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Carried Away.


I walked up the stairs feeling as rejected as a person can possibly feel. I wasn’t even sure why. Nothing happened. No one did anything to offend me. I just didn’t fit in with my family. Yeah, I was a little like them, but still I felt like an outcast. I often thought I was adopted. If I didn’t look like them I would’ve researched it a little more.
I looked up at the door as my mother knocked on it. She walked right in before I even replied approval. “Honey, there is something I need to tell you.” She stood nervously in the center of my room. After a few minutes I finally said, “Well by all freaking means take your time.” I rolled my eyes. This was typical for her. She sat down on the chair and handed me a folder. “This supposed to tell me something?” Scowl face mixed with nervousness. This was different. I quickly opened it and saw a certificate. One with my name, but not my name. “What is this supposed to mean?” I said that with a lot more attitude than I meant to. She looked down at the floor. “You're not my daughter. We adopted you. Your real family contacted us the other day. You're going to live with them.“


Just a bit of an introduction to the storyline.


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