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Spraks Fly

It's Party Time

~Annlie's Point of View~

Gathering my things together in my overnight bag I felt excited and anxious. Tomorrow would be the day of my dreams. My parents were here, staying at Evgeni's parents. Everything was ready, the rehearsal dinner had gone fabulous. I couldn't ask for more. And to make it better today would be a girls day, me and Renee. I couldn't wait!

As I walked out of the apartment, my arms full with my bags, I found Renee standing in front of a limousine waiting for me.

"Ready to be pampered?" she asked.

"Are you serious? You got us a limousine?!" I squealed.

"Of course I did. It's your last night as a single lady, we're going all out girl!"

Climbing in with all my bags I was greeted by Vero, Jen and Heather who were already sipping on wine.

"Oh my gosh, I didn't know you guys were coming?!"

"Surprise!" Vero said hugging my neck as I sat next to her.

"You guys are the best" I said situating myself on the seat, taking the glass handed to me by Renee, "So where are we going?"

"We are going to spend the day at Esspa's and get European facials, hot lava massages, manicures and whatever else your heart desires."

"Ahh!" I squealed.

"Then tonight we're going to have some fun, right girls?"

"Yeah!" Jen,Vero and Heather said in unison.

This was going to be a fantastic day, I was so lucky to have such great friends.

We arrived at Esspa's and immediately hit the massage room. I was excite because I had never had a massage before. We stripped down to our bare asses and got in matching robes.

Laying face down on the table I placed my head in the cradle.

"I can't wait for this, I've never had a massage before."

"Really?" Renee asked picking her head up.

"Yeah, I mean, I've always wanted to have a massage but I've never actually had one."

"Oh, you are in for a treat."

At that moment I felt a warm hand brush my shoulder, signaling the massage was about to start. She started with smooth. gliding strokes to warm up my muscle tissue, moving nice and slow, causing me to feel relaxed. She then proceeded to knead my muscle tissue, relieving tension I never even realized existed. I was feeling more relaxed than I had ever dreamed.

After the massage we opted in for European facials, each of us putting on facial masks and getting neck massages while we gossiped about this and that.

~Kris's Point of View~

"Way to win boys!" Max yelled as we got back in the locker room. We had just swept the Lightning in a 4-0 victory. Our biggest lead all season, bumping us up to first in the conference.

I took a quick shower and dressed quickly, not even worrying about slicking my hair, I just let it fall loosely. Knowing there were other guys waiting for me, I rushed to the lobby.

"Have a good night Geno, I'll see you tomorrow man."

Thanks Kris," he said before I walked out the door.

"Jesus, take you long enough?" Max joked as I jogged up beside him, "What are you Mr. GQ?"

"Ha ha, very funny," I said as we walked out of the arena and into the brisk, cool air.

"Okay, so who else was left in the locker room when you left?" Matt asked as we made our way to the bar.

"Sid, Geno, Duper and Paul were all still there."

"Okay, and Geno had no idea right?" Max asked looking at me.

"He didn't seem to."


Walking into Fat Heads we sat down in our usual spot in the back, the rest of the team already working on their first round of drinks. Looking around I was impressed, Sid had done an awesome job getting this all arranged.

He had managed to hang banners from one end of the bar to the other and had streamers hanging everywhere. The place looked great. As if on cue, in walked Geno, Sid, Paul and Duper.

"Surprise" we all cheered raising our glasses.

Geno wearing a big smile on his face.

"You guys did this for me?" he asked walking over to us.

"Of course we did, you can thank el capitan for arranging it all though," Jordan said tipping his glass in the direction of Sid, who nodded in appreciation wearing a smirk on his face.

"Alright Geno, my main man. We have a special seat for you over here,"Max said through a wireless microphone, pointing towards an empty chair.

Evgeni walked over and sat in the chair, all of us gathering around him, majority of us knowing what was about to happen.

The lights dimmed and out came two women, a blonde and brunette, dressed in heels and Pittsburgh jerseys. A classic that I'm sure Max was in on. They danced seductively around Evgeni for about fifteen minutes with all of us cheering them on, some of the guys getting super excited and howling. They flashed a little skin, put their hands on Geno's shoulders, grinded on his lap. While one of them bent over in front of him, the other reached her hands down the front of Geno's chest and unbuttoned his shirt, leaving him sitting there shirtless, trying not to laugh.

They then laid him on the floor on his stomach, blindfolding him then dragging ice down his back to tease him. Then, bam! The blonde chick spanks him on the ass, I almost lost my drink I was laughing so hard. The girls then turned to us and were taking volunteers to be spanked, Max being himself jumped at the chance pulling his pants half down, leaving his bare ass hanging out while they spanked him with a whip.

Soon after the whipping took place they were both stripping out of their jerseys, leaving the two of them in just their g-strings and heels, thus causing hoots and hollers to come from every one of us. Looking over at Geno I had to laugh, this poor Russian had no idea what he was in for and looked totally stunned that these women were standing there naked in front of him.

"What do you want us to do big boy," the blonde asked running her finger up and down his bare chest.

"Uhhh," he stuttered looking around.

"Kiss!" Max shouted from across the room, gathering cheers all around.

To no surprise that is exactly what the two did, leaning in front of Evgeni's face the two began going at it, making out playing tonsil hockey.

This facade lasted for about two hours between the lap dances, the bondage show and the lesbian act. Finally the night was winding down and it was time to get the guys out of the bar.

I had room enough for four people including myself so Ben Lovejoy, Jordan Staal, Max and Aaron Asham came home with me. Guys like Pascal and Matt didn't get too rowdy and left somewhat early to get home to their families, while the young guns had hit the drinks. Hard.

Arriving at my apartment the guys all went their separate ways and crashed.This had definitely been a memorable night.

Grabbing my phone I sent Renee a text:

To: Renee
Just got home. I hope you've had a good day. We won. I miss you and I will see you tomorrow.

She replied:

From: Renee
Okay. Our day has gone great, we're just sitting here playing games. I'm glad you won. I miss you too :) Good night handsome.

To: Renee
Good night beautiful :)

  With that I allowed myself to drift off to sleep, tomorrow was going to be a big day.


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