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Spraks Fly

We Work Well Together

Evgeni's P.O.V.

Rolling over I opened my eyes to find Annlie sleeping peacefully next to me. She looked so peaceful as she slept, her hair fell loosely around her face, her mouth parted just enough to hear the breaths she took. How did I ever get so lucky to find such a beautiful woman? A woman who would fly to a foreign country just to be with me. A woman who was incredible in bed, better than anyone I had ever been with, not that there were many. Last night had been a pleasant surprise. When I turned around to see her standing there with her dress on the floor with nothing but panties. Just thinking about last nights events made me start to get hard.

Getting out of bed I grabbed my boxers, put them on and went into the bathroom. I was finishing brushing my teeth when I heard a light knock on the door. Looking over I saw Ann standing in the door way looking at me. She was in short shorts and a baggy t-shirt, her hair in a messy bun. I had never seen her look more beautiful.

"Good morning my beautiful fiance," I said walking over and wrapping my arms around her waist.

"Mmm, good morning handsome," she said smiling.

"What would you like to do today? We have an optional practice, I could spend the day showing you around if you'd like."

"Oh shoot!" she exclaimed, her eyes getting big as she ran into the bedroom.

"What?" I asked following her.

"I totally forgot I was supposed to call Renee last night."


"Renee. The girl I met at the arena yesterday, she offered me a job and I was supposed to call her last night. Shit!" she said grabbing her phone, "I have a missed call from her."

Putting the phone on speaker we listened:

"Hey Annlie, this is Renee. I know I told you to call me tonight when you got a chance, but I got to thinking and realized you probably had plans with Geno with it being your first night here and all. I figured I'd just let you know you can stop by my office at anytime tomorrow. I'll be there until about eight at night. I'll look forward to seeing you. Have a good evening."

"Oh, thank goodness. For a second I thought she was going to be calling to tell me forget about it."

"Annlie, you worry too much," I said pulling her in for a kiss.

"I know. I can't help it. I want everything to be perfect."

"Mmm, as long as I have you it is. Just don't go getting too busy, we do have a wedding to plan after all."

"Of course not, how could I forget? I'll start sorting out some ideas tonight."

"Okay. Would you like me to drop you off at Renee's and I'll go to practice?"

"Sure, that would be wonderful."

"Alright, consider it done. After work I'll take you car shopping. You are going to have to get around town somehow."

"Oh Evgeni, you are going to spoil me aren't you?"

"Of course I am my love, and you are worth every penny."

"I love you Evgeni," she said kissing me square on the lips.

"Mmm, I love you too Annlie, now let's get ready."

Annlie's P.O.V.

"Alright baby, I'll see you in a couple hours," Evgeni said as he pulled up to the front door of Hot Shotz.

"Okay. I love you, have a good practice."

"I love you too," he said kissing me through the window before driving off.

Turning around I looked up at the building standing in front of me and took a deep breath, trying not to let my nerves get the best of me as I walked through the front door.

In front of me stood an open office, similar to what you would expect a hotel check-in to look like. A wide open space, cream colored walls and a dark red carpet. Off to the side sat a tan leather couch and a few chairs, the waiting area I assumed. Reaching the desk I asked the receptionist for Renee.

"She's on the seventh floor, last office on the right. I will page her and let her know you are on your way. Your name?" said the petite blonde.

"Annlie," I said securing my purse over my shoulder.

"I'll let her know," she said smiling before turning back to her paper work.

Getting in the elevator I pressed number seven and waited as the doors shut in front of me. The elevator was quite spacious, it could easily fit half a dozen people, if not more. Reaching the seventh floor, the doors opened and my stomach turned. The closer I got to Renee's office, the faster my heart beat. Before I could knock on her door it swung open and she was ushering me inside.

"Hey Annlie, nice to see you again. Robin informed me you were on your way. How are things going?" she asked sitting down on a black leather couch.

Her office was amazing, the couch sat facing the door, in front of a window wall outlooking the city, a glass coffee table placed in front of it. A mahogany desk was off to the corner of the room with a photograph of a little girl and an older gentleman, Renee and her dad I assumed.

"Things are going well," I said setting my purse on the floor and sitting down on the opposite end of the couch, pushing my hair out of my face.

"Whoa, wait a second," she said reaching for my left hand, "Did you guys get engaged?" she exclaimed looking at me.

"Yes, Evgeni proposed his love to me last night at dinner."

"Oh my God Annlie, that's great. I am so happy for you!"

"Thank you."

"So do you have any idea of what kind of wedding you want, where you want it, who? Anything?" she asked intrigued.

"Well, honestly, I have no idea. I have only been in America a few days and it isn't custom in my country to have an engagement. I'm not really sure how to plan a wedding," I said looking down at my ring.

"Would you like some help? I mean, I know that we hardly know each other, but like I told you yesterday, I'm a caterer, I sort of know how these things work."

"Would you? Oh, that would be wonderful!"

"Of course! It would be my pleasure!"

"Ah, thank you so much!"

"First lets discuss a little bit of business and then we will get to work on your wedding."

"Alright, sounds like a plan."

"Okay. First things first. You said that you have worked PR before?"

"Yes, I was head of the department."

"Okay, what exactly was your firm directed towards? Internet marketing, Sports based, Marketing in general?"

"Typically our firm dealt with up and coming athletes trying to make it big. We sponsored them and got them all the publicity that they needed to become somebody and make it in the pros."


"Yes, why is something wrong?"

"No no, nothing is wrong. Girl you are more of a catch than I thought. So you are telling me that, not only do I get a shoe in with the Penguins with Malkin being your fiance, but you specialized in getting athletes publicized with the media?"

"Yes, that is correct."

"Annlie, how would you like to be my new partner? The work week is Monday through Friday, seven to four."

"I would love to."

"Eeeeeek!" she squealed clapping her hands, "I'm so excited!"

Laughing I said, "Me too."

"Okay now lets discuss your wedding," she said with the same enthusiasm grabbing a notebook and pen off of the coffee table. "When you think of your wedding day, what do you see?"

"I see my closest friends and family there. I'd like it to be an outdoor wedding I think with a nice landscape and an indoor reception."

"Okay, let's go from there. Let's see, I know a fantastic place for the reception, it's called The Fez. It has a beautiful set up, hanging chandelier, the works. I'll book us an appointment to check it out. As for the outdoor part, there's the Pensylvanian that is more up scale and classy. It is magnificent. I've catered a few weddings there."

"Okay, let's check those out."

"Alright," she said jotting down notes, 'Now what about a color scheme? Do you have any colors in mind of what you would like your bridesmaids dresses to be, your maid of honor?"

"I think the color red would look nice, it's fancy and the color of love."

"Ohh, that sounds very nice. We can check Carlisle's for dresses, they're the best in town and girl you want the best of the best."

"Thank you so much for helping me Renee, especially for just meeting me."

"It's no problem at all girl, I love helping people plan weddings. It's so much fun."

"That's good. I think I know who I want to cater the event."

"Already, damn you must have had some good food last night. Who is the lucky business?"



"Yes, you are being so kind in helping me plan all of this and giving me a job. The least I can do is have you cater my wedding that you are helping me plan."

"Well, alrighty then. You have yourself a caterer."

We discussed wedding plans until Robin called Renee's office telling her that Evgeni was downstairs asking for me.

"Thank you for all of your help. I will see you tomorrow morning."

"Alright, sounds good," she said smiling and escorting me to the elevator, "See you tomorrow."

"Alright," I said waving as the elevator doors closed and I made my way to the love of my life.

Seeing him standing in the office gazing around, waiting for me made my heart skip a beat, his hair still wet from his after practice shower.

"Hey handsome," I said walking up behind him.

Turning around he said, "Hello beautiful," as he wrapped an arm around my waist, "How did everything go?"

"Well, we began planning our wedding," I said as we walked out the door, explaining everything Renee and I had discussed on the way home.

Renee's P.O.V.

The minute I met Annlie I knew I had struck gold. Not only had I landed a new partner with experience, but one with a connection that would help the business flourish. As if that wasn't enough, I had also scored a catering gig for her wedding.

I was honored and excited that I got to help her plan her wedding for her future with Evgeni, planning weddings was something that always seemed like fun, though I dreaded planning my own. I wasn't the marriage type of person. The main reason being it wouldn't be traditional like I had always wanted, I would never be able to have my dream wedding. I didn't get the luxury of having my father walk me down the isle or have a father-daughter dance. The most important things in life that little girls dream of had been ripped away from me.

Looking over at the picture on my desk I felt tears form in my eyes. I missed him. It had only been two years since he had passed away and I would give anything to have him back in my life. He was the greatest man I knew and as far as I was concerned, no one would ever measure up to him. All the more reason I wouldn't be getting married and the reason I hadn't been on so much as one date for over a year. They just seemed like a waste of time.

Interrupting my thoughts was a knock at my door, wiping under my eyes and taking a deep breath I turned around to see who it was.

"Ma'am, Rejean Shero, we spoke yesterday."

"Yes. How are you Mr. Shero?"

"I am well, thank you. Listen, I have talked it over with Dan and we would be honored to have you represent us as an organization. We love everything you stand for and represent and feel that this is a step in the right direction for this club."

Trying to contain my excitement, I let a smile spread across my face before saying, "Thank you Mr. Shero. It is truly an honor to do business with you."

"The pleasure is all mine Ma'am. I don't want to hold you up, I am sure you have other things to do, as do I. I expect I will be hearing from you soon."

"Yes sir, and please call me Renee."

"Alright Renee, have a good day and thank you."

"Thank you Mr. Shero," I said as he walked out of my office.

Once he was in the elevator and the doors had shut I jumped for joy. I had just landed the biggest account ever and with the help of Annlie, we would be unstoppable. I was excited to see what the next few weeks had in store.


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