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Carried Away.


After a 10 minute hug from my mom, I hugged the rest of my family, which I was slightly awkward between me and my brothers. “Marc, why don’t you go with your sister to get her suitcases.” She looked like she was about to explode from joy when she said “your sister.” He nodded, and we headed over.

We stood there for a few minutes in an awkward silence waiting for the bags to come, and when they did I breathed a sigh of relief. “Nervous they lost your luggage?” He asked chuckling. “Yeah. In my opinion this is the worst part of traveling. I’m always terrified they lost it.” He laughed and reached for my first bag when I pointed it out. “Me too kid, that one yours too?” His smile was still etched on his face. I nodded and he lifted it off the belt. “That’s it,” I said kind of upset I didn’t have more. I wasn’t quite ready for a long car ride with them.
He pulled out the handles so we could roll them to the cars. The girls that had been watching them earlier we’re looking at us like they couldn’t believe I was with him. He seemed oblivious to them. I looked at them and put a smug little smile on my face, and I had to admit, it felt good to see their glares. Marc and I had to stand by the door awhile to wait for the car to roll up. Dad opened the trunk while Jared got out of the car and took my bags and put them in the back with Marc. Suddenly there was a hand on my shoulder. I turned around quickly ready to defend myself if necessary. Jordan pulled his hands back as a sign of surrender. He was laughing as he said, “Sorry. I was just going to say you can get in the car. You can sit in the very back with me if you want.” I nodded feeling my face begin to red. I got in the back of the van, sitting as far to the left as I could. Jordan sat in the back with me, Marc and Jared sat in the two seats in the middle, and mom and dad up front. Eric rode in a different car with Tanya and Parker.

The 45 minute drive to the house felt like an eternity. Thank God I had my iPod; otherwise, it would’ve been more awkward than it already was. That word describes this whole situation, awkward. I kept noticing the guys glancing at me, probably making sure I was still there, that I wasn’t a dream. It took all the strength I had not to look back at them.

We pulled up to a sign that said “Sunshine Sod Farm”, which I guess the family owned and operated. When the car stopped I felt Jordan’s hand on my shoulder again, probably seeing if I was awake. When he saw I was, he withdrew his hand and motioned for me to get out first. I followed Jared out of the van. He held his hand out in case I needed help getting out. I didn’t really need the help, but I took his hand anyway and jumped out. I went to grab one of my bags, but the guys all insisted to do it for me. While my dad and brothers took the rest of my stuff to my new room, mom and Tanya took me on a tour of the house.

“The boys will just finish up your room, and then they’ll show it to you. They went a little crazy decorating it.” My mom laughed as she showed me each one of the boys room. It was easy to tell whose was whose. Marc’s had Rangers stuff; Jordan’s had Penguins stuff, etc. They didn’t differ much in style, blue walls, hockey posters, futon against the wall, computer, and a TV. So far, I hadn’t seen a single book in the house. They got the athletic ability, I got the brains. Not a bad trade. Just as she was about to show me the basement Eric came up and stopped us.

“We’re done and would like show Miss Kaylee to her new room.” He smiled and held out his arm. I took it and followed him to a door next Marc’s room. The boys were standing outside the door when we got there. They smiled as Eric opened the door and I walked in to see the most incredible room. Three of the walls were white, with an accent wall that was a light purple. In the corner was a large ceiling to floor closet. There was also a raised platform next to the closet taking up the rest of the wall. It had draws and shelves already stocked with all of my books and pictures. It also held a desk that had notebooks, pictures, and sketchbooks and pencils. Also on the desk was a brand new laptop with a bow wrapped around it. I sat down in my new desk chair and looked out my huge window which had a large flat screen sitting on the ledge in front of it. The only thing I noticed wrong with it was there was no bed. Jordan stepped in and pulled something out from under the platform. A bed with white sheets and a purple comforter came out.

“What do you think? Too much?” Jared looked really nervous as he looked at me awaiting my reaction. “We figured it’s a small room and putting the bed under the platform would give you a little more space. If you don’t like it, we can redo it or something.” Marc started rambling. I had to laugh. They honestly didn’t think I would like this? It was incredible. It was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for me. I jumped out of my chair and hugged each of them, and kissed each one on the cheek, surprising them when I did. “I love it! It’s honestly incredible.” They instantly relaxed.

“Well now that she’s seen her room and the house, why don’t we head out for dinner?” We all nodded and agreed on some local Italian place. It was a pretty quiet night, lots of story-telling and laughing. When we got home it was around 11pm and we all decided to go to bed. After dinner I went to bed, thinking I may actually like it here.


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