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Spraks Fly

Lost In The Moment

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Annlie's P.O.V.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
This is it. I thought to myself as the taxi cab pulled up in front of the Consol Energy Center. Taking a deep breath I scooped up my purse and made my way through the front doors to surprise Evgeni. I knew he was here because he had called me thirty minutes prior to wish me a good morning.

As I made my way to the ice I could hear the sound of skates making the first indents into the ice, a sound I hadn't heard since before Evgeni had moved. Standing at center ice I scanned the jumbled mass confusion for the familiar face that I had seen just a few short days ago. Finally I spotted him, he was standing next to a tall guy with facial hair on his chin, his hands folded over the top of his stick where he rested his chin. I stared at him for a moment, taking in how beautiful he was before making my way closer to the ice. As I reached the bench area I saw him look up from his conversation and notice me, a wide grin forming at the side of his mouth.

"Annlie!" he shouted, causing the team to look at her, "What are you doing here?" he asked excited as he made his way over to the bench.

"I couldn't let you leave me again Evgeni, I had to be with you."

Standing on the bench Evgeni looked me square in the eyes, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"I'm positive. Evgeni, I had the greatest time of my life with you these past few weeks and I am not about to give them up now. I have waited years to be with you and I refuse to wait any longer."

As a grin formed on the side of his face he kissed me square on the mouth as the team cheered and hollered. For a moment I had forgotten we were at the rink in front of his entire team and fans. As he pulled away he smiled at me and said, "I'll see you after practice."

"Okay," I said smiling and taking a seat to watch as a brunette came up beside me.

"That's the biggest smile I have ever seen come on that Russian's face before," she said sitting down, "You must be something special."

"I hope so, I've loved him for as long as I can remember."

"It shows, you both light up when you are in the presence of each other. I'm Renee," she said extending her delicate hand.

"I'm Annlie. Nice to meet you."

"Likewise. So other than Evgeni, what brings you to Pittsburgh?"

"That is it actually, I couldn't stand to be away from him again, so I hopped on a plane and here I am."

"So wait, you left Russia to come here, to a foreign country, just to be with a man that you were pretty sure cared the same way about you?"

"Yeah, that's the story."

"So you are looking for a job then?" she asked perking up.

"Yeah, I suppose I am."

"Well hunny, you are in luck because I am looking for help."

"I'm sorry, but what exactly is it that you do?"

"Well, currently I work for a marketing firm in downtown Pittsburgh but I also do a little catering on the side."

"So what exactly is it that you are asking me?"

"Well, my partner up and left me yesterday and I am on the hunt for someone to help me broaden my horizons, someone that can help me get more clients. Hence the reason I am here today. I figured what would be better clientel than a few Pittsburgh Penguins to boost my ego and put my name out there. Not to mention, I adore the sport. Anyway, seems how you are quite close with Evgeni, if you would become my partner, I would have an in with the team and together we could work a little magic."

"So you would like me to work with you, as your partner for a marketing firm?"


Was I dreaming? Was this woman really asking me to work for a marketing firm that would potentially be working hand in hand with my boyfriend? It all seemed too good to be true.

"I would love to! I worked in public relations and marketing back in Russia, I was part of the campaign department."

"Are you serious? That's great, I knew there was something about you that drew me to you, aside from the instant in with the team," she said smiling. "Look, I have to run, I have a meeting with Ray Shero, the General Manager of the team in five minutes. Here is my number, give me a call tonight and we will discuss all of the details."

"Alright, sounds like a plan. Thank you very much."

"Thank you," she said getting up and making her way out to the concession area.

Turning my head back to the ice I focused on Evgeni. The way he moved was so solid and fluent, he made skating look so simple. The way he careened his stick around the defenseman and handled the puck was flawless. I had always admired how fluent he was at the sport and how it seemed to come as natural as breathing. Looking around the arena I took it all in, this was my home now. This was where I would be watching my boyfriend pursue his dream, no more once a week phone calls about how the games went, I would be living it. Eating, sleeping and breathing hockey and I was more excited than I could ever remember being.

I knew that Vlad would have loved this as much as I was, and I had no doubt in my mind that he was there with me, taking it all in right beside me causing my smile to get even bigger.

"Alright boys, that's enough for today," the Coach said wrapping up practice.

As Evgeni skated toward the bench I met him at the glass.

"How would you like to meet the team?" he asked grinning.

"Uh, sure I suppose."

"Great," he said, his grin forming into a wide smile as he gave me directions on how to get down to the locker room.

As I made my way down my heart raced, being introduced to his team was like being introduced to a man's family for the first time. You wanted their first impression of you to be the best and for them to approve, this was essentially Evgeni's family now a days. As I made my way down the cream colored hall I admired the photographs of each player, stopping briefly for a moment to examine the names of each and every one of them so I wouldn't look like a complete idiot. Taking a deep breath I knocked on the locker room door. Evgeni had told me to do so before entering, something about some of the guys not liking to wear clothes or something of that sort. As I waited I looked down and noticed a pair of dress shoes siting outside the locker room. That's odd I thought as the door swung open.

"Hey baby," Evgeni said taking my hand and guiding me inside. "Boys, this is Annlie. This is the girl I've been talking about ever since I moved to Pittsburgh." Hearing him say those words caused me to blush.

"Ann, I'd like you to meet my team, my family."

"Hi, it's nice to meet all of you," I said waving my hand at all of them, I had never been more shy in my life.

The first guy to come up to me was a tall blonde who spoke with a familiar Russian accent. He introduced himself as Sergei Gonchar, whom I had heard Evgeni mention before. Next was the ever so polite Captain himself, Sidney Crosby whom I recognized from the pictures Evgeni had shown me. His lips were even more luscious and big than they appeared in pictures.

"Nice to meet you Annlie," he said, "I've heard so much about you."

"Oh really?" I said smiling at Evgeni whose cheeks had become a lighter shade of pink.

"All good, I promise."

"Nah, don't listen to him, he's told us what a freak you are!" a scruffy looking blue-eyed man interjected, whom I would later learn went by the name of Max.

"As if Superstar," Evgeni spoke.

Laughing a little I looked at him, "Sucks to be you my dear, because the allegations you are accusing me of are quite true. It's always the quiet ones you have to look out for,isn't that right Evgeni?" I said winking. A look of shock crossed Evgeni's face at the words that had just left my lips. The locker room bursting into cheers for the Russian who had landed the "crazed sex-freak" instead of the Superstar for a change. Smiling at the joke Evgeni rested his hand on the small of my back as he said his good-byes to the team and escorted me out. It was time to go home.


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