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You've Set My Heart Ablaze

Chapter 8-

Over the next few days, James and I hung out almost everyday. Melanie kept teasing me about when I’d ask him out, but the thing was…I liked how things were. I liked having a friend. Just someone to hang out with and talk to and not feel like I owe him something.
The next night would be the Halloween party. Me and Mel were at the mall, buying our costumes. “What do you think about me being a hippie?” Mel asked.
“A hippie?” I repeated. Mel could pass it off. She had long hair and could easily put it in braids and a headband.
“Yeah…oooo or a sexy referee!” she giggled
I rolled my eyes “Oh yeah…do that.”
“Ok!” Melanie replied, grabbing the ref costume and a whistle.
I couldn’t help but laugh. “Really?”
Mel nodded “Yeah…I mean we are going to a party of hockey players. I still don’t get why you and James aren’t a couple…”
I sighed “It isn’t like that…I mean I like him…I just…I enjoy his friendship. Dating someone takes so much work…”
“No it doesn’t. It’s basically the same thing you guys do now except you kiss and have sex. He calls you every night…he texts you every morning…the boy wants you bad and I don’t think you see it.”
I looked down. That was true. Recently, James had called me more often and we texted all the time. He’d update me on the lockout and the funny things that happen with him and his teammates. “I see it…I just…I like being friends.”
“I think you should tell him that.” Melanie replied “You should be an Eskimo.”
“Tell him what?” I looked at her confused and shook my head ‘no’ at the ‘Eskimo’ costume she was holding up.
“Tell him that you only like him as a friend…because from what it sounds like…you’ve subconsciously ‘friend-zoned’ him. You like him, but only as a friend…but since you had a little crush on him, you thought you liked him as more…but believe me, honey, it’s been over a month and you two haven’t moved foreword…”
I blinked. Mel was right…
James POV:
I popped the collar up on my leather jacket and turned to pour myself some punch. Almost all the guys and their wives or girlfriends were there. Sidney came walking over to me in jeans and a grey t-shirt with a black hooded jacket and his baseball cap backwards. “Who are you supposed to be?” I asked utterly confused by his choice in ‘costume’.
“Myself.” Sidney replied annoyed, but not by my question. Something else was making him annoyed.
“What’s wrong?” I asked
Sidney sighed “The painters were supposed to be done last week, but they aren’t. So my half painted house is still half painted! My parents are coming to town in two weeks and I’d like it to be done by then, but it probably won’t be. So my parents will have to come to Mario’s house.”
“Did they say they’d have it done by now?”
“No, but I told them I expected it!” he huffed.
I shook my head “Calm your balls, Cappy. I’m sure it’ll be done by the time mommy and daddy come to visit.”
Sidney glared at me for a second, but then something behind me distracted him. Sid’s mouth hung open, “Damn…you didn’t tell me your girlfriend’s friend is hot…”
“She isn’t my girlfriend…not yet.” I replied, turning around to see Allison and Melanie approaching us. Melanie was wearing some type of skanky ref outfit, but Allison…Allison looked gorgeous. She had her hair in a messy braided up-do and was wearing a broken tiara with a “blood-stained” and torn up prom dress. She also carried a “blood-stained” bouquet with “dying” flowers and she had her make-up done so she looked pale. “Hey.” I said smiling “Dead prom queen?” I asked motioning towards her costume.
Allison nodded “Yeah. Isn’t it awesome? I had my mom send me my old prom gown and I got this tiara at the dollar store. The flowers I got at the Halloween store.” she smiled.
I smiled back “You look awesome.”
Allison blushed “Thanks, James so do you.”
Sidney cleared his throat and nudged me. He hadn’t stopped starring at Melanie. Mainly because her top was very low-cut. “James, are you going to introduce me?”
“Allison, you know Sidney. Sidney this is Melanie. Melanie, this is my friend Sidney.” I smacked Sid on the head and he shook Mel’s hand.
“Hey.” he said smiling
“Hi. Who or what are you supposed to be?” she asked smiling back
I was about to respond for him when Sidney replied, “I’m an average joe.”
“What?” I said laughing.
Sidney glared at me “Yeah. I’m just a guy.”
Melanie giggled “Oh! I see it now. Cute.”
Sidney smiled back at her and held his arm out to her. To my surprise, Melanie took it. “I’ll show you around.”
Melanie giggled again and off they went. “Un-fucking-believable.” Allison said with a laugh. “Has Sid always been like that?”
“Flirty? No. Smooth talking? Yes.” I smiled “Glad you made it.”
Allison smiled back, but I felt like something was wrong. “Thanks.”
I poured her a cup of punch and handed it to her “Here you go.” She smiled and took the cup from me. “Is everything alright? You seem…distant.” I told her. It was probably none of my business, but I cared about her a lot. I know she wasn’t my girlfriend, but I wanted her to be.
Allison looked up at me and started crying. “I’m sorry…”
“Sorry?” I said confused. She hadn’t done anything wrong. “What’s wrong?”
She wiped her eyes. “Can we talk somewhere private?”
I nodded. Benefit of holding the party at the Hilton…a few of us had rented rooms, just incase we got too drunk to go home. I led her up to my suite for the night and sat down beside her on the bed. “What’s up…”
Allison looked at me, her eyes watery “I’m a bitch, James.”
“No you aren’t…” I was taken aback by her comment. I didn’t think she was a bitch and was confused as to why she thought she was.
“Yes I am…and you’re going to hate me…” she sobbed
I put my arm on her “Tell me what’s wrong…please.”
“James…I…I don’t like cashews.” she replied
I looked at her confused and laughed “Huh?”
“Yep…I don’t like them.” she laughed.
Some part of me knew she was lying…but the other half of me wanted to believe it. “Well that’s OK with me.” I said with a smile “Come on, let’s go back to the party.” I grabbed her hand and led her back downstairs.
Allison’s POV:
I pussied out. I couldn’t tell him that I only wanted him as a friend. He was just being so kind and sweet…I just couldn’t do it. I ordered myself a vodka shot from the bar and had about three more by the time James found me again.
“Hey…where have you been?” he asked
“Here.” I slurred, the alcohol already taking affect.
“Are you drunk?” he asked
I laughed “No. Wheresh Mel?”
“I don’t know…but she is with Sidney…so I’m sure she is OK…how much have you had to drink, Allison?” he asked, looking concerned.
“Pssh…who ares you? My father?” I slurred again. The vodka speaking for me.
“No…I’m your friend and I’m just making sure you aren’t doing anything crazy…” he replied
“Wellsh I don’t need you or anyones elesh telling me what to do!” I yelled. A group of player’s wives looked in our direction.
“Allison…I think you’ve had enough. You should go lay down.” he replied
“You’re not my boyfriend, James! So stop fucking acting like it!” I yelled. He stared at me. Obviously hurt.
“Okay…I’m sorry.” he stammered, shaking his head and walking away.
Fuck. I didn’t mean for it to come out that way…but it did. I felt tears forming in my eyes and I took off. Out the door and down the street.
James’ friend Kuni tried to stop me on my way out, but I pushed past him and kept walking. I fucked everything up and I hurt James more than I could imagine…and I hated myself for it.
I looked up an realized…I was lost. Shit. I wasn’t sure if it was just the alcohol or an unfamiliarity with the area, but I was lost…It was cold and dark and I was scared. I reached to my sides and realized, I had left my clutch at the hotel…with my wallet and cell-phone. Fuck.
I looked both directions and still had no idea where I was or where to go. I saw a small park bench and sat down as I started to cry again. What the fuck was I going to do…no one at the party was going to come after me…James might’ve, but I don’t even know where he went. I threw my tiara on the ground and heard slow footsteps coming towards me.
Shit. I could feel my heart racing as a guy in a grey hoodie appeared. “Need anything, baby?” he asked in a low voice.
“No…I’m fine thanks…” I replied.
“Are you out here all alone?” he asked. My heart was pounding fast. I didn’t reply. I just looked down, hoping he’d go away, but he didn’t. He grabbed me and threw me to the ground tearing my dress off and my underwear down. I screamed for help, but he hit me across the face and I just froze and cried as he raped me.
After he was finished, he took off running and I just laid there on the grass praying someone would find me. Then I heard the one voice I needed. “Allison!?” James came running up to me. I started to cry and fell into his arms, sobbing as I told him what happened. “I’m taking you to the hospital, OK?”
“Get…Mel.” I sobbed
James nodded “I’ll call Sidney when we get to the hospital and he’ll bring her OK?”
I nodded and hugged him. “James…I’m sorry…”
He held me tight “Don’t worry about it, OK?” James carried me to his car and drove to the hospital.
“Yes?” he asked
“Don’t leave me.”
“I won’t ever leave you, Allison. I promise.”
James’ POV:
I couldn’t help but think I could have saved her had I followed her earlier. Kuni told me she took off and I waited before walking off to find her. I couldn’t help but think that what happened to her had been my fault. I shouldn’t have walked away from her…I should have just stayed with her. I ran my hands through my hair.
“James, what happened?” Sid asked coming up to me with Melanie attached to his arm.
“I’m not sure…I think she was raped. I found her in the park…she was bleeding and her dress was ripped…” I choked on my words “I could have saved her…”
“Nealer…” Sid started
Tears started falling down my cheeks “We got into a fight and I waked off…she left…Kuni told me, but I waited to go after her. I could have protected her…”
“Nealer, don’t do that to yourself.” Sid told me. I nodded, even though I didn’t believe him.
Melanie sat beside me “Is she…OK?”
“I don’t know…they won’t tell me…”
Melanie walked over to the desk “Hi…my name is Melanie Dawning. My sister Allison was brought in here…can you tell me how she is doing?” she lied.
“Yes Miss Dawning. Your sister is just answering some questions for a detective and then we will take her up to a room then you and your friends can go in and see her.”
“Does she have to stay over night?”
“Yes, sweetie. Just to make sure she is alright. She is pretty shaken up. Also, tell the gentleman that brought her in that he can stay with her if he wants. Miss Allison has asked for him to stay.”
Melanie nodded and came over to us, relaying the information. “She said she wants you to stay, James.”
I nodded “I promised her I wouldn’t leave and I don’t plan on it.”
“Well then…if you’re OK with it. We’re just going to see her and then go home.” Melanie said
I nodded “Okay…”
Sid patted me on the back “Everything will be, OK, man.”
I hoped he was right…


I am only half way through. Love nice guy James so far, but why give Allison chance after chance? Why was she really going to Malkins'?
mandiva mandiva
Do a sequel about Melanie
Okay ...so I have chapters 28-30 written down. I just need to type them up and upload them:) thanks so much for reading this fanfiction and I hope the ending doesn't piss you off;p I may do a sequel to this, but I'm not sure. I will be working on some other stories and possibly a sequel for my Seguin fic.
crosbyfan87 crosbyfan87
omg update soooon!
Ojiibikan Ojiibikan
I'm in the process of writing the next chapter, but I don't knw when I'll get it up. Sorry its taking me forever in between updates. Got a lot going on right now. Thanks for reading this story so far:)
crosbyfan87 crosbyfan87