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Her Eyes

she's beautiful. So beautiful.

A week after getting to Paris, she had started to notice more twitching than she was used to. She knocked over a glass when her and Jordan were out eating at a fancy restaurant, but she just assumed it was her clumsiness. However, when they went to see Carmen, her hand kept twitching. It wasn’t enough to make her mention it to Jordan.

This was their time to be together. To forget that Mason O’Rear was sick and would die. So she ignored it. She ignored the twitching, the sudden, but brief losses of control that seemed to strike her muscles when she least expected it. She put it in the back of her mind and went on to enjoy her time with the man she loved.

In their week in Paris, Mason and Jordan toured as many museums as they could. Mason found that she had a mass attraction to the art that the Musee d’Orsay housed, and spent a full day wandering the different halls, stopping to admire a piece every so often.

She and Jordan had a great time trying to find all of the paintings, in order, that are featured in the Da Vinci Code, a book Mason had devoured on the long flight from Pittsburgh.

Jordan took her to the Palais Garnier, and opera house to see a ballet. And Jordan wasn’t even bored by it.

The most memorable of their experiences came from the most visited place from the annoying tourists that the couple were trying not to be. The two sailed through the line to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, and once at the top Jordan took out his camera phone and snapped a photo of the two kissing with the Paris skyline in the background.

The last night of their trip was a long one. A mile long walk from their flat to the Arc de Triomphe turned to two, then three, and by two o’clock in the morning, the two were stumbling in the door, drunk off foreign wine, and wondering how they were supposed to get up in time to catch their noon flight.

* * *
The sheets twisted around their naked bodies as Jordan held the girl against his chest. He ran his fingers through her tangled hair and closed his eyes. Mason was silently dozing next to him, but Jordan’s sudden movement startled her awake. He propped himself up on one arm and looked at her, his gaze making her blush. He cupped her cheek in his free hand and ran one thumb delicately down her cheek.

“Will you marry me?”




easydoesit. easydoesit.

Love it. Please post

Futuremrs__ Futuremrs__

when are you going to post the end of this story?

Gigipens Gigipens

This is brilliant!

Aleiksa Aleiksa


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