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Long Time Coming



I’m having an out-of-body experience.

I swear I can see myself moving over her. Bridget’s fingers dig into my back - I feel them too, the pinprick points of her nails. Her dark hair is a cloud on the white sheet, pooling around us like the stress I feel draining from my body. Her small hips shift to let me get even closer. Being inside her before, I thought nothing would ever come close. But this is something else entirely.

Kris is gone. Now is the time I should thank him, as I score on his pass.

I’m no virgin. And I’m no fool to think that Bridget did anything tonight that she didn’t want to do. But there are things you pick up and there are things you bring home. She is still here with me, her body body ripe and ready for something she’s always, always wanted. I will give it to her now, if it’s the last thing I do.

If it’s not the last thing, I’ll be giving it to her again.

In all the time I have wanted Bridget, all the nights I shamed myself by thinking of her when my hands moved beneath the blankets, I never once considered what it would be like to stare down into those brilliant blue eyes. To have her look up into mine, submissive in posture though she completely owns me. Thank God we’re on the bed because the desire in her eyes would have swept me off my feet.

“You’re beautiful,” I say without thinking. It’s all I’ve thought about for months.

“You’re not,” she tries to deadpan, but a grin breaks through immediately. Only Bridget could make herself laugh at a moment like this. I catch her lips to mine while they still smile.

“And you’re my best friend.”

That’s the second most honest thing I’ve said tonight. The first was when I told her I’ve always wanted this. Now I have my prize. She won’t let me soil the three little words I want to say, but there’s something more important right now. Before we go where I hope we’re headed, I need her to know one thing.

“This isn’t over tonight,” I say. I won’t let it be over. There will never be enough of this to satisfy me.

She closes her eyes for a moment, like a spoonful of ice cream is melting on her tongue.

With one solid movement, I press inside her.


This isn’t over.

He says the one thing to me that’s better than I love you. Those words mean everything in private, but in public they look like a red flag to a bull. Everyone wants to run you down. And Sidney, carrying the weight of his fame and the pressure of his talent, he can’t move too fast. We’re going to need a head start if we really want to make it.

This isn’t over.

He rips the response right out of me with a swing of his hips. Before was amazing, before was incredible but this is more. His huge cock works in up to the hilt like he’s planting a flag on the moon. Stick it in deep, can’t have someone else trying to claim it.

Being with Kris was like licking the frosting off a cupcake: torture to know there is more sweetness but you’ll never taste it.

Being with Sidney is like putting your entire face into a birthday cake: sheer bliss and a sugar high.

His massive hands cup my shoulders. His weight holds me still. His wide hips part my legs farther than they can go and without a shade of hesitation, Sidney takes everything from me.

“Godohmygod,” I whisper, arching my back in case there’s anything left for him. That marble slab of a chest doesn’t give an inch no matter how hard I buck. He strokes in perfect rhythm without ever leaving me a chance to catch my breath. The smooth, hard weight of his erection finds every secret spot and then some. Each muscle in his strong back is defined beneath my touch.

I’m glad we are alone. Even someone who’s had the pleasure of my company would know they had never come close to this. A tear slips from the corner of my eye and Sidney chases it back up with lips that can’t help smiling.

“Let go for me, Bridget,” he says softly ands salty before kissing all the air out of my lungs. While I’m breathless he ramps up the intensity, forgetting how strong he really is, and rides me so hard my toes curl.

It seems like hours that we move together, never pausing for fear of disturbing this perfect house of cards. Four floors, built by the four times my body has betrayed me tonight, and Sidney is working on the roof of our castle. We pant and moan and grip and push, saying nothing more than each other’s names and the occasionally colorful phrase until I know for sure that he is the one.

“Oh God, I’m going to come,” I pant, clutching his thick biceps to emphasize the fact that he’s the only one touching me.

“You’d better fucking hurry.” He gives me a naughty smile that I’ve never seen before, something he’s been hiding even from his best friend.

Not anymore.

The Earth is round. I’ve seen the pictures. But until now I’ve never considered what that means - no ends, only forward motion, and you’d better keep up. I’m fighting gravity, like a bear on a ball in the circus, but I’m losing ground. I’m slipping and the Earth is turning faster and he’s still moving inside of me.

I don’t fall. With another flash of that wicked grin, Sidney takes me right to the brink - I want to scream - and he throws me off the edge.

My voice comes back to me like it’s traveled a long way, like a lot of people heard his name from my lips before I did. My body reacts to the impossible new sensation the only way it knows how - complete surrender. No prisoners are taken. I throw up my arms and the orgasm shreds me like a bullet.

It’s a roller coaster - higher and faster and steeper than any I’ve ridden before. All that slow, delicious anticipation on the way up as your stomach tightens and your nerves fray. You stop for a split second at the precipice, to make sure you’re completely at it’s mercy. Then you plummet toward certain death - hands up and screaming all the way.

I drop like a penny off the Empire State building and when I land, it’s a foot deep in the sidewalk a hundred stories below. I’m stunned, winded and amazed I haven’t gone straight through the mattress. Sidney growls.


I swear I’m going to make it one more...

But there is no chance of that. Bridget’s grand finale is a sonic boom - so loud and powerful it shakes the atmosphere. I’m sucked right into it and no match for its force.

I come so hard I nearly turn myself inside out. The delicate skin of her neck fails to absorb the roar that tears through me - as if coming deep in her pussy wasn’t enough to expel all the energy in my body. I burst three, four times, groaning in ecstasy at the release of so much lust. My eyes close tight against the spinning room.

It takes a few moment before I can lift my head. Bridget’s eyelashes are long against her cheeks and her lips flushed from kissing and biting. Her throat bears the evidence of my arousal. Without moving I glide the tip of my tongue over a red mark in the shape of my teeth. Tiny ridges stand out against it.

Mine. Mine mine mine.

She sighs and turns to face me; her eyes swim with fatigue and satisfaction. I couldn’t be more proud if I’d gotten her here myself.

Well, maybe.

“Good?” I ask, knowing it was.

A lazy smile curls her lips. “Now I know what everyone makes such a big deal about.”

“The first of many, I promise.”

She laughs, a clear beautiful note. “I was talking about you.”

I blush hard enough to faint. Not the manly response of someone who plans to lock you up for a month of long nights. We couldn’t be more vulnerable or more together. Bridget’s fingers knit and the back of my neck and she holds me like she’s got me right where she wants me.

“It was even better than I imagined.”

“So were you,” I blurt out. And now I’m back to my old bumbling self. “I mean, uh... I’ve... you know. Thought about this. I’ve... oh my God.”

She giggles. Her breasts shake against my chest and it vibrates all the way down to where I’m still tucked inside her, stirring us again. Her eyes flash.

“Are you saying that you’ve fantasized about me?”

I want to die. I try to roll but she’s stronger than I thought and I can’t escape her arms. Her breath is hot against my ear as her words shiver down my spine.

“I thought about you too.”

Even tonight, I thought I was alone in this. Even as she asked me to be first, chose me over Kris, I thought she was just considering my feelings. I believe that she loves me, and that now we’ve become something unstoppable, but I never considered that before tonight she wanted this the way I have for so long. It must show on my face.

“Don’t look so surprised,” she teases.

But I am stunned. “I never knew.”

“Turns out I’m pretty good at keeping secrets too.” Her fingers trail down the middle of my chest. “But now....”

“Now I want to know everything about you,” I say. “God it feels good to say that.”

She kisses away her own smile against my lips. It’s a simple, easy kiss, a familiar kiss. Because now we are familiar, far more than friends. We are what I have been waiting for.

‘You know some things now that even I didn’t know.”

“So I might still surprise you?” I ask playfully, knowing that more confessions will come in time. And we have time.

Bridget presses her lips together and bites down. Her eyes sparkle, her cheeks flush - I think she might tell me right then and there that she loves me. I wish she would. Forget everything else that happened tonight; forget how we got here and who was with us. I can’t erase those things but I will never remember them like this. She’s thinking and weighing the words on her tongue. Finally she speaks.

“You do nothing but surprise me, Sidney.”

Oh well. If it means another time together, a million nights from now, it means that I’ve had that much more of her. I can wait. _


Seriously, I would die a happy women.

Katie Sarah Katie Sarah
Thanks @Jess123! It's been on Blogger for a while. I have a lot of content from before this site started, but it's so much easier for people to find what they want here.
Juliet Falls Juliet Falls
I think I've read this before km blogger maybe? Love it!
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