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What Do You Want


I get so tired of living like this.
I don’t have the time, neither do my friends.
To stay up at night to pull me through,
And to find the things to keep my mind off of you

“You ‘right to go ‘ome James?” Kris Letang asked the left winger as they got off the team bus after a road trip to Florida then to Carolina. “You can ‘lways stay wit’ me again.”

James looked at the defenseman and shook his head. “Thanks Tangers but I’ll be fine. She was supposed to out last week and I had a friend swing by and check out the house a few minutes ago to give me the okay.” James said as they made their way to the cars.

“Just remember there are plenty of fish in the sea.” Pascal Dupuis said placing his hands on James’ shoulders. “Good fish and not rotting ones.”

“Yeah, Carly just happened to be the piranha that no one should encounter.” Matt Cooke said as he joined in.

James rubbed the back of his neck. “Thanks guys, honestly. I’ll be fine. It’s done and over with and I am over her.”

“Well, if you change your mind Nealer, the younger fellas are heading to the bar on the South Side if you wanna join let me know and I’ll swing by and pick ya up.” Tyler Kennedy said wrapping his arm him.

“I think I’ll just stay in tonight, I’ll see you at practice.” James said as he threw his bag in the trunk as he made his way to the driver’s side, waving to his friends as he drove off.

“Poor kid.” Matt Cooke said shaking his head. “What she did to him was fucking heartless.” The rest of the team stood and nodded not wanting to remember when James found the dirty details of his girlfriend’s life while he was on the road.


James threw his keys in the dish as he walked through the empty house that was too big for one man. James saw he had three new messages on his machine, shaking his head. He hit listen and sat on the block leather couches as his ears listened to his mother’s voice, then to his friends and his eyes snapped shut as he heard her voice.

Hey James, it’s me baby-Carly. I just wanted to hear your voice, I miss you so much. Please call me back. I don’t want this sill fight to be the end of us. I love you, baby. Call me soon.

James cradled his head in his hands as he tried to keep the tears a bay, remembering the reason he kicked Carly out and broke off the engagement, getting up he grabbed the bottle of whiskey as he downed half the bottle, drowning himself in the heartbreaking memory.

James walked into the house with a dozen red roses for Carly and his three year anniversary, he persuaded coach to let him go home early from the Dallas trip to surprise her.
James chuckled as he saw Carly’s bra and shirt on the floor as he made his way upstairs, she never did like wearing a bra or a shirt for that matter. James frowned when he heard her moaning from their bedroom. James pushed open to cracked door and dropped the roses as he saw the love of his life on top of a tied up man in the bed they shared together.

“James, baby. This isn’t what it looks like.” Carly said as she jumped off the bed.

“Stay where you are.” James said throwing her shirt at her. “I’m leaving and when I get back, I don’t want to see your face here ever again.”


James walked down the hall, the cries of his girlfriend calling his name fading as he left the house

After James had come back there was a screaming match between them, James had found out that she was using his house to hook up with different men while he was out on road trips, she was whoring herself out to strange men on the bed they slept in, made love in and held each other.


James’ head snapped up. “What are you doing here, Carly?” James questioned his ex-girlfriend. “This isn’t your home, you need to leave.”

“James, please listen to me.” Carly said taking strides over to the couch, sitting beside him. “I love you so much, baby.” Carly said resting her hands on his knee. Carly kissed his cheek. “Please baby, give me another chance.”

“No, now leave.” James said shaking his head. “You cheated on me for our entire relationship, using my house to fuck random men and then when I come home I made love to you on the same sheets you fucked countless men on!” James shouted as he stood from the couch.

“I know I was stupid, James.” Carly pleaded with James as she stood in front of him, her hands on his shoulders. “I am so sorry I hurt you, I love you so much and I was such an idiot.” Carly said as she brought James’ lips down to hers, smirking when James kissed her back, the whickey still lingering on his tongue, his hands gripping her hips as they fell back on the couch, their clothes falling off as James forgot what hurt she had caused him.


James groaned as the sun shone through the drapes James rolled over, his eyes going wide when he saw Carly laying beside him. “Fuck me.” James groaned as he got out of bed, slipping his sweat pants on as he dialed his friends number.

“Do you know what time it is, Neal?”

“I slept with Carly last night.” James stuttered. “I am such an idiot.” James said as he sat on the couch.


“I got drunk and she came in and we fought and then we-“

“Yeah, yeah. Why are you telling me this, James?”

“Come get rid of her, please Hope.” James begged as he heard Carly calling him. “You know I can’t do this, I don’t have the strength.”

“I’ll be over in five.”

“Thank you, Hope.” James breathed out as he hung up and headed to the kitchen to make coffee.

“Good morning boo!” Carly said giggling.

“Look, last night was a mistake I was drunk and wasn’t in the proper-“

“You regret it!?” Carly shrieked as she placed her hands on her hip

“Yeah and I think you should-‘

“Leave? Oh no James Neal, I refuse to leave.” Carly said crossing her arms as she shook her head.

James rubbed his head, the headache from too much alcohol was not helping this situation. James breathed out as his front door slammed shut. “Thank god.” James mumbled.

“Why is she here?” Carly glared at the brunette as she hugged James.

“Because unlike you I am wanted here, you think you can waltz in here and act like you live here?” Hope said crossing her arms. “Honey, you don’t live here anymore so I suggest you take your ugly ass out those doors and never come back here again-“

“James are you going to let her speak to me like this?” Carly said cutting Hope of as she glared at James

“Yeah, he is because you deserve nothing but hate you skanky twat.”

“Please, you’re just jealous I get more attention that you.” Carly rolled her eyes

“No, because if I was in a relationship with someone as faithful and amazing as James, I wouldn’t go whoring myself around for unwanted attention.”

“I was lonely!” Carly shouted. “James is never home and I wanted him to pay attention to me!”

Hope snorted. “Yeah and cheating on him totally did the trick.”

“Shut up you fucking sleazy whore!’

“I’m not the one whoring myself out, did you know prostitution is illegal?” Hope said. “So how much do you pay an hour? You look pretty cheap to me, I mean that’s the only way you can get men to sleep with you since you don’t have boobs, or a great personality.”

“I’m leaving James, call me when she isn’t here.” Carly said storming out, slamming the door.

“That was easier than I thought.” Hope said smiling as she turned to James. “Change your locks today, James.” Hope said smiling at James, the smile faltering when he was looking at the spot Carly was a frown etched on his face. “Are you alright?”

“Do-do you think it’s my fault she cheated on me?” James asked looked at her. “I mean I was never home-“

Hope’s brown eyes snapped at James’ blue eyes. “Do not ever fucking think that, you are an amazing guy and any girl that appreciates you for that would be an idiot to do anything to lose you. You’ll find the right girl James, someday.” Hope said hugging him as she kissed his cheek. “Go shower and get to practice, I have to interview you later.”

“We have practice?” James said, his eyes wide.

“It’s optional but you need the exercise, fatty .” Hope said patting his stomach. “So when are you due?”

“Hey!” James said throwing Hope over his shoulder and carrying her around the house making her scream. “Say I’m not fat.”

“Okay-okay.” Hope laughed “You’re not fat.” Hope said sighing when James put her down. “You’re just pregnant.” Hope said laughing as she ran out the door. “See you later, Nealer.”


“You slept with her?” Tk said shaking his head

“I was drunk.” James said as he took another shot at Vokuon. “I didn’t know what I did until I woke up.”

“What did you do after you found her in your bed?” Cooke asked him as he passed him another puck.

“I did what any smart man would do.” James said taking another shot at the goalie. “I called Hope.”

A group of guys laughed. “That is the smart thing to do.” Sidney said. Hope has been working for PensTv for two years and grew close to the guys in the short time of her interviewing them. They all knew she had a temper and a mouth without a filter and never hesitated to use it. If you needed a one night stand out, Hope was the girl to call.

“She came over made Carly run out crying and then had the nerve to call me fat.” James said smiling.

“I dunno, Nealer.” Coach Bylsma said skating over hitting his stomach with a stick. “You look like you’ve gained a bit.” Coach chuckled skating off when James’ smile widened.

“You’re awfully smiley.” Pascal said smirking.

“I had a decent morning.”

“Because Hope was over?” Ben Lovejoy joined in picking on James, a Pens tradition in a way.

“I guess so she always makes my mornings better.” James said smiling at a reminisce of this morning. “It’s a talent Hope has, no matter what mood I am in she makes me smile-what are you guys smiling about?” James questioned as his teammates looked at him, wide smiled on their faces.

“Looks like someone likes our little Hope.” Craig Adams said leaning on his stick.

“I do not like her.” James defended

“Oh really, why you blush?” Evgeni Malkin asked pointing at his reddened cheeks.

“I’m not-“

“Let’s go boys, the reporters want interviews!” Coach called out, looking at Neal when he was the first off shaking his head when he heard his players chanting about Neal and Hope.


“With the long road trip with back to back games and only two days rest with another back to back game do you think the exhaustion will mess with the game outcome?” Hope asked James.

“I don’t think so, we have a great group of guys who never fail to succeed in getting the win for the team.” James said shaking the water droplets off his hair after a quick shower.

“Are you looking forward to facing Philly or the Kings?” Another reporter asked

“Probably Philly.” James answered looking at Hope as she walked over to Eric Tangradi asking him questions, glaring at them when Hope touched his arm and laughed. “It’s always a fun game to face them it’s an old time rivalry that never gets old.”

“You can stop staring, ya know.” Pascal snickered

“What?” James said as he diverted his eyes away from Kris Letang and Hope who sat on his lap, the reporters had long cleared out and Hope was the last one remaining, not interviewing but sitting with the guys and relaxing.

“Stop staring at Hope, Tangers has a wife whom he loves dearly.” Deryk said smirking “So you do like our little Hopey.”

“I do not like her.” James said rolling his eyes

“Then you wouldn’t be jealous if I asked her out?” Brandon Sutter asked looking at James

“No, so go for it.” James said shrugging. “She’ll shoot you down in a heartbeat.” James said swinging his bag over his shoulder as he left the locker room.

“What’s wrong with him?” Hope asked as she walked over to them her bag over her shoulder.

“Ah, he’s just a bit crabby we’ve been picking on him more than normal.” Pascal said throwing an arm around her shoulder. “So we heard that you went over to dispose of James’ trash.”

Hope rolled her eyes. “Yeah, she needs to stay the hell away from him.”

“Why are you jealou-OW!” Matt Niskanen said holding his head as Matt Cooke whistled looking in the air as he taped his stick.

“Why would I be jealous?” Hope asked looking at them, raising her eyes brows when the question was returned with nothing but silence. “Okay, I’m going home to non-retarded people, I’ll see you guys later.” Hope said shaking her head as she walked out.


Hope turned around and smiled at Brandon Sutter. “Hey Bran, you need something?”

“I was wondering if you would go out to dinner with me.” Brandon said looking at her.

Hope gave him a small smile. “Like a date?”

“Yeah.” Brandon said nodding

Hope sighed and ran her hand through her hair. “You’re a really nice guy and maybe if I didn’t-“

“I knew it, TK was right you two do like each other.”

“Who likes me?” Hope asked cocking her head to the side.


“James-oh god.” Hope said leaning against her car as she rubbed her head. “I have to go Brandon, I’ll see you later.” Hope said as she sped off.

“What did you do to her Sutter?” Matt Cooke asked as Pascal, Craig and Kunitz stood there with their arms crossed.

Brandon turned to the four men and smirked. “Winning a bet against TK.”


“James!” Hope called out to him as she entered the house

“What?” James answered as he rounded the corner

“You like me?” Hope asked looking at him

“No.” James said rolling his eyes. “The guys are just jumping the gun.” James said shaking his head. “We’re best friends and nothing is going to change that.” James said “Nothing less nothing more.”

Hope nodded “Good, I was worried.” Hope said smiling. “I have to shower, being in a locker room full of smelly people is not ideal.”

“Alright, see you after the game.” James said smiling as she left, falling on the couch. “I am going to kill my teammates.” James mumbled

James skated on the ice hitting sticks with TK as they jabbed each other about their hair since TK was growing out is fro again. “Your hair looks like shit.” TK said smacking his helmetless head.

“I think it looks sexy.” James said pretending to flip it in the air. “Yours isn’t any better whovillan.”

“Hope’s here.” Deryk said smirking

“Yeah?” James said shrugging “She always is.”

“With a guy.” Ben Lovejoy added pointing to Hope as she threw her head back and laugh as a guy said something in her ear.

James stood there and felt his heart wrenching. “Fuck.”

“You like her, admit it.” Sidney said shaking his head.

James shook his head. “It doesn’t matter, I’m too late.” James said as the game started.

Three periods later James Neal sat in his stall and removed his gear as the reports made their way in after an 8-3 loss to Philadelphia. James couldn’t concentrate the whole game, he kept seeing Hope’s laughing face with the guy beside her.

“James?” Hope said as she held the microphone to his face. “Do you?”

“Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.”

“Do you think you can recover from the loss?”

James looked at her and shook his head. “A loss is always hard and we never really get over it until it’s too late.”

Hope looked at him. “Do you think you were prepared for the loss?”

“No, I don’t think any of us know how to prepare to loss something.”

Hope nodded as she walked to Cooke as he sat in his stall. James watched her interview his teammates as he sat there watching the crowd die down in the room as the reporters made their way out.

“James, are you alright?” Hope asked

“Yeah, go to your boyfriend.” James said nodding at the guy who was making small talk with Chris Kunitz.

“Are you jealous Neal?” Hope asked rolling her eyes as she stood up from her kneeling position. “I thought you didn’t like me?”

“I don’t!” James shouted as he stood up, drawing attention to the two.

“Then don’t be a drama queen.” Hope said rolling her eyes and walking to her date and Kunitz.

“I don’t like you because I love you, Hope.” James said making her stop in her tracks and gaining the ears of every male in the locker room, the coaches coming to the door to watch the scene before them. “I love everything about you and I didn’t know it until it was too late.”

“Too late?” Hope said turning around. “Why do you think it’s too late?”

“You’ve moved on.” James said shrugging and looking at the man who stood behind Hope. “I just hope he makes you happy.”

“James.” Hope said stepping to him. “You’re a fucking idiot.”

“I know.” James said running his hand through his hair.

“A complete moron.” Hope said snickering.

“I get the point.” James said resting his hands on her shoulders as she wrapped her arms around his waist.

“But, for the record, I love you too.” Hope said pressing her lips to his, smiling when the whole locker room cheered.

“What about him?” James asked looking at the man standing behind her.

“James, this is Johnny, my cousin from New York I was telling you about.”

“Jesus I am an idiot.” James said laughing. “So are we official?” James asked Hope as he wrapped his arms around her shoulders.

“Only if you win tomorrow.” Hope said as she smiled up at him.

“Deal” James said as he pressed his lips to hers again throwing his fist in the air as the locker room gave a round of applause.


Originally on Mibba, look me up and see my other stories! <3 http://www.mibba.com/Member/114491/Profile/


Is this just a one shot? If so you should do more:)
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