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My Arranged Marriage to Sidney Crosby

Are You Serious?

Chapter One
Are You Serious?

“Darling- you might be really shocked when your mother and I tell you this, but we want you to know we love you dearly and we only want what is best for you.” My father told me, sitting across from me at our dining table.

I gulped, “Don’t tell me I’m adopted.” I tried to joke. It didn’t work out to well.

My mother smiled at me apologetically.

“Holy shit! I am?” I exclaimed.

“No you aren’t. Stop fooling around.” She said to me.

I huffed, “Fine, well why won’t you just tell me?” I asked my parents.

I had been home for winter break for only a few days now and I was already worried that I had gotten into trouble.

“Because we have to wait for some people.” My mother told me, grinning.

I sighed and tugged at my dress. As soon as I had arrived home from watching my friend’s hockey game mom had made me shower again and picked out this blue knitted sweater dress that I had never worn before in my life. She told me I had to look pretty, “Well,” she said after that, “Extra pretty since you’re already pretty.” I had merely rolled my eyes at her.

At the time though, I didn’t question her. I showered, put on the dress (which fit me quite nicely I must admit) and even put on a little makeup- not much though just enough to give my face a subtle glow.

I heard a knock on the door and was going to get up and see who it was when mom darted up out of her seat and went to the door.

“So glad you could make it.” I heard my mom say to someone.

“We would have loved to be here sooner; Sidney’s just dying to know what it is we have to share with him. How is Jess holding up?” a woman said. Her voice sounded very familiar to me, but I couldn’t remember who it could’ve been. And she had said Sidney, who did I know who’s name was Sidney. Two people came to mind. There was one girl who I used to talk to at school, but we never became good friends, so it couldn’t have been here. Besides, the woman had said him, and there was only one other person it could have been-

“Sidney Crosby.” I said, my eyes glaring at the boy who had just walked in.

“Hello Jessica.” He said, glaring right back at me.

“Sidney take a seat please.” My father said. I looked at him and realized both our parents were already seated at the one side of the table and that Sidney had to sit next to me.

“But, but, but Dad!” I tried. I didn’t want this boy anywhere near me. Stupid show off professional hockey player that… A few choice names entered my head of what to call him, but now was not the time- especially in front of his parents…and mine.

“Silence.” My dad sternly said, giving me a look.

I quieted down right away and Sidney did as he was told and sat on the empty chair that was next to me. After a few minutes of silence my dad started to talk again.

“I’m sure you’re both wondering what it is we have to tell you,” he paused, “Well you see, when you two were both youngings Troy and I decided that we both wanted the best for our children and that it would be nice if our family was united.”

I was going to cut him off, but he is my father and knows me pretty well. “Before you interrupt,” he gave me a look, “Let me finish.”

“So we had a family meeting,” my mother started, picking up where dad left off, “Trina and I were joking around and finishing up with lunch while Troy and your dad talked business. We all knew why we were together but we didn’t want to discuss it just then-”

“Eventually though when lunch was over we had to get to work,” Mrs. Crosby picked up, “We had the documents already written up and we went through them once again just to make sure we all understood it. I was the first to sign, then your dad, Sidney, and then Helen and Wes.” She said, mentioning my parent’s names.

“So, we have brought the document today to show you exactly what we are talking about.” Mr. Crosby said, looking between me and Sidney. He pulled out a tan folder from his jacket and put it on the table in front of us all. Sidney and my parents just stared at it. I sighed and picked it up, flipping through all the pages. I felt Sidney scoot a little closer to me to look at the folder, I simply gave him a look and then I went back to the papers, when I saw the word, “arranged marriage.”

I dropped everything back on the table, “You’ve got to be kidding me! An arranged marriage? Are you serious? I don’t even like Sidney- not even as a friend, yet you expect us to get married?” I was yelling now. There was no way in hell I was going to be forced into this. I hated, and I mean hated the kid sitting next to me. We had never gotten along even though our parents were best friends with each other. They always forced us to have play dates and what not, but we would always end up hitting each other or simply dividing the room in half. One time Sidney even went as far to put blue paint in my hair and that lasted for weeks, until it all came out. However, once we were old enough to do other things then hang out with each other we did exactly that, only suffering through Christmas dinners as we kicked each other under the table. Thankfully, when my parents had moved, both my neighbors had been boys and I could kick and punch pretty hard.

“Yea, I’m not marrying her. And I only just broke up with my girlfriend. What will my teammates think?” I heard Sidney say.

I was surprised to find myself agreeing with him. I never thought I’d see the day. Our parents looked at us both, it was clear they were both disappointed. And when I saw my mother’s face drop, I simply shut up, not able to say another word. And the thing that sucked was that I had been in the middle of a sentence- not a very nice sentence either. Sidney stared at me, wide eyed. Whenever I silenced myself it normally meant I surrendered- which was quite rare.

“Can Sidney and I talk privately for a moment?” I asked the adults. I tried to avoid eye contact with my mom who looked like she was about to cry. I don’t know why she was, but I hated to see her cry.

“Of course.” Mr. Crosby said.

I stood up from the table, grabbing Sidney’s shirt by the collar and pulling him with me. I dragged him upstairs to my room, where I knew my parents wouldn’t let Mr. and Mrs. Crosby come. I closed the door and locked it, just in case (it was a “special” occasion after all).

I turned and looked at Sidney who was rubbing his neck, “What was that for Hunter?”he asked, using my last name. Well, if that’s how he wanted to play.

“Don’t Hunter me, Crosby,” I said, venom in my voice, “Two can play that game. Besides, did you see our mothers down there?”

He sighed and sat on my bed, even though it was covered in my clothing. “Yea I saw them all right. Your mother looked like she was about to cry.”

“Why would they do this to us? They know we hate each other.”

“Apparently we didn’t hate each other back then…when they made the, er, arrangements.” He said.

He was right.

“You think there was a time when we didn’t hate each other?” I asked, trying to picture it. I couldn’t, it was just too impossible. Crosby and I had always hated each other.

“If there was, I sure don’t remember it.” He said.

“Well, I can’t stand to see my mom break down. Besides, she’s not getting any younger and I don’t want this whole stupid thing to ruin her.” I said, I knew I was going to regret these words shortly.

“What are you getting at?” Sidney asked, standing up from the bed and walking towards me. I had been leaning against the door and I was very short compared to Sidney. My 5’3” frame didn’t stand a chance next to Sidney’s 5’11” one.

I took a shaky breath and tried to back up, guess what. It didn’t work. “Maybe if we act civil to each other we can get through this. Besides, you heard our parents- they’ve had this thing planned for years!”

“You think you can manage that? You’ve always been the feisty one.” He said.

“Oh whatever Crosby. If you leave me alone and don’t bother me, I’ll be completely fine.” I said, and opened the door and walked back to the dining room, not waiting for Sidney.

My parents were still sitting in their seats, and so were Troy and Trina. When they heard me walk in, all their heads snapped up to look at me. Then they looked behind me, I figured they were looking at Crosby boy.

I sat down in my unoccupied seat and looked straight ahead, not making eye contact with anyone. I was going to regret all of this and I knew it, but I wanted my parents to be happy. I heard Sidney sit down next to me and that’s when I decided to speak.

“Alright, so this arranged marriage crap- let’s get it over with.”


Hope you liked it all! Please let me know what you think in the comments(:


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