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Walk the Line

Without Me


Feburary 20, 2010

Looking around the apartment Leah stood by herself in the somewhat dark room. She couldn’t believe that she’s called this apartment home for the past two years. Walking over to the large floor to ceiling window she could see over the bright city skyline.

She let out a heavy sigh and closed her eyes. Her right hand held onto the black wool scarf around her neck. Leah’s left hand held her iPhone at her side. Nothing in whole apartment was making a noise, she was completely alone.

Knowing that game was about to start any minute now. Adam told her that she had to watch the game. He knew that she like the Penguins and just wanted to rub it in her face when him and the team beat them. She rolled her eyes at him everytime he wanted her to watch the games they played against the teams that she liked. Looking over at the 60 inch flat screen that was sitting on the media cabinet that Adam and her had bought at IKEA. She thought about turning the game on but she just wanted to take a nap, a shower, and eat the leftover Thai food that they had for dinner the night before.

Leah walked towards her and Adam’s bedroom and started to remove some of her clothing as she went. She pulled her scarf off and threw it on the sofa and pushed down the sleeves of denim long sleeve shirt down her arms as she walked barefoot down the hallway. When her shirt was on the floor in the middle of the doorway to their room, Leah unlocked her phone and hit the Songza app. The app opened and she clicked on the ‘Singing in the Shower: 00’s Edition’, the first song to begin playing was ‘Without Me’ by Eminem. Leah smiled then started to stripped down as she walked into the master bathroom. By the time was in the bathroom she was in her bra and panties, she placed her iPhone on the iDock on the counter and the music filled the soundless apartment. Leah turned the shower on and then unclipped her bra then she put her hand under the water, filling that water was warm enough for her be under, so she slid her black and pink leopard print panties off, then jumped in the shower.

After about 10 minutes in the shower Leah was dancing and singing along with Gwen Stefani to the tune of ‘Hollaback Girl’. She laughed as the chorus ended. Leah lifted her fingers to her eyes see that they were a bit pickled from the water, but she didn't make her way to turn off the water, and only continued to sing and clean herself in the shower.

Turning the water off Leah put her hand up to the glass door of the shower and made it so she was looking out into the steam filled bathroom. She opened the door and looked around for her towel as Kanye West voice came from the speakers. She walked over to the iDock and skipped the song, then the sounds of the song ‘Dog Days Are Over’ filled the room. Leah smiled and started to sing along again and danced around the tile floor. She looked on the hook on the back of the door seeing that her towel wasn’t there.

“Damnit McQuaid.”

She said to no one. She smiled to again to no one and turned back around and looked for a towel in the bathroom. Finding a clean Bruins towel from Adam in the cabinet she wrapped her hair up in the towel in, then walked into the bedroom. She walked over to the bed and grabbed a black Bruins shirt off the floor. She pulled it over her small frame and it was baggie every which way possible on her. The sleeves came down to her elbow, the hem on the bottom stopped just after the curve of her ass, and the the shirt was the comfiest thing she could think of right now. She walked over to her dresser and opened the top right hand drawer and pulled out a pair of panties. The pair she slipped on was a light blue lace. It was a stretch in calling them underwear, she thought that was the reason why her and Adam loved them so much. Leah loved the way Adam loved these pair of panties, every time she wore them Adam couldn't keep his hands off of her.

Leah walked back into the bathroom and grabbed her phone and the music continued to play, and she continued to sing. Leah sung along with Natasha Bedingfield as she walked into the kitchen, as she sung ‘Pocketful of Sunshine’ she placed her phone on the stone island counter. Before she opened the fridge she wiped her head down and removed the towel from her head and dryed it the best she could with the towel and then wiped her head back up. She messed her her hair line before throwing the towel over the chairs along the other side of the island. She opened the fridge and grabbed the Styrofoam take out food box with the letter ‘L’ on it. She opened the box and threw it in the microwave and hit the one minute twice.

Turning around Leah looked at the clock on the oven seeing it was already 8:59. She thought about turning on the TV again, but she knew she was going to get an earful when Adam and Dougie came home. She turned back around and saw the microwave had a 1:45 left. She leaned against the counter and grabbed her phone. She unlocked it and Songza opened up again. She clicked out of the app, then opened up her music app. She flipped through the playlists until she found the one with the name ‘Happy Times’. When the music started to play the sound of Jack Johnson filled the room, making a smile form on Leah’s face.

Placing the phone back down then the microwave buzzed and she turned around and opened the small door, grabbed the box and quickly placed it on the island counter. When the box was on the counter she opened the drawer to her left and grabbed a fork. Leah pushed the box over towards one of the four empty chairs across from her. She walked over to her food, and sat down with her phone off to her right. As she eat her food she would watch for a text or call to light up her black screen.

When she was done with her food she threw the box in the trash and the fork in the sink. Looking at the clock and then her phone. Adam should have at least texted her or something by now, seeing that the game and ended a half hour ago. Leah unlocked her phone and opened iMessage and opened up to Adam’s number. The last text he had sent her was at 1:23 that day and he said:

Can’t wait to see you after the game. It’s been a long day :(

Leah’s replied:

I can’t wait to see you too! It’s been a long tough day too :(

Leah smiled at letter and started to typed a new text to her boyfriend:

What’s up stud? You coming home soon?

Her phone made a goal horn sound from her phone, the sound when Adam texted her.

I’m great. Why don’t you open the door and really find out ;)

Leah swilled and ran over to the front door, unlocked it, opened it, and stuck her head out to see Adam walking down the hall in his post game suit with his gear bag in his right hand. He smiled when she popped into the hallway. Leah ran down the hallway towards him and when she was a safe distance from him her feet left the carpeted floor and into his arms.

Adam laughed when she started to run towards him. He knew what she was doing and he dropped his bag and waited for her to take the leap and when she was in his arm he didn’t want to let her go. The second Leah was wrapped in Adam’s arms the smell of her somewhat damp hair hit him. Her hair smelt like bananas and that was the one thing he loved in this world, having Leah in his arms and the smell of her hair, it was deadly to him. Adam wrapped one of his arms around her waist and the other under her ass. Leah’s arms went around Adam neck.

“I missed you.”

Leah said with a smile. Adam laughed again and closed his eyes.

“I missed you too. I love your outfit babe.”

“It’s all for you stud.”

Leah said moving her head back so she could look at him and vise versa. Adam smiled at her and moved his face towards her and his lips landed on her’s. Leah smiled into the kiss and pushed her way into Adam’s mouth. The couple stayed like this for another minute or so until Leah pulled away and giggled.

“Good game?”

“Over time win. Shouldn’t you know that?”

“Sorry I wasn’t up watching it. I was busy taking a shower and eating.”

Adam chuckled and kissed her nose.

“Lets get you inside Missy Pants.”

“Alrighty Wonder Boy. Where's Dougie?"

"Out. His couisn or something is in town."

She said when he put her down and he grabbed his gear bag. As they walked down to their apartment. Leah would look back at Adam and smile. Adam would see her steal glances at him and smiled. With his free hand he slapped her ass and smiled at her. A squeak came from Leah and her hand came around and rubbed her now sore butt cheek.

“I see that you have my favorites on. Matching bra too?”

“Oww. And no.”

Adam pouted and Leah smiled.

“Don’t worry. I’m not wearing one.”

A devilish smiled formed on Adam’s face.

“Well you’d better get into that apartment right now.”

Leah smiled and ran into the apartment with Adam not that far behind.


What do ya all think? I've been having dreams about Quaider for a few week or two and so I started this!
Also I'm on my Christmas vacation up in Edmonton. I'm actually right down the street from the arena and I'm going to see the Oil Kings play the Seattle Thunderbirds on the 4th, can't wait for that!
Anyways I'm going to try to update this a bit. Sorry about all my other stories I haven't been doing updates, but this is what coming to me right now :)


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