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Look After You

Chapter 2

“Here just take my hands.” His voice laughed. ”You’re not going to get hurt Goose” I stared down at my feet, uneasily gliding across the cold ice.
“I cannot believe you talked me into this.”
“I can’t believe we’ve been friends since birth and it took me 16 years to get you in a pair of skates” I glanced at Sid’s skates on the rink. He comfortably skated backwards while balancing me.
“Skating is your thing. My thing is sitting on the bleachers drinking hot chocolate watching you do it.” I looked over at the red bleachers long enough for my body to lose balance begin to fall, my hands gripped his as my butt hit the ice. “You weren’t supposed to let me fall.” I frowned jokingly sitting on the ice.
“No” He laughed. “I said I wouldn’t let you get hurt.” His laugh echoed in the rink as he bent down to help me up.
“Can I switch back to drinking hot chocolate?” My feet found the ice and I was back on my feet.
“C’mon, one more lap and we’ll go get some.” Sid took the previous position of holding my hands and guiding me around the rink. “You’re getting better” he smiled.
His body led me to the exit, where he helped me step into the locker room. With a little help I stepped out of my skates and slid on my uggs. Sid slid his bag over his shoulder.
“Sid?” I paused.
“Thanks for not turning into a douchebag hockey player.” I smiled. This was his last year of high school before he would be playing in Major League Hockey, probably the NHL. And he was just back for 2 weeks. “Luce get up we gotta leave in 20 minutes” Cooper threw something at my door. My eyes peeled open to find my phone. 4:36 glared across the screen but as my eyes focused, I read the text from a long distance number.
Hey, it’s Sid. I’ll be there around 4:55. Do you want me honk when I’m outside?
I had forgotten what my Mom had told me only a few hours before.
Lucy: Yeah, or just text me or Cooper.
I hit sent threw my phone back on my bed. My curls had loosened quite a bit and needed retouching so I turned on my hot iron and quickly changed before fixing up my hair. I sprayed myself with perfume once more before my phone vibrated again.
Sid: Here.
My stomach was doing full on back flips.
“Coop! Let’s go.” I yelled before walking down stairs. He followed close behind. I guess he could see the anxiety in my eyes.
“He used to be your best friend, you don’t have to look so worried.” He laughed opening the door, if only he had known the full truth.
Sid sat in his Mom’s SUV looking probably as impressed as I looked at the moment. His head turned to mine and lit up.
My hand gripped the door tightly as I pulled it open.
“Hi.” He smiled, staring at me.
“Hi.” I replied. I heard Cooper’s door shut but Sid was still staring at me. “We gonna go?” I stared back. Sid, obviously lost in thought, jumped forward and put the car in drive.
“Sorry.” He stuttered.
“It’s okay.” I replied quietly while I could hear Cooper cracking up in the back. My eyes were like daggars glaring at him through the mirror.
“So how’ve you been?” He asked about two minutes into the drive.
“Good. Busy.”
“What about you Cooper? You’re graduating next week right?” He smiled looking into the mirror.
“Yeah. Excited to get outta here.”
“Got any plans after school?”
“Just waiting to hear back from schools.” Coop nodded. He’d probably get into every single one that he applied to. He was smart.
“Where have you applied?” I piped in.
“Basically everywhere in the east. Toronto, Halifax, New York, Montreal, Pittsburgh” He smiled, I didn’t know he had applied to the same city in which Sid lived.
“I’m sure you’ll get into them all.” Sid commented.
“Here’s hoping.” The car pulled into the parking lot and found a spot, Sidney turned the engine off.
“Thanks for the ride.” I turned to him. I heard Cooper get out immediately.
“Can we talk?” Sidney asked the moment we were alone.
“Not now.” I huffed, getting out and not giving him the chance that he probably deserved.
I found our table relatively quickly with Cooper, I thought Sid would’ve followed behind but he didn’t appear at the table until about 10 minutes after us. He sat down looking uncomfortably handsome like he always had.
The married couple entered, smiling and waving towards the whole town. Their song began as the two joined on the dance floor swaying to the music. As the DJ invited everyone else onto the dance floor, I looked away from the two to see Sid staring at me; his deep brown eyes were gazing into mine. A cough in front of me force me to break the eye contact.
“Sorry. I just wa-I mean, do you want to dance?” Brandon stuttered in front of me.
“Sure.” My hand slipped into his as he led me to the floor. Our bodies moved together to the beat.
“I didn’t get to tell you this earlier but you look really good. College has done good things for you.” He laughed.
“Thanks.” I didn’t want him getting the wrong impression.
“So is there someone in your life?”
“Uhh, kind of.” My head glanced at Sid again.
“Sidney?” he asked, with a sour tone to his voice.
“No. Haven’t really talked to Sid since high school actually.” I explained, watching Sidney talk to some older man, probably about his NHL career and he was most likely hating it.
“So then who is it?”
“What?” My brain froze
“The guy? In your life?”
“Oh, his names Liam.” I lied. There was nothing romantic with Liam but he was the only liable excuse I had. “I think my Mom is trying to get my attention. But I’ll see you later.” I stepped out of his arms and quickly shuffled away. The approaching realization that I was nowhere close to have moved on from Sid took my breath away.
The cool June wind hit my face as I slipped outside, leaning against the brick wall. I barely had a moment alone before the door opened once again. A familiar face stepped out.
“Hey. You okay?” Sid smiled looking down at me.
“Just really hot in there. That’s all.” I tried to cover up.
“You shouldn’t be with him, you know.” He leaned beside me. “You deserve better.”
“I’m not.” I snapped. “But even if I was, it’s not your decision.”
“So you’re still the stubborn girl I’ve always known.” He laughed, tilting his head back slightly.
“What are you doing here Sid?” I turned to him.
“Well as you know I live here.”
“You know what I mean. What are you doing right now, why did you come find me?” I frustratingly replied.
“Well do you want me to leave?” His words stung, I wanted him to be in my life and I wanted to be in his. I just wish it wasn’t all screwed up.
“No.” I looked away.
“Why did you stop talking to me Goose?” The nickname gave me shivers. I only ever let him call me Goose just because when we were little he always called me Lucy Goosey.
“Because you left.” My eyes looked everywhere except for him. “I felt so alone.”
“I came back for you.” He quietly argued. Tears were on the edge of my eye lids.
“It was too late.” I sniffled. My hair was curled and pinned to the side, my purple dress fit just the way it was supposed to.
“Lucy come down! We need to get pictures.” I slid my heels on and checked my phone one last time just to see if he might have called. Nothing.
“Well then.” I huffed to myself and headed downstairs. Mom, Trina, Troy and Auntie Kelly stood there with cameras ready. Graduation day was not the way I had pictured it but I couldn’t complain. After countless photos in different rooms and different positions I finally got to the dance.
The whole night was a blast, Danielle and I had both gone alone so we stuck together pretty well. Someone spiked all the drinks so everyone was feeling pretty happy but I still knew that someone was missing. Sidney.
“Can we have Lucy Love to the coat check?” The DJ announced. My stomach turned as I hated any attention that was placed on me. I walked up towards the table to be handed a letter.
“Meet me at the spot. – Sid”
My throat went dry as my jaw dropped. I had pictured this moment over and over again, jumping into his arms and finishing up what we had barely started. This moment was finally here but I wasn’t excited. I wasn’t ready to run into his arms. My arms crumbled up the letter and let it fall to the ground. “You never showed up. I waited there till dawn.” He sounded still angry.
“Maybe I was seeing someone?” I lied again. “Maybe I didn’t want to see you? You can’t just show up and expect me to drop everythi-“ The door opened again, Taylor popping her head out.
“I don’t mean to be rude but they’re about to serve dinner.” She laughed before turning away, shutting the door behind her.
“Luce…” He rubbed my arm.
“No.” I separated myself from his touch and walked right back into the reception.


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