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Edmonton Oilers Imagines and Preferences

Your 19th Birthday


Ryan invited all your family and friends to your favourite resturant the room was covered in Edmonton Oilers stuff because Ryan knows you aren't the biggest Oilers fan.

Your Outfit:

Your Present:


Taylor took just you to a special fancy steak house by the water that you guys went on your first date, When Taylor gave you the ring he bent down on one knee and everyone in the resturant thought he was gonna propose but you thought what he did was better.

Your Outfit:

Your Present:


Jordan got the Coach to call off practise on your birthday and invited all your friends, family and the whole team down for a skating party, Jordan bought you a bunch of Mini sticks because you had been begging everyone for some

Your Outfit:

Your Present:


In the beggining Sam took you to the shooting range somewhere you two had been going to since your first date, he then took you to his game and after the game you and the Oilers went out and got beers

Your Outfit:

Your Present:


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