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How To Perform


Steve and I headed over to the elevator and got on. As soon as the doors closed he looked at me with a questioning look.
“I just thought that you might want a key incase you wanted to go out, and this way I don't have to let you back in. It’s only for the night.”
“Okay.” He says skeptically
Then the doors opened. We walked to my apartment and I opened the door. I handed him the key that I just got, and closed the door. I locked the door and walk over to the couch.
“Couch or bed?”
“Okay.” And we start to set up the sofa-bed. Once we finished putting sheets on the sofa-bed I said goodnight and went to my room. I got dressed into my PJs and got into bed. I was thinking about my crazy night and how I wished that it was for more than one night, but I knew that wouldn't happen, when I heard a knock on the door.
“Hey, I was wondering if you had some Advil?”
“Yeah, come on in.” I said getting out of bed and walking over to my bathroom and grabbing the bottle of advil.
“Here you go.” I said tossing him the bottle.
“Thanks. Im sorry to bother you.”
“Its okay. And as long as you aren't like my nephew who runs around all night, then you aren't bothering me.” I started to walk towards him and stopped right in front of him.
“Good to know.” He started to lean in towards me.
“Goodnight Steve.”
He closed the distance between us, and kissed me. He pulled away grinning and said “Night.” Then left. I knew I felt a spark. But did he? I climbed back into bed and pulled the sheets up to cover me. I closed my eyes and I was asleep in seconds.

When I heard her say that it’s only for the night, I felt like my heart sunk. I knew that it was too soon. But I was falling for her. I wanted, no, I needed to know if she felt the same way. Every once in a while fans think that just because we play hockey we are all tough and we can't easily get hurt. But one injury could destroy our career. One game, one team, one hour, one period, one hit, one minute, one second, one wrong move, one mistake, one blink of the eye, and your entire career, everything that you have worked so hard for your entire life, could be ruined. And you can't stop that. Just like you can't stop yourself from feeling something for someone when you knew that it is too soon. After all we are all human. We can't control ourselves. And that is when I knew. I was in trouble.

I started to feel a little bit of pain from the game so I decided to ask if she had any Advil. She handed me the bottle and before I knew it. I kissed her. I felt a spark. I couldn’t tell from her reaction if she felt it too, or if it was just me. But I left the room, and sank onto the couch. I knew it was going to cause great problems. I was just digging a ditch for myself. I started to fall asleep and I knew that I fell asleep smiling.

I woke up smiling the next morning at 4 am, and decided that I was going to go for a quick run around the block. I left a note and grabbed my key back into the apartment and headed outside.

Tinas POV
I woke up at 4:15 and went to get a drink of water. I got into the kitchen and looked over at the couch. Steve wasn't there. I saw a piece of paper and then went over to pick it up. It read ‘Morning. I woke up at 4 and decided to go out for a quick run. Hope to be back
by 4:30. I’ll see you when I get back.’ I headed to my bedroom and then started to get dressed for practice. I figured that it would be easiest to go from breakfast to practice then to his practice than breakfast change practice then his practice. I just started to put my leotard when I heard the front door open and close. I finished putting the leotard on then went into the kitchen to see Steve grabbing a water from the fridge.
“Hey, I see that you are back. Just let me know when you want to go out for breakfast.” I say and I see him jump a little.
“Sesh, you scared me a little. I didnt know that you were up yet. Nice outfit. Can I shower before we leave?”
“Thanks, and yeah. Down the hall to the right, the first door.”
“Thanks.” He says and starts walking towards the bathroom. I walk back into my room to put on my shorts and a tank top, then put on some sweats on top of them. I decided pack a cute hockey outfit for his practice. I put some white jeans, my flyers shirt, and my black, white and orange sneakers into my bag, after pulling out the outfit i had packed yesterday. I also throw in some gray yoga pants. I close my bag and walk into my living room and sit down on one of my chairs and turn on the TV. A few minutes later Steve comes out and says that we should take his car. We walk down towards the restaurant, which luckily is close to the stadium. We walk inside and we are seated quickly. We both ordered pancakes and coffee.
Our food comes and we dig in while talking about the day ahead of us.

We split the bill and head out to the early morning sunlight.


So sorry for the long gap. Ill be posting three chapters today.


Ahhh. Good 'ol Mase.

FliggyAndJoey FliggyAndJoey

Hey everyone. I currently have a concussion. And I can't think straight. Sorry for not updating the story.

Psquared91 Psquared91


Thank you and good luck to you. haha

Psquared91 Psquared91

Ah good luck! And the fact that all of my days off for the rest of the year were taken away I doubt I'll make it to the end of the year without a mental breakdown haha

yeahbuddy14 yeahbuddy14


Same here. But Im always up early and asleep late. Im starting to get used to it though. Hopefully you can get some sleep.

Psquared91 Psquared91