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Lock and Key


“Give it to me.”

She laughed. Typical.

“Amy. Give it to me.”

“How will I get into your house, Sid?”

I rolled my eyes.

“How will I sneak in, in the middle of the night, when you’re home alone?”


She leaned back, arms braced wide against the counter behind her. It elongated the shape of her body in a dizzying way, right down to the cowboy boots she playfully wore with shorts. It made me want each inch of her. Amy shook her long hair down her back. “Surely there must be a moment or two, in the dark, when no one’s watching?”

There were. Those were precious. Two moments a day when I was not important; scrutinized and judged and evaluated by no one. Those were mine.

I would have gladly shared them with her.


My patience was thin. The party had been fun but I was overtired, exhausted and sore. She should have been too, for all the flirting she was doing with other guys. I’d come into the kitchen to fetch my keys from the board where everyone hung them while drinking. Only sober people got to come back here alone. I wasn’t expecting company.

She tsked. “A lot of hours between now and tomorrow.”

The keys jingled, like the sound her earrings made when she brushed her hair back. It had been a long summer. She was tan and long-limbed, with freckles on her burnished skin. Months of sunshine had lightened her dark hair until she glowed like the sun itself. My keys hung from the tip of one finger.

All summer, I’d wanted. All summer, she’d teased. It was the same good-natured, harmless flirting she did with every other guy - except to me she was a spark, and I was nothing but dry, wasted land waiting to burn. I swiped my keys and Amy frowned at my back as I stormed out of the house.

“Fuck,” I thumped the steering wheel at the first red light. She was so... close. It could still hear her near me, feel her presence in the confined space of my car. Home couldn’t come fast enough but even the front door mocked me for coming home alone again.

“Shut up,” I told it, swinging up my keys into the light. One, two... four. Four was the front door. The back door key was missing.

My mind tumbled through every possible scenario like a barrel going over a waterfall: Amy in the dark, Amy undressing, Amy in my bed. That last one was familiar and well-travelled.

Just once for her not to be teasing.

I shook my head in frustration. She was doing it again, and I was letting her win. Still she was there with me as I slipped between my sheets. I’d learned months ago that it was useless to try to force her from my mind. So I slept with Amy, in my head, again.

I woke to the sound of the door opening, boots on tile. Sleep had been light and fitful, as if waiting for this. My heart pounded - she wasn’t trying to be quiet. But carpet muffled her footsteps and I held my breath, laying still. The door down the hall opened, the first guest room. Then the next. Two more and it was mine.

Like a hopeful, helpful fool I’d left the stairway light on. It outlined her shape in my doorway.

I’d just seen two empty beds but it was impossible to envision how much Sidney filled one. He lay on his side, shirtless shoulders broad as any linebacker. One heavily muscled arm lay bent in front of him. I could just make out his face in the near-darkness.

“Thought you’d have an alarm,” I said quietly, leaning against the door jamb.

“Didn’t turn it on,” Sid admitted. “Were you going to disable it somehow?”

The idea had occurred to me. I rattled off, “Eight seven eight seven eight seven....”

Sid laughed. That sound had been knocking out pieces of my heart all summer like a wrecking ball. What sense did it make to want so badly something you couldn’t have? Sidney Crosby was no better than a library book - he could only be a short-term loan, due back to the world long before I was finished with him.

The end of summer had crumpled my resistance. The things I’d said to tease him, bait I’d set hoping to God he’d bite, started sounding like a plan of action. Why shouldn’t I have what I wanted? I knew he wanted it too, and badly enough to let me come here so easily.

“Are you coming in?” he asked cautiously. Even now, Sidney was afraid to press his luck.

“That’s a big question coming from someone so nearly naked.”

“Uh,” he stammered, “what were you expecting?”

I pushed off the doorway, moving like a cat. It felt right for sneaking around in the dark. “You have to give up something if you want answers. And I am prepared to do that.”

Sidney pushed up onto one elbow in a move sexier than any porn. Unless you were Greek and knew where to find a demigod half asleep in a big empty bed. The blanket slipped down to reveal half his chest. “You are?”

“Mmhmm,” I stepped to the middle to the room. “For every time you tell me the truth, I will give you one piece of clothing. If you tell me enough, you may just get what you want.”

Even in half light, the look on his face was priceless. I crossed to the ensuite bathroom, flipped on the light and closed the door all but a sliver so he could see me better. Then I opened the top button on my shirt.

“Why didn’t you ever ask me out?”

He cleared his throat. “I thought that you were into those other guys.”

Second button, then I stopped. “That’s only half-true.”

“I wasn’t sure you’d say yes,” he confessed. If Sidney could have seen himself abed like this, he’d have known how crazy that sounded. I reached the bottom of the buttons and slowly peeled the shirt from my shoulders. Sid’s eyes burned into the skin along my stomach and where my breasts pushed up from their cups.

“Better. Were you with anyone else this summer?”

That one was easy, and a given. “No,” I told her immediately. But such an answer was no more than exercise. Amy leaned down tantalizingly and slipped one foot free from a boot. Underneath was a sock that she removed before putting her boot back on.

“Time wasted,” she said. I almost said amen.

She was stunning in the half-light. I could well have still been dreaming except it smelled like her; like lotion and sunshine and desire. My dreams were never in 3D. Beneath the blanket and the one piece of clothing I wore, my body began to wake up too.

“If you had asked me out, what would we have done?”

I answered too quickly. “Jet skiing. The island here has a clearing for picnics. You have to swim but we have a floating cooler. And we can, I mean we could have, even gone there at night. When it’s bright the dock is easy to see.”

“You’ve thought about that.” It wasn’t a question, just an observation as Amy unzipped her shorts. My mouth went dry. She curled her back and pushed them over the rise of her ass. They caught on her boots; I almost reached to help. Amy bent gracefully and freed her feet, tossing her shorts onto the pile with her top.

I nearly moaned as she stood to her full height. Her bra and panties were lacy and bright, maybe pink or peach. They crossed taut places and disappeared into tight ones, covering an infinitesimal percentage of that incredible body. In her lingerie and boots, she was a mirage. I pinched myself - not sleeping. Amy went to my desk, ran her fingers over the things there: laptop, phone, wallet. My lower body strained for her next question.

“Is there anything else you’ve thought about doing with me?”

“Yes.” I croaked. She removed the other boot, discarded a sock and put it back on.

I was losing my composure. Standing mere feet from his bed in panties he probably couldn’t tell were soaked, I was torturing us both with my morbid curiosity. But if there was a more effective tactic for getting information I didn’t know it. Police interrogators should be so skilled.

Now for the real stuff.

“Why wouldn’t you give me your key then?”

Sidney sat up. The sheet fell from his massive upper body and I clutched the edge of his desk for support. He looked like the Incredible Hulk - I nearly climbed into bed with my boots on.

“I thought you were just flirting. Teasing me,” he pushed a hand through his thick dark hair. Eyes the color of melted chocolate fixed on mine. “You’ve been teasing me all summer.”

I leaned against a dresser. “I’ve been trying to get you to ask me out all summer.”

“But you’re like that with everyone. And they all ask you out.”

With my upper back to the drawers, I arched to reach the clasps of my bra. I let the straps fall from my shoulders until I was holding the cups against my breasts.

“And yet I only seem to want the one who doesn’t ask.” I held his gaze as I dropped my bra, daring him to break eye contact. He lasted a few seconds before it moved to the body I was displaying for him by force. I felt a surge of indignation that I was still doing all the work.

“Why do you need to be pursued? Why do I have to come after you?” I asked, annoyed.

Sidney looked down at his hands. It wasn’t the defensive reaction I was expected - the one I would have given. He took a moment to gather his thoughts while I stared at the perfect human and knew that he could have whatever he wanted. It was doubly infuriating that he wouldn’t take it.

“I’m used to it,” he finally said. Those colossal shoulders slumped. “I’m so used to girls coming to me that I don’t know how to do it. I thought if all those other guys were getting turned down, then I didn’t stand a chance.”

I couldn’t have had this conversation if I didn’t know how it would end. Even now I ached to silence him and his stupid, honest answers with a kiss. I’d find out everything I wanted to know after that. The only technique more effective than promise was delivery. I shook off one boot.

A faint smirk tilted his soft lips. “That was two questions.”

“Bastard,” I whispered. Sidney laughed again and another brick fell out of my wall. The other shoe dropped, leaving me in nothing but my panties, stalking around his room like a tiger in a cage.

One more question.

“Did you want me to come here tonight?”

I moved so quickly that Amy stepped back in surprise. My feet dropped off the bed and I tossed the blanket back. Her eyes went straight to my shorts, the answer to her question obvious.

“Yes.” I stood up. It was time to prove to both of us that I could go after what I wanted. Amy stayed still as I moved around behind her. The tips of my index fingers brushed just above the waistband of her panties, then slipped behind the lace. I slowly and carefully peeled the flimsy fabric down until it was between her thighs. With both hands I touched Amy for the first time, pushing my palms up over the perfect round of her ass, the small of her back, the width of her ribcage. At her shoulders, I leaned between my hands and put my lips to her neck.

“Yes,”I repeated. “I’ve wanted to you to come here every night for months. Now that you’re here, I have something to ask you.”

She turned to face me. Even naked, Amy was defiant; as if she hadn’t just broken into my house and stripped for me. Being twice her size is no advantage against a girl who knows you want her. This whole summer had been a question and I still needed to ask it out loud.

“Amy, can I kiss you?”

She sat on the edge of the bed and leaned back, the way she had an hour before in the kitchen at the party. It had the same effect on me. With a sly smile she said, “Yes.”

But to get there, I had to pay for my question. She watched shamelessly as I stripped out of my boxer briefs and stood completely bare and hard as a rock. My body was begging. I’d barely touched her. But I wasn’t shy - and neither was Amy. She slid up the bed and lay back, making me follow. On my knees I was over her easily, just looking down at this girl I’d dreamed about all summer.

For a moment, only our lips touched. Her warm, soft mouth sent a tingle through my body like a fuse being lit. Amy dug her fingers into my hair, pulled me close and slipped her tongue against mine. I poured over her, thighs and hips and stomachs settling together. Her breasts were full in my hands, nipples taut and she gasped as I rolled them under my palms. My erection throbbed against her belly.

For all the time we’d spent waiting for the other to make a move, we were charging ahead now. Amy’s hands were everywhere. Mine moved her thighs apart and pushed right inside. She moaned. I almost did too, finding that tight, hot space so desperate for me. I forced my fingers deeper, earning another sound. My thumb found her clit and she bucked hard.

“Sid,” Amy said softly.

Well, she asked for it.

Amy was so ripe and juicy, I felt dizzy at the throb of my erection brushing the spot my fingers had just left. That got a groan out of me. Amy looked me in the eye and said, “Finally.”

I would have told him anything, but could barely find the words. He didn’t stop, he didn’t even go slow. Sidney kept pushing until his huge thighs lifted my ass clear off the bed and the best I could do was cry out.

“Fuck,” he breathed against my ear, holding us both still. He was buried so deep I could feel him shaking and I knew he was trying not to come right away. Delirious after such a crazy night, I felt powerful to have him on the edge. After all, I’d apparently been teasing him all summer and despite his protests, something about Sidney Crosby liked that very much. I traced my fingers gently down his spine then squeezed hard against him.

“Ohhhgod.” The voice was mine. Served me right for playing games.

Sid snickered. “Do that again.”



“I’ll come,” I whimpered.

“I’m going to make you do that anyway.” His promise was as big as the biceps locked on either side of my body, as big as the part of him pinning me to the bed. I had walked in there on my own, I had invited this. That control was long gone. “Do it again.”

I clenched and twisted; it was easy against something so thick. Like a cat scratching itself against a wall, I hit all the right spots. My breath caught and at that moment, Sidney moved. Two hundred plus pounds of muscle all worked at once before my brain could compute. He pulled slightly and stroked right back to that spot. Only this time he wasn’t holding. I was coming apart. I tilted my hips upward and his next thrust almost came through me.

The orgasm had less force than Sidney, but it reached my fingers and toes in a heartbeat. My back arched but there was nowhere to run. Sid pulled me in and kissed my gasping mouth. I felt him come, pulsing hard, before he could even breathe.

I dropped Amy and fell ungraciously on top of her. Spasms rocked my body, aftershocks of pleasure at how good it felt to bury three months of frustration in that sweet little body. Her lips rested against the curve of my ear. My head took a moment to clear. Maybe it was a leftover effect of my concussion, or maybe I just hadn’t come that hard in a long time. My cock was still hard and we were still joined.

Amy traced my hairline, rubbed my skin with slender fingers. Her long hair was twisted and tossed everywhere, I buried my face and breathed deeply. After such a confession it felt okay to be shameless in her arms.

“Will you stay?” I asked.

Her cheek moved as she smiled. “Another question. What do you have to give?”

My hand got one side of her ass in a good squeeze. “There must be something else you want from me.”

“Hmmmmm,” she said in that teasing voice I was powerless to resist. Amy tried to roll, found it wasn’t so easy to push me around after all. But it was really, really fun to try.


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