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Second Chances

He Never Came Back

“Answer it.” I threw my phone at Keirstyn as I drove to the hospital, the last thing I needed was to get myself in a crash.
“”You were right, he’s at Central.” Keirstyn said as she talked to Autumn over the phone. “They’re already there with Sid.
I stepped on the gas pedal as we got closer to the hospital.
“Alright, bye.” She hung up and passed back my phone. “They’ll be waiting outside for us. “
I nodded my head not bothering to reply, I was so consumed in my thoughts I didn’t realize I was already in the parking lot. I got out of the car and slammed the door, it was something Geno always argued with me about, but there were more important things going on, I didn't have to to carefully close the door.
I ran over to the front entrance where I met up with Faith and Autumn, I followed them inside without saying a word to either of them. What could I say? I was close to breaking down and I needed to be strong, not only for myself but for Geno.
“Tori!” Sid looked surprised to see me, “I didn’t think you’d come. I mean it’s been almost two years since we last saw you, I just wasn’t sure if you’d even want to come.” I was used to Sidney rambling when he was nervous.
“I love Evgeni regardless of what happened between us. How is he?” I asked terrified of what the answer might be.
“We don’t know yet. They haven’t told us anything yet. He’ll be fine Tori, he’s a strong guy.” Sid pulled me in for a hug and I lost it. I began crying hysterically and there was nothing I could do about it.
The man I was completely in love with was lying in a hospital bed and I had no idea if he’d ever make it out. Stop it Victoria, don’t think like that. I could tell how heartbroken the other girls were, they were all really close with Geno while we were dating and I knew they still talked to him even though I didn’t.
“Has anyone talked to Stephanie?” Keirstyn asked realizing that there was one person missing from our group of 5.
“I did before you got here. She’s taking the first flight out.” Faith explained.
“But she just got back to Chicago. What about Jon?” I let go of Sid and wiped away the tears.
Jon had just gotten back from the Olympics and Steph was so excited to see him again.
“He said he understands, he wanted to come too but he has a game tomorrow. She insisted on coming, you know how much she loved Geno.”
Faith was right, Steph got along with Geno more than any of the other three girls, and she adored his broken English and would talk to him for hours if I let her. Once everything went down between us Steph had my back through the whole thing and cut off all communication with him even when I insisted it wasn’t necessary.
“I can pick her up from the airport.” Autumn volunteered.
“I can go with you.” Sid said almost as if he was asking if it’d be okay, he blushed a little but then composed himself.
Leave it to Sid to try and finally make a move on Autumn when his friend is in the hospital.
“That’d be great.” Autumn smiled, I bet she was internally screaming.
Everyone suddenly became silent leaving me confused, I turned around to see Chara walking towards us. It was like Satan had taken over me and without a second thought I was charging at him.
“You asshole! You did this to him!” I yelled through the hospital, I began taking my best shots at his chest; I was hurting myself more than I was hurting him.
“Tori! He’s like 6’9 are you crazy!” Autumn yelled trying to yank me off of him.
“Do you have a death wish?” Keirstyn yelled at me as they finally got me away from him.
“No but he does!” I glared at him even though I knew it was pointless. I watched as Chara towered over Sidney.
“Are you going to put me in the hospital too?” Sid snapped.
“Is everyone trying to get themselves killed?” Autumn muttered, she grabbed Sid’s arm and pulled him away before things got heated.
“I came here to apologize. I don’t know what came over me; I didn’t mean to hurt him that bad.” I could tell how sincere Chara was but that didn’t make me hate him any less. “I’ll just leave.”
“I think that’d be best.” Faith said breaking the tension. He walked away without saying another word.
I sat down in one of the chairs I was so overwhelmed and was beginning to feel dizzy. I closed my eyes as the memories from the last time I saw Geno crept through my mind.
“Please don’t go.” I begged.
I needed him more than ever and he was about to walk out on me when I was so vulnerable.
“I be back tonight.” He said as he picked up his bag full of his hockey equipment.
“Why do you always do this? You never talk to me, we fight, you leave for a game, and you come back and expect everything to be okay. I’m sick of this Evgeni!” I raised my voice trying to get my point across.
“No time.” He said looking at his watch, he grabbed his things and began to walk away.
“If you walk out that door, don’t come back. I mean it; I’m not going to wait for you anymore. We’ll be done, no more second chances.”
He didn’t even bother to look at me, to tell me he loved me, to apologize, he just walked out.
I knew I was lying to myself that night, he’d come over after the game, crawl into bed with me and I’d be safe and sound in his arms. I loved him too much to break up with him over a stupid fight; I’d take him back no matter what.
There was just one problem; it’s been two years since that night.
And he never came back.



wait what is that it?!?! noooo! too cute

marlene marlene

I love this story!

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Absolutely obsessed!

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