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Long Time Coming



I can't even begin to tell you what the fuck I'm doing.

I'm kissing Bridget; her face in my hands, her hands on my chest. The moment I realized she wasn't going to punch me or run away, I freed her arms. Now she touches me tentatively without knowing how sensitive that area really is.

Kris is behind her. I can't think about that - it's much too much and threatens to derail the progress I've made, however suspect the origins. Bridget catches my lower lip between her teeth and tugs, then sweeps her tongue forcefully into my mouth. A second later, her shirt comes up between us and I have to let go entirely. She's responding to Kris’ touch, but taking it out on me. The white top goes over her head and away, I slide a hand down her neck then thumb across her already hard nipple. One of us gasps - it might be me.

Let me start from the beginning.

When Bridget was hired here, every dick in the room got hard and followed her like a tractor beam. It's not that she's the hottest girl ever - though she's plenty hot - it's just the way this place works. Too many guys together all the time with limited chances to blow off steam. Any girl in the mix might as well be swimming with sharks.

She was no fool though. She expected it, and worked around it, made it funny and easier to handle. And by the time she'd seen us all bleeding and broken, she was a part of the team.

It was different for me. Bridget was my chance to have a real live girl in my life. Not someone else's girlfriend, although I relied on Vero tremendously, and not someone who was trying to be my girlfriend. She was a girl and a friend, something I desperately needed.

Of course I fell in love with her. Her long, dark hair always smelled like flowers and she had sparkling, devastating blue eyes. A few years older was appealing too, since everyone says I’m such an old man. She was funny and smart and she actually listened to me. Never once did Bridget brush off my problems because I'm famous or rich. She never made me feel guilty for complaining about my so-called perfect life.

But I would never have done anything about it.

Back to the story at hand.

Nights in at the hotel used to be so boring. Now I looked forward to spending time with Bridget. It was the most relaxing part of my day. We'd pick something on TV and make fun of it, order room service and I'd watch her eat the junk food I was never allowed. We talked about everything and I nearly killed myself hiding the elephant in the room. Much to my surprise, I don't think she ever knew how I felt.

We didn't usually talk about sex. Relationships, yes. But we still had the boy/girl dynamic, alone in a hotel room, that left some conversations out. I don't know what got into me tonight.

At first, I was horrified. I knew some girls faked it - hell I'd faked it twice just to shut up some slut who thought she was auditioning for Vivid Video. But there hadn't been that many girls overall and most of them had actually been pretty nice. Not that I was going to date them - my life wasn't set up that way. But I wondered which of them had been lying to keep me happy, and if I liked them for it.

Bridget was always so honest with me, surely she would be with everyone. Right? Well she answered my question truthfully at least.

That's where I fell apart. Every time I'd imagined myself with Bridget, closed my eyes and felt her body with my mind, she always... my mouth went dry. She insisted it was a problem with her, not them. Impossible. Because if she couldn't then I could never make her, and though I never would it was very high on my wet dream to-do list.

Kris is my best friend. He's very perceptive and one day he casually mentioned that Bridget and I would make a great couple. It was his gentle way of telling me that he knew. We talked about it a little, sometimes, but that night I couldn't help myself.

"Did you know that?" I asked him, still incredulous that only thirty percent of women could orgasm through sex alone.

"Oui." Of course he did, Kris knows everything about women.

"Can you tell when someone's faking it?"

"Sometimes, maybe not always. How would I know?" Kris shrugged his huge shoulders, looked at me from beneath that mess of hair that drove girls crazy. I bet no one ever faked it with Kris. "If a girl can't go the regular way, I have no problem helping. They always leave happy."

"Bridget can't."

That got his attention. He sat straight up. "What?"

"She needs... help. To finish."

"Always? She told you that?"

"Yeah." I was blushing. For her to tell me was shocking enough, for me to tell Kris... too late I realized I'd violated her trust. "Please don't tell her I told you."

"Mon ami...."


"Sidney." His voice was serious, and loud for Kris. "There is only one reason she would tell you that."

"Because I asked."

"Because she doesn't believe it. She thinks she can, with the right guy."

"She said it wasn't the guys," I tried to explain. Kris got to his feet and my heart started to pound. He was dangerous when it came to women and I couldn't be sure that even Bridget would say no if he asked. Not that Kris ever had to ask.

"But none of those guys lasted, did they? They weren't in her hotel room late at night, you were. And you're about to be again."

"No no no, I can't! I...," my brain raced with a million excuses. "What if I she doesn't want me?"

"She may be waiting for you to do something, Sid. But I'm not."

And he was out the door.

Bridget quickly peels my shirt off in the heat of the moment, and presses her bare chest to mine. Confusion flickers in her gorgeous blue eyes, as if asking permission. I crush her lips again because the only thing I don't want is for this to stop.

I can feel Kris holding her against me. Her hips rock and I know he's moved on to the next obstacle - those tiny soft shorts she's wearing. His hands will be under them, palms full of her flesh, before he drags them slowly down her long legs. Her feet lift as she steps free but never does she leave my lips.

He's crouching behind her - I can feel his mouth exploring her skin in the way she kisses me. She flashes a smile as he licks the delicate crease behind her knee. When he reaches her ass, she grinds against me.

A moment later the pressure eases. I open my eyes at the sound of his voice - this person who is my best friend, who is scaring the shit out of me right now and still managing to make me do the one thing I never had the guts to try. I'm here, she's here. And she's willing. I'm going to end up thanking the dirty bastard in the end.

He puts his mouth to Bridget's ear. Her eyes meet mine as we both hear Kris say, "He's going to take you now, remind you what you've felt before. So you'll know what you've been missing."

Her lips part with a ragged breath and I feel her body tense like she's going to bolt. So I grip her upper arms as much to keep myself in place. Kris' eyes are black with lust. He's shared girls before - a lot of the guys have - and it obviously turns him on. He's having a very tough time holding back.

"She wants you to touch her," he tells me. "Just your hands. Make her come for you."

I can't look in her eyes. Not until I get there. So I kiss her again, feel Kris' weight settle against her back as he holds her between us. Her stomach, then her hip is smooth beneath my hand. The cleft of her leg parts slightly and I slip my hand in.

"Oh God," she says so quietly that only I hear. Impossible softness and slick heat meet my fingers. I run them over the length of her secret place, feel her breath catch and her breasts lift. She'll have no trouble getting me off. I bend one finger and drag it back, just parting the skin. She whimpers.

"Go," Kris says. I'd almost forgotten he was there. His hands guide her over and down into a chaise lounge chair and I'm right over her, right away. I can't leave an opening or he might stop playing nicely. Bridget spreads her thighs and reaches for me.

I want to be inside her. If my pants weren't still on, there'd be nothing in the world could stop me plunging into that pool right now. Instead my dick beats painfully against my sweats, making me wish I'd at least worn shorts to soften the blow.

My fingers trace along her inner thigh, spreading streaks of the desire I can't believe she feels for me. All this time? Maybe it's for Kris. Maybe not. She's on display for both of us now and I hear Kris lay back on the nearest bed. I venture closer to her slit and she shifts down toward my hand.

"Sid," she says, breaking my train of thought. She's looking right at me. "Please."

I'm going to hell for this. And it will arrive sooner than death, probably tomorrow when I realize I've ruined what we had for the sake of one night. But she's biting her lip our bodies are inches apart. I press my finger into her soaking wet pussy.

Holy shit.

I force her mouth open with mine then slide a second finger in next to the first. It stretches her beautifully, pulling taut the swollen softness of her secret place. I will have her. I will taste her and fuck her and take all the things I want from her body tonight. And I will make her come so hard she screams my name. I will.

"Bridget," I whisper, sliding my lips along her jaw. "Tell me what you want."

"Sidney," she's struggling already.

I'm barely breathing, there's no way Kris can hear me tell her, "I might not... know how. For you. Tell me what to do."

"I want you to fuck me," she says right out loud like she's not ashamed. My heart stops so fast it's a high impact crash and I nearly black out.

Kris’ voice comes from behind me, watching like a coach. "Not yet, cherie. You need to remember."

"I hate you, Letang," she spits. We all laugh until I find my tongue in her mouth again.

I force myself to concentrate on what I touch. My eyes close to the sight of her perfect tits rising, her full lips parting, the creamy color of her skin. In the sinking delirium of being inside her, my fingertips brush the tiny spongy spot that guys dream about. She moans softly - she likes it, but I can tell right away it's not enough.

"Tell him," Kris says quietly, like he's been waiting long enough for me to figure things out.

Bridget rolls her head from side to side exaggeratedly. "No. Feels so good."

My dick tries to break itself out by hammering through my pants. She twists down, riding so deep that she's in my palm. I go harder, faster, fucking her with my hand and trying to read her mind. My other fingers pinch her nipple gently. I could do this all night but there’s something more and I have to know it. "Please tell me," I say.

"Use your thumb."

I press my thumb to her clit and she makes a noise I've never heard before. It's a growl and a cry, like I've almost hurt her, and I push my thumb down again. She squeals. I circle it like the button on a video game.

"Both hands," she pants. Milking her slit hard with two fingers, I use my other hand to tweak her little hot button. Instantly I feel the difference. I slide down to get a better angle, my chest between her thighs, and am overwhelmed by the desire to lick up the mess I've made.

"No," Kris says like he knows what I'm thinking. I take it out on her with an extra rub.

"Oh God!" she cries. Her body is so tense I could walk across it like a tight rope. Bridget bucks in my hand. I know she's close. I want to be with her. I climb back up her body, never stopping my hands, and press in as far as possible. She wraps her arms around me and holds on, whispering, "Right there, don't stop." I may never stop.

I feel it before I hear it - that's the real prize. I know before Kris. An orgasm rips through her body, clenching so hard I strain to keep my fingers plugged inside her. My lips find the pulse below her jaw, feel the blood rushing beneath her skin as she pushes her face into my neck and moans. Everything in her breaks and she spills into my hand, deflating in release.

There's nothing left in the world to be ashamed of, so I grind my crotch right into my hands, still buried in her throbbing core, and come in my pants. My mouth is open at her ear and I groan with frustration and triumph. I got her, at least halfway. And she definitely got me.

I wedge myself in next to her on the chaise and wrap my arms around her naked body. Never in a million years would I have anticipated what has happened tonight. Short, sharp breaths rack her rib cage as she tilts her chin up.

With her eyes open, Bridget kisses me.

I lose myself in that kiss, hoping it's not a signal that I've lost everything else. Hoping it's not a kiss goodbye. I am more in love with her than ever and tonight is far from over.

She moves beneath me, pulling up as if to go. I scramble to hold her down but it's not her doing; Kris is hauling her from the chaise. I think she reaches for me but she's light and I'm drained - he easily takes her toward the bed.

"You won't forget that, will you? Better than before?" he asks as he lays her gently down and crawls on top of her, hovering above without touching. Bridget nods weakly. Hair falls past his face but I'd be invisible to him anyway. I knew he wasn't here for nothing, but now that I've had her I'm less anxious than ever to share. I really wish I couldn't read his mind.

What if he can do it and I can't? What if she wants him after, and not me?

"There's something else you need to remember," he says, and puts his mouth right where mine was moments before. I dream that she hesitates for a moment against the press of unfamiliar lips. But then she's kissing him back, her hands raking through that fucking mane of hair. I watch his hand glide over her breast, hip and thigh before catching behind her knee and pushing up. He moves gracefully down her body until his head disappears between her legs.

"Ohmygod," Bridget gasps.

I close my eyes but cannot block out the sound.


Seriously, I would die a happy women.

Katie Sarah Katie Sarah
Thanks @Jess123! It's been on Blogger for a while. I have a lot of content from before this site started, but it's so much easier for people to find what they want here.
Juliet Falls Juliet Falls
I think I've read this before km blogger maybe? Love it!
Jess123 Jess123