculatingly. He took a step closer, a smirk on his face, and said,
“You don’t seem happy to see me.”
“If it wouldn’t get me fired, I’d knock you on your ass so freaking fast you wouldn’t be able to blink,” I growled.
“I’m up for that, but not in public. I prefer the bedroom,” he returned. I narrowed my eyes, and stepped backwards.
“You’re a pig,” I hissed.
“Then what does that make you?” he asked challengingly.
“An idiot,” I replied, frowning. “Get over there and smile, pretty boy.” He did as I told, and smiled before shooting me an infuriating look.

The rest of the shoot was fun, because most of the guys I worked with were nice, and conversationalists, and did their best to make my job fun. However, as many people can testify too, it takes one bad egg to ruin the omelet.
I didn’t think that was an expression, but it identified with my situation pretty resoundingly.
In this case, Sidney Crosby was a bad fucking egg.
And if he caught the looks that both Grayson and myself were sending his way, he didn’t show it.
“Thanks for coming in guys. I’ll see you tomorrow,” I said, smiling and shaking each one of their hands. Sidney held on to mine for a bit too long.
“You’ll be at the game?” Fleury asked. I nodded, and he grinned.
“Cool,” he said.
“See ya’, Candice,” Geno said, extending a hand.
“Good job today Geno. You should smile more, it makes you look good,” I told him.
“You too,” he replied, shooting me a smile. I laughed, and gave them a final wave before walking back towards the set. I started packing up my equipment, when someone tapped my shoulder.
“Yeah- oh,” I said, voice trailing off when I saw Sidney.
“Don’t be too happy to see me,” he said.
“Sorry,” I muttered, turning back around.
“Hey, c’mon, I’m sorry for being an ass,” he tried.
“It’s okay,” I said tensely.
“It’s obviously not,” he reasoned, walking around me so that he was standing in front of me.
“Well, you’re kinda my boss now, so don’t worry. It is okay,” I said, looking up just to glare at him.
“What happened earlier?” he asked abruptly.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I replied.
“When you practically ran Nealer over to get outside, and that other guy has to chase you down,” he explained.
“That’s none of your business,” I told him.
“I am your boss.”
“Only sort of. And bosses don’t delve into their employees personal lives,” I told him. He seemed to be thinking that over, and when he didn’t move for another minute, I looked back up.
“Can I help you?” I demanded.
“You ask that a lot,” he said.
“Well, Sid, I’m genuinely curiously. Is there something you need me for, or are you just standing there to grate on my nerves?” I asked.
“Maybe a little bit of both,” he laughed. I clenched my jaw, and said,
“So what is it you want?”
“Want to go grab dinner?” he asked me. My head shot up, and I sent him a cold look.
“You seriously can’t get laid, can you?” I said thoughtfully. He frowned, and shook his head.
“’Course I can,” he replied. “I just-”
“Since I clearly can’t help you,” I cut him off. “Will you move?” He sighed, and said,
“Candice, we’re going to be seeing a lot of each other. This is going to be easier if you don’t hate me.”
“I don’t hate you. I’m just not part of your extensive fan club, which must be peculiar to you, because it seems as if just about everyone in Pittsburgh is,” I told him evenly.
“So is that a no to dinner?” he asked, a slow smirk crawling over his face again.
“That’s a no to dinner.”
“What about breakfast?” he tried.
“No to that too.”
“Brunch?” I made a frustrated noise, and demanded,
“You seriously don’t give up, do you?”
“I’ve been commended for my persistence,” he replied.
“Trust me, I wasn’t ‘commending’ you,” I said mockingly.
“So, brunch?” he tried.
“I’m not going to eat breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or even fucking linner with you Sidney Crosby. Go find some other little puck bunny to have your way with, and take that out to lunch, because I am not interested!” I fumed. He took a step back like I’d slapped him, and gave me a look that instantly made me feel like I’d kicked a puppy, and then gone on to murder his family. “That was too far. I’m sorry, that was too-”
“No. Don’t apologize, I should’ve backed off,” he said, eyes now looking anywhere but me. The wounded look on his face made me feel even worse. Emmy always told me I was a bit too empathetic for my own good, and I was beginning to agree. “I’m gonna go.”
“Sidney-” He cut me off by walking around me, towards the door.
“I’m free for lunch tomorrow!” I called after him in an attempt to make amends. He turned, any trace of hurt wiped away by the victorious look on his face.
“I knew you’d come around!” he laughed, smiling widely at me. My mouth dropped open, and I said,
“You played me.” He didn’t respond, just grinned.
“I don’t know whether I’m impressed or deeply horrified.”
“Probably both,” he chided. “So, am I going to have to look you up in the yellow pages, or are you going to give me your number?” I frowned, and said,
“I don’t want to go to lunch with you. I changed my mind.”
“Ah, you see, you made a promise. You kind of have to now,” he informed me. My mouth opened and closed a couple times as I tried to come up with something witty to say in return. I came up with nothing, so in an act of defeat, reached into my bag and stuffed a wrinkled rectangle of paper in his hand.
“That’s my card,” I told him. “And don’t try anything like this again, or I’ll shove your head so far up your ass people will think you’re wearing a hat.” He let out a startled laugh, and said,
“I wouldn’t dare.”
“Then I’ll see you tomorrow,” I told him, smiling reluctantly.
“Yeah,” he replied. “Tomorrow.”


I'M SO SORRY I DIDN'T KNOW I GOT ANY VOTES I'M A LIAR AND I FEEL BAD BUT THE BRUINS WERE ON AND THEN I HAD TO TALK MY FRIEND THROUGH NOT GETTING BACK TOGETHER WITH HER EX AND THEN BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, RIGHT? Aren't they supposed to notify you if you get votes because they didn't. Anyways, here it is, and I love you and thank you for the votes and subscriptions you beautiful readers have a wonderful night or morning depending on where you live and thank you thank you thank you and good night and I'll edit it better tomorrow because I am running on fumes right now HOL-EE ToLiTo goodnight :DD ~Candi

I took a lot of time on this because I had something written out but it sucked so I erased it and rewrote this entire chapter but it was late so it might not be good and suggestions are supremely welcome and I stayed up late writing this to make up for sucking and happy new year/holidays and goodnightttttttttt


I love the playful interaction between Candice and Sid. I also like how Candice challenges him. She seems like your average girl next door type.
I look forward to the next chapter and seeing how things play out with Sid and Candice. :)

patti1022 patti1022

Love it so far cant wait for more:)

Flower Flower